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Meaning of Education

Meaning of Education

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Published by: Vahid Uzunlar on Apr 27, 2011
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‡ Why? ‡ How ? ‡ Why does the society needs? needs? ‡ Why does the person need? need? ‡ Why do you need What do you want? want?

What is education ? ‡ (1) developing the capacities and potential of the individual so as to prepare that individual to be successful in a specific society or culture. culture. From this perspective, education is serving primarily an individual development function. function.

‡ (2) the process by which society transmits to new members the values, beliefs, knowledge, and symbolic expressions to make communication possible within society. society. In this sense, education is serving a social and cultural function. function.

‡ Education begins at birth and continues throughout life. life. It is constant and ongoing. ongoing. ‡ Schooling generally begins somewhere between 4 and 6 when children are gathered together for the purposes of specific guidance related to skills and competencies that society deems important. important.

Education of the Whole Child ‡ Education does not mean knowledge of the alphabet. alphabet. This type of knowledge is only a means to education. Education implies a education. child s learning how to put his mind and all his senses to good use. use.

Education ‡ The English word education etymologically means drawing out . That means an endeavor to develop our latent talents. When talents. we say that we develop a certain thing, it does not mean that we change its kind or quality, but that we bring out the qualities latent in it. Hence education can also mean it. unfoldment

The body, mind and spirit ‡ True education is something different. Man is different. made of three constituents, the body, mind and spirit. Of them, spirit is the one permanent spirit. element in man. The body and the mind man. function on account of it. Hence we can call it. that education which reveals the qualities of spirit. spirit.

Development of Body, Mind and Spirit ‡ Education can also be understood in another sense; sense; that is, whatever leads to a full or maximum development of all the three, the body, mind and spirit, may also be called education. education.

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