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Tata Sky satellite television service was launched on 8th August. from the first call made to the call centre or the purchase of a set top box to the installation and the subsequent quality of service. managing director. is deservedly proud of its fledgling company's achievements Tata Sky has become a millionaire in less than one year. Tata Sky was incorporated in 2004 but was launched only in 2006. this count includes some numbers off HD channels offered by Tata Sky (as Tata Sky . It currently offers close to 264 channels (As of August 2010) and some interactive ones. This achievement has been made possible because Tata Sky paid close attention to every aspect of the service. Tata Sky. The company has had the distinction of notching the fastest one million direct-to-home (DTH) connections in the history of the industry anywhere in the world. 2006. Every detail reflected the consideration paid to consumer interest and convenience However. Vikram Kaushik. But now it is increasing because of increasing awareness and per capita income of people.HD) and interactive services also. . the share of DTH services among total India Broadcasting industry was only 11% as shown below according to a 2008 data (The pie chart is showing % of share along with a different figure which depicts the number of people preferences in millions).INTRODUCTION Tata Sky is a joint venture between the TATA Group and STAR. HISTORY Tata SKY is a joint venture between the Tata group that owns 80% and STAR Group that owns a 20% stake.

recording one programmer while watching another. This certification confirms that every transaction carried out through Tata Sky s IT systems is highly secure. pause. This has diluted Tata's stake in the venture to 75%.National Geographic Channel HD. became the first Indian direct-to-home (DTH) service provider to be awarded the ISO 27001:2005 accreditation. The service currently offers four HD channels . Tata Sky. the management systems business unit of Intertek Group. and has channels in their native resolution of 1080i or 720p.1 CH surround sound as well. It is the only Indian DTH to have won this distinction . Showcase HD (Pay Per View) & Star Plus HD. The remote is provided with playback control keys and is being sold with special offers for existing subscribers. Tata Sky announced launching of DVR service Tata Sky+ which allowed 90 hours of recording in a MPEG-4 compatible Set Top Box. The assessment for the certification was conducted by Intertek Systems Certification. Also Tata Sky+ provides service using MPEG-4 digital compression technology. News Corporation. In 2008. Tata Sky HD Tata Sky HD was launched on June 14. More channels such as Star Movies HD and other popular sports channels in HD format are expected to be added soon. Tata Sky+ Tata Sky+ is a premium set-top box-cum-Personal Video Recorder or even known as DVR Digital Video Recorder that allows recording up to 130 hours of live TV. fast-forward and rewind a live telecast and review a TV programme.The company uses the Sky brand owned by British Sky Broadcasting. owns an International group of DTH businesses that include Sky Italia in Italy and Foxtel in Australia. Certifications and Honors ISO 27001:2005 accreditation In March 2009. In October 2008. 2010. the benchmark for information security.STAR s parent company. Discovery HD. Singapore-based Temasek Holdings picked up 10% stake in Tata Sky from the Tata Group. ISO 27001:2005 is an international standard that provides specifications and guidance for the establishment and proper maintenance of an Information Security Management System (ISMS). The STB is compatible with 5. SUPERBRAND 2009 2010 Tata Sky was selected as a SUPER BRAND for the year 2009-2010 by an independent and voluntary council of experts known as Super brands Council.

