Republic of the Philippines SOUTHERN LEYTE STATE UNIVERSITY Main Campus, Sogod, Southern Leyte Mid Term Examination

in ELT-507 (Instructional Materials) 2nd Sem. AY: 2007-2008 January 19, 2008 Backgrounders and Directions: It is obvious according to most educators that teaching is authentically taking place if there is learning. This examination is purposely designed to measure your authentic learning in this subject, ELT507 (Instructional Materials), in a half semester’s time. The only thing required to get the most plausible notions out of the questions is your adjunction to exhaust every piece of possibility. A revelation of points or a testimony based on teaching-learning experience is very helpful to support your answers. Take time to answer all the given questions below. Enjoy the test.
1. Reading is fundamental in learning, especially if the course is dealing with


4. 5.

language. Anybody who wants to learn has no escape out of this great learning discipline. As teachers, there is a great need for you to employ every bit of efforts so that the attention of students in your lesson will glue. Consider the epic, “Jason and the Argonauts” as sample lesson. How will your goal of letting the learners appreciate the beauty and the values integrated in the said epic be realized? (25 pt) Visual aids, audio aids, audio-visual aids, and technological aids comprise the secondary instructional materials. Which among them is best for you? How is learning among the clienteles reinforced through these aids? (25 pt) In 1998, Mendoza explained that there are three modes of learning skills that each of the students in the class must have to develop. These said modes are study skills, comprehension skills, and information processing skills. These modes are very essential for the students to cope with all the demands of academic works. These learning modes are evidently aimed and realized with the help of varied instructional materials. Give your comments on this mentioned explanation. (25 pt) In the instructional aids of teaching, why are teachers irreplaceable by all kinds of instructional materials? (25 pt) Enumerate five (5) important things should a teacher remember in the use of visual aids. Explain. (25 pt) ------------------Thank you! -------------------Prof. Enrico S. Paler

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