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All About Life and Death a Basic Dictionary of Life and Death Vol 1

All About Life and Death a Basic Dictionary of Life and Death Vol 1

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Published by: rosssd on Apr 26, 2011
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White to play, Black dies

Even as a practical application problem,
this is one of the easiest types. If you're able
to imagine how the black stones will look
when lined up on the second line, you'll
probably be able to work out the solution.

Solution. The key

If White discovers the attachment at 1,
it's all over. When Black plays 2, White
pulls back at 3 and it is evident that there is
no way for Black to live. Instead of 2, if
Black hanes on the outside at 3, White can
cut at 2.

The key is whether or not you can find

White 1.

Failure 1. Vulgar

The diagonal play of White 1 could be
played by anybody. If something like this
killed the black group, there wouldn't be a
problem to solve. After Black 2 to White 5,
Black occupies the vital point at 6 and is

Note that Black 6 is crucial...

Failure 2. Black's mistake

Black's descent at 1 comes under the
heading Black's mistake'. After White plays
atari at 2 and Black 3 connects, White can
force a ko with 4. Notice that Black cannot
squeeze because of a shortage of liberties.
Instead of connecting at 3, Black can live
by playing 5, but having these three stones
captured is painful.



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