With over 130 million TV homes. TATA SKY takes direct responsibility to provide its vouchers. Despite recession. DTH has remained upbeat without any signs of slowing down. It is forecasted that DTH will capture over 21 percent of TV homes in India by 2012.considering this mantra they are focusing on youth market by means of co branding like games. Active Cooking.Extensive Customer Service Network It is using 3000 service engineers in call centers to provide the good service for their customers. Parental Control. Customer Service.24 x 7 help. empowering every television viewer and revolutionizing home entertainment. up from around 10 percent now. hardware through popular consumer electronic stores to enhance customer etc . According to Tony D silva. he said. Active Stories. the industry is expected to add nearly 500. 1 Indian DTH Market Forecast to 2012. Active Games. Various services provided by TATA Sky include: Active Services. say researchers at RN COS . Vision of Tata Sky The vision of Tata Sky is connecting every Television home. Active Learning. where setting up of cable networks seems impossible or is highly expensive. The services are received well by the customers because of its mass customization appeal. Target Customers Isko laga dala to life jingalala was the tag line or Brand Mantra of TATA SKY from 2008 to 2010. Active Astrology. .000 subscribers per month during 2009. the DTH market in India has been highly dynamic with a lot of investments made over the past several months. Active Newsroom. Support in 11 languages. TATA SKY offers all popular television channels with local language channels according the demand. DTH service in India has surpassed 12 million customers. Search and Scan Banner Guide (including Hindi Display). India offers large room for growth in DTH services as the technology can be used to offer DTH services in remote locations. chief operating officer of Sun Direct.Now it has changed to Ab channel package wohi lo jo pasand ho which is being promote by Actor Amir Khan. According to new research from RN COS . This brand function on principle that consumer satisfaction is must if there is consumer satisfaction then there will be overall growth of business . Active WizKids. the growth is surpassing all the calculations and forecasts and proving the trade pundits wrong. Active Sports. with the number tripling in 2008 over the previous year. Current DTH Market Scenario in India Since its commercial launch in 2003. with the number of DTH subscribers forecasted to grow at a CAGR of around 30 percent during 2009-2012.

wallpapers. In the future. job search. The service allows users to preview ring tones. High -Definition Services Technology has no limits. Last month.Currently the market is ruled by five key players: Dish TV Essel Group. now the focus will be to add quality to TV viewing. DTH providers are entering into partnerships with movie/video distribution companies. Key Trends Value added services Major DTH providers are offering value added services (VAS ) as an innovative strategy to lure customers. the company also forged a strategic marketing alliance with Fox Star Studios for the India release of Avatar. According to Dish TV officials. Sun Direct currently carries about 4. matrimonial services. travel planning. Dish TV and Sun Direct account for a major share of the current DTH market in India.500. Big TV and Airtel DTH are far behind their rivals. Recently. Reliance forged alliances with UTV Communications and Star India to acquire the rights to two Hindi films. .5 million-6 million subscribers by the end of the current fiscal year. mobile services. Dish TV is the popular value added services provider for mobile services. With a large number of options available to view channels across the world on the new highend television sets. astrology and many more.2.8 million customers. Samsung Electronics telecommunications systems division manufactures the HD set top boxes for Sun Direct. High-definition is the latest mantra in TV entertainment. the average annual cost to a subscriber at present stands at around Rs. Reliance Big TV. Sun TV plans to increase it to 5. the company holds a more than 40 percent share of the market with over 5. Recently.6 million subscribers. Popular VAS offered by DTH include on-demand movies. major partnerships are expected with major publishers as well as TV content providers. Eyeing this opportunity.000 subscribers to this service by March 2010. Tata Sky. Other key players such as TATA Sky. Sun TV is expecting to add over 45. Hollywood movies create another big opportunity to make revenue. DTH providers have started offering HD services in India. Sun Direct. TV banking. Sun TV launched the first HD DTH service in India. According to company to offer mobile services under the name Mobile Active. The company partnered with Indiatimes. Partnerships with movie/video distribution companies A major share of Indian entertainment content comes from Bollywood and regional films. Airtel Digital and Videocon D2H. text alerts and contests on their TV and download it on their mobiles. Such partnerships are integral to a healthy competition among DTH players.

Source: .April2007 . If other DTH players are ready to compromise a little of their profits and offer simpler packages targeting the average Indian households. Although there are several issues regarding content and quality of service offered by the cable service providers. Currently. most of the TV households in India still prefer cable service to DTH. The DTH category is expected to grow by 80% in the next 5-6 years. DTH operators have no option but to offer the service at the lowest cost possible to pull customers towards them. This would encourage mass subscription and result in increased ARP U. the industry will become more competitive and achieve its goals.AC Nielsen Customer Satisfaction study. In such a scenario.Looking Beyond DTH in India has many miles to go. the market is dynamic with a lot of introductory bonanzas and free offers from companies like Sun TV.

