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My energy had depleted but one unknown force within me still convinced me that I could do it!

My energy had depleted but one unknown force within me still convinced me that I could do it!

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Published by: amna5297 on Apr 26, 2011
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My energy had depleted but one unknown force within me still convinced me that I could do it!

As I picked up the phone I heard the voice of john mars. “Come meet me in a coffee shop across Bail Street. I need to tell you about your mothers’ case” he spoke with a low voice, “do not bring any fellow cops of yours along” he added. I put the phone down. At that very moment I did not know after 20 years of my mothers’ murder what John Mars had to tell me now. John Mars was my partner in homicide case of my mother but I had failed badly in finding her killer! Last time I tried to solve my mothers’ c ase I had hurt myself badly. I rang Rick to accompany me. As we entered the coffee shop we took a seat with John Mars who sat at the corne r next to the window. He panicked on seeing rick along! “I told you not to bring you r cop friends” “He’s not a cop, he is someone I can trust” I replied. “So what is it that you want to t ell me?” Agitated. He leaned closer towards us as he spoke. “20 years back I got into somet hing horrible…” “BANG”. John Mars laid dead on the ground. Someone wanted John dead in order to protect their big secret! The death of John led to reopen my mother’s case along with 3other victims whose potential murderer was the same. The surveillance team had arrived instantly. Upon investigations 3cm bullet was lodged into Johns’ forehead from a 3rd story of the building across the coffee shop. The surveillance team went up to the apartment from where the murderer had shot in o rder to find clues. The killer had taken photos of our entire meeting. Now that not only I was in grave danger I drag my friend, rick, into this whole mess. As I set up a timeline of all the murders to occur and their possible relation t o the murderer Rick on the other hand dug up old files related to this case. Now in ad dition we knew that John had done something 20 years back that caused him to die. What we did not know was what he had gotten into 20 years ago. In order to find some clues I thought that the best way to start was to connect to Johns friends who could give us information about Johns’ life. Eddie Bauer was one of the oldest friend of John. I called him for questioning. He had not visited John for a month and according to Eddie he could not recall anything odd occurring 20 years back. But what he did tell us was that John was coming up wit h a lot of money suddenly. This meant only one thing that John was being paid for coveri ng up something as he was a cop. So we checked his bank account and as Eddie had told John did have a lot of mone y coming in his account which was a lot more than his salary but we could not find from

where he had gotten all that money as according to the bank he deposited the mon ey in cash himself! I knew I was so close in finding my mothers’ killer yet I needed one more clue tha t link all this! Rick came with a cup of coffee, “My suggestion, take a break. You seam exhausted!” “Since my mothers’ murder I couldn’t sleep, I tried to put all the pieces of the puzzl e so that may be a picture emerges. I can’t give up now when I am so close” I said with tears rolling down my cheeks “All my efforts so far now seems to go in vain. It se emed as if all the energy in me has been depleted! I got that much closer to the pers on who ordered the hit. I need to know what wrong she had done that she had to pay such a punishment!” Rick understood what this meant to me, “I want you to know that no matter what happens you have your friends and you know what makes you extraordinary, your determination!” Ricks words had such an impact on me that and unknown force within me still convinced me that I could do it! I went home. I missed my mother a lot so I started looking through some old pict ures. As I rolled pictures one by one I came across some negatives that had images of some specific place. This place must have some importance as there were many pictures taken. I went that very moment to the headquarters to check weather this place had anyt hing to do with my mother’s murder. As I searched for this place I came across its history! Bingo! My mother was working with a law enforcement agency to shut down this pla ce as this place had become a hiding place for the gangs. They threatened my mother to stop with her scheme but as she continued they killed her! When this law enforce ment scheme still continued they killed others involved in this task too. The cops were sent to that place and the gang was brought to justice

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