The Step Outline - The virus has broken through the first line of defence and it is now the

second line of defence job to destroy the virus before it can causes any harm to the body or cells. - The Leukocyte (white blood cell) now knows that there is an invader inside the body but it doesn’t know what type it is but it does know that it has to response by killing this invader. - The leukocyte begins its search for this invader until it finds something that he knows is dangerous or foreign to the system. - After finding the invader it then connects or bonds itself to the pathogen with the use of it super sensors - The phagocyte is trigger and beginnings to wrap itself around the pathogen. - When the ends of the phagocyte eventually meet and the virus is entirely inside the white blood cell this is when it will begin to slowly eat the pathogen/virus. - The first role of the white blood cell is to kill this pathogen it has inside of itself. - Then a vessel inside the phagocyte which contains a type of vessel, called Lysosome, dumps its content in to the phagosome where the pathogen is entirely consumed. - The pathogen is then digested and broken up - With pieces of the pathogen that it killed, takes them and attaches it to major histocompatibility complexes which will allow the phagocyte to present the bits of the virus to other cells of the immune system. - MHC bonds with the part that was taken off the invading pathogen and places it on to the membrane presenting it on to the surface of the white blood cell. - This allows other cells to see, what kind of invader there is and activate the specific immune response, for example by making antibodies or looking for more fragments of the virus on the surface of other cells.