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GRAMMAR Adjective Form 2 1011

GRAMMAR Adjective Form 2 1011

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GRAMMAR: ADJECTIVES 1. An adjective tells us something about a noun. 2. An adjective is usually used before a noun. 3.

Example: I have a big house. The word ‘big’ is an adjective. The word ‘big’ tells us about the house. 4. Kinds of adjectives:

Adjectives that tells you the quality of a noun. a pretty girl a hansome boy a rich family a sad story a strong man

Adjectives that tells you the colour. The sky is grey. I like green apples. Carrots are orange.

Adjectives that tells you the size.

Adjectives that tells you the quantity. nine dwarfs ten cars plenty of money some food too much salt

Adjectives that tells you the origin.

a big hat a thin boy a large ship a long bridge

a Malaysian flag a Mexican hat a Japanese cartoon Chinese kungfu

5. Comparison of Adjectives (regular form): There are three degrees of adjective comparisons

Degrees of Adjectives Usage

The Positive Degree is used to describe a noun or a thing

The Comparative Degree is used when two nouns or things are being compared of which one is of a higher degree than the other

The Superlative Degree is used when more than two nouns or things are being compared. It refers to the thing of the highest degree of comparison.

Abu is taller than Ali. Muthu is more hardworking than Samy. Mandy is prettier than Melissa.Examples Ali is tall. Melissa is pretty. The Positive Degree bright fast small cheap clever loud The Comparative Degree The Superlative Degree . - 6. Raju is the most polite boy in the class. Hassan is the tallest in class. Comparison of Adjectives (irregular form): The Positive Degree bad good little many much far old old The Comparative Degree worse better less more more further older older The Superlative Degree the worst the best the least the most the most the furthest the oldest the eldest Practice 1: Complete the table below. Margaret is the prettiest girl in town. Sally is young. Sylvia is younger than Sally. Sam is the youngest in my family.

rich short slower thick dark clean easy heavy hot simple thin wet high close safe wide big mad sad busy dirty happy pretty charming comfortable poisonous difficult foolish expensive dangerous __________ charming more comfortable __________ poisonous __________ difficult __________ foolish __________ expensive __________ dangerous most charming __________ comfortable __________ poisonous __________ difficult __________ foolish __________ expensive __________ dangerous .

The football is ___________ the tennis ball. (high) 4. Use the correct form (comparative or superlative) of the adjectives given in brackets. Mount Tahan is ______________ Mount Jerai. Mount Everest is _______________ mountain in the world. (long) 3. The Nile is _____________ river in the world. (big) 3. (high) . (big) 2. 1. The football is _______________ of all. The ping pong ball is ________________ among the three balls. Sungai Rajang is _____________ Sungai Pahang.hard cold Practice 2: Complete the sentences to compare the sizes of three balls. (big) 4. 1. (small) Practice 3: Complete the sentences. The ping pong ball is ___________ the tennis ball. (long) 2.

Fruits are _____________ for your health than chocolate. (bad) 9. This is _____________ mee goreng I have ever tasted. 1. (famous) 10.A dictionary is usually ________ an exercise book.5. ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ __ . The Petronas Twin Tower is _____________ landmark in Kuala Lumpur. Perlis is _______________ state in Malaysia. (good) 8. ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ __ 2. (big) 6. (thick) Practice 4: Write sentences comparing the prices (cheap / expensive) of the three vehicles below. Pahang is ______________ Kedah. (small) 7. ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ __ 3.

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