999. This form is suitable for the communication strategy as the strategy involves Educating the target about TataSky s customer service initiatives. Having Family Orientedconcept Self image: It is presumed that Tata sky technologies are up-to-date so as a consumer everybody like the updated technologies.They offer economy pack which gives 74 channel . BRAND MANTRA USED BY COMPANY Isko laga dala toe life jingalala This brand function on principle that consumer satisfaction is must if there is consumer satisfaction then there will be overall growth of business . For example if a person is from south side he will be talking south economy pack which gives channel up to 65 .considering this mantra they are focusing on youth market by means of co branding like games musics etc .Moreover they do offer different kind of packages according to the suitability of consumer. This has helped the company drop Tata Sky Plus prices to Rs 5. BRANDING STRATEGIES It first launched a set-top box with a recorder called Tata Sky Plus in 2008. Tata Sky Chief Marketing Officer Vikram Mehra says that as many as 10 per cent of Tata Sky's new customers opt for Tata Sky Plus. . Hence they are also positioning its product according to suitability and money of consumer. Pulsing is an effective strategy as it will enable the company to advertising continuously as well as at low-weight Levels which help reduce the cost. They have positioned the product with the best pricing offered by the competitors in market . .supreme pack give economy pack + music channel . Factors they primarily focus on Physique: Access to entertainment World class technology from SKY Light weight box Personality: Tata sky completely focuses on Fun and young generation and subsequently Enhances Trustworthy Relationship: Making life Jingalala (complete and fun)Developing Reliability Simplicity Trustworthy: Trust and Innovation is the key mantra of Tata sky.Now Tata Sky has a quarter of the 20 million DTH customers in the country.BRAND POSITIONING AND VALUES POSITIONING: Tata Sky is the DTH service provider with the best customer service to ensure no family will ever miss a minute of entertainment and relaxation with loved ones.

ibibo. Tickers at Major suburban Railway stations 9. etc. Door to door marketing should be used to heighten the awareness levels as well 6. Tie up with real estate developers to target the new constructions The number of old buildings being demolished and being reconstructed are also on the rise. The media schedule will consist of: TVCs in major General Entertainment Channels. Providing free connections to Households in these buildings 8. Posters on railway station roofs b. 'Ek-pe-Teen and Do-pe-Paanch' the offer entails three months of free subscription on the purchase of one connection. Give the option of instalments and other promotional schemes to the new users 4. Use of Internet. it will be important to keep TataSky fresh in the consumer s mind. y y y y . 10. Promotional campaigns can be held for members of Tata Sky's forums to encourage users to sign up on them and to generate excitement. Insertions a week 2 in mainline print media. Consideration can be in form of cash payment to the Housing society c. Tata Sky launched an interactive game quiz featured around MS Dhoni to coincide with the Twenty20 World Cup. etc. 5. regional TV channels and DD. Finding the strategic building in the locality b. Another new avenue that can be explored is the railway stations: a. Packages for Special Events like the cricket World Cup 2. e-Marketing should be an on-going activity throughout the year.Applications which involve sharing of videos on how one consumes TV.Considering the increasing competition. 11. Through our communication strategy we are communicating with our target group at various levels and using various Media mix. Awareness camps should be organized regularly in malls. benefits of DTH over cable TV. Broadcast: Primarily Television commercials and radio will be used to grab the attention of the target and make them aware about Tata Sky s customer service initiatives. 1 in a lifestyle magazine. across social networking sites like Orkut. Targeting Tata employees could be a useful way pr promoting the product 3. The promotional strategies suggested are: 1. Local Games Sponsorships can also be used to increase the awareness levels 7. Another way could be using the prominent part of the Building for placing Hoardings of Tata SkyAds a. and five months of free subscription on purchase of two or more connections.

he will be on friends list of all the TataSky users registered and will address all their problems to this animated virtual friend as well as ask for advice while purchasing a DTH service provider. These awareness camps will educate the customer why they need to have a Tata Sky DTH service and how Tata Sky s unparalleled customer service will ensure uninterrupted television viewing. Here we can create an animated Amir Khan who will have a profile on all networking sites and forums. This is an online platform through which consumers can even address problems to Tata Sky. Greater co-operation and support.Print: Print ads will be used to educate the target about how can he use customer services and how Tata Sky s superior customer service would enhance his Television viewing experience Awareness Camps: Awareness Camps in the stores and malls will help create a platform through which awareness. Increased marketing communication effectiveness Less switching possibilities towards competitive brands. Tata Sky has got success in making it s image in the minds of customers and following benefits have been awarded: Better perceptions in terms of performance. Internet: The Internet is used as an online platform through which we can spread awareness. education and promotion can be spread at the same time. Increased market share and hence profit. when they want it. but also give consumers a feeling of commonality and belonging to a community. educate and promote our services to the target group. This will not only give the company advance warning of problems with its products. (This will help the company to be a part of the information search stage of consumer s decision making process) Buzz Marketing: Buzz Marketing is an important tool which should be exploited as it was noticed during the research that our target group relied on third party recommendations to make the decision to buy. The Internet and Awareness camps will ensure third party recommendations. By applying strategic branding management. More loyalty towards the brand. A forum for consumers should be maintained on the Tata Sky website. . Social Networking sites are being leveraged to educate customers and solve any problems they may face while using Tata Sky.

y Brand Personality They are using TATA & major European DTH player SKY as brand name. As far as the promotion and advertising is concerned AAMIR KHAN is promoting the TATA SKY. what your unique value is and how a customer benefits from working with you or your product/service. Moreover they are using an exclusive logo and distinctive tag line to make the personality of this brand. along with how the history adds value and credibility to the brand. So By this way they are trying to make the personality of TATA SKY. as there were many complains of signal distraction during rains which is null in tata sky. y Brand Promise The Brand Promise of TATA SKY is that they are providing superior picture quality and quality signals as compared to the other operator s . and what key differentiation you have from your competition. y Brand Associations . Moreover TATA SKY is a joint venture of star television network. y Brand Story The Brand Story illustrates the organization's history. moreover the free channel support from the joint venture company star network which well known in India. They are providing the packages for the customer according their choices.Five Key Brand Elements of TATA SKY y Brand Position what organization does and for whom. It also usually includes a summary of products or services including the core competencies of the brand or the parent company itself. So TATA SKY positioned themselves as a customer oriented brand. For example the parent company of Tata Sky is TATA group and SKY Network which have a long history in the past in India and abroad respectively.They are trying to provide high quality DTH service for their customers in comparison than their competitors.

symbols. taglines. 9.The brand excels at delivering the benefits customers truly desire 2. Strong brands mix and match these elements to perform a number of brand-related functions. packaging. 8. The brand's managers understand what the brand means to consumers.logos. The brand is consistent 6. SKY is well known for the innovative products and services launched by BSKyB.Brand recognition and Brand recall. and support brand positioning statement. The SKY brand owned by the UK based British SKY broad casting group. The pricing strategy is based on consumers' perceptions of value 4. Most companies do not have only one brand. The brand is given proper support. fonts. The brand makes use of and coordinates a full repertoire of marketing activities to build equity A brand is made up of all the marketing elements that can be trademarked . logo. etc. The brand portfolio and hierarchy makes sense. such as enhancing or re-enforcing consumer awareness of the brand or its image and helping the product to protect the brand both competitively and legally. imagery. they create and maintain different brands for different market segments. ALL of brand traits of Tata Sky. 7. The brand is properly positioned 5. and that support is sustained over the long run 10. colors.Brand Associations of the Tata Sky are specific physical artifacts that make up the brand. brings to TATA SKY the reputation of more than 20 years experience of satellite broadcasting. . signage and so on. slogans. The brand stays relevant 3. This is the brand name. The brand associations of Tata Sky must reflect brand promise. The company monitors sources of brand equity Brand awareness: It includes two things: . y Brand Traits 1.

(2) Meaning: What are you? Tata Sky wants to connect every Television home. regional/local channels.These associations are according to the desire of the customers and hence it is necessary to successfully deliver them by products or services. in case of a negative CBBE. Brand benefits also help in attaching the customers towards the brand. consumers react less favorably to marketing activities for the brand. Thus. Tata Sky convey them by marketing campaigns i.Brand recognition means how consumers confirm your brand when given the brand as a cue i. However. These are convenient options for the customers .300 people. Customer Based brand equity: . the company had four different recharge offers for the existing consumers such as giving away Rs 300 worth of content free for every recharge of Rs 300.It can be created by marketing campaigns that link strong. Tata Sky has three different call centres at Pune. efficient. the power of a brand lies in what resides in the minds of the customers. to make a good impression of reliable. Here in DTH services. how they discriminate your brand. Some company sources says Only 15 per cent of our recharges are actually vouchers that people have to buy from a shop. Brand Associations: .e. Tata Sky has set standards so switching to other brands is less. In other words. have helped Tata Sky in terms of positioning itself in the customers and also penetrating more deeply into other segments of the society. Over the last one year. Tata Sky also has more than 1.500 exclusive franchise outlets with a service called BOB. . empowering every television viewer and revolutionizing home entertainment. request for favorite movies . CBBE model includes majorly four things into consideration: (1) Identity: Who are you? Tata Sky is into the services of DTH services. Mohali and Hyderabad with almost 1. 85 per cent of it happens over SMS. Tata Sky provides subscription and recharge benefits to customers and hence making them loyal towards the brand. for home deliveries. Brand recall means how customers retrieve the brand from memory when given opportunity among different product categories. or boy on bicycle. favorable and unique associations to the brand.e. However.CBBE is defined as the differential effect that brand knowledge has on consumer response to the marketing of that brand. Also brand attributes like learning English speaking . the web or call centres which are even equipped with voice-recognition software. colorful and convenient brand. Brand Image: . etc. less sensitive to price increases. So they have customised the services to the way subscribers want them to be. Thus a brand with positive CBBE might result in consumers more accepting/appealing towards a brand extension.

so they realize any movie which is released on Tata Sky has a much bigger buy-rate than other platforms.(3) Response: What about you? Tata Sky is spending a good amount of money on the content.000 takers. employees report to senior level officials what is the percentage of field repairs that were addressed within 24. mathematics and general knowledge. Research also showed that a full course could create tension with the husband who would keep a tab on the wife's progress. it has been getting more than 50 per cent of its volumes from outside the 50 top cities. It provides these for free with the exception of movies on demand. 48 and 72 hours. So this shows that they are totally customer oriented services. Apart from nursery rhymes. such as cartoons on Disney and Turner. It was found that parents wanted their children to learn something out of the themes that they were fond of watching on TV. Tata Sky tried to deliver same content. Since 2009.500 or so are joining every day. Tata Sky believes. Movies. there are also craft lessons from Pogo. interactive services and a programming guide in Hindi. for instance. Every Monday morning. (4) What about you and me? It is the only operator which charges for all its interactive services since its launch in 2006. A large number of housewives felt their lack of confidence in speaking the language hampered their interactions with their children but now they are being benefitted from this initiative of Tata Sky.000 people have signed up for the service of English teaching and another 1. either through one-time payments or shared revenues. These services have been priced at Rs 30 a month but one on cooking is at a slight premium. This service has thus found 500. . They have also introduced the latest service that teaches English. They are the only player who can claim more than 2 million purchases in the three years of operation. Movie after movie. have widened its base beyond the larger cities. The mothers were happy to learn in the confines of their bedroom. Sources claim that 100.

It comprises operating companies in seven business sector Information systems and communications. 4. news. services. SKY BRAND The SKY brand owned by the UK based British SKY broad casting group.BRAND MANAGEMENT OF TATA SKY 1. 6. movies. consumer products and chemicals. hardware through popular consumer electronic stores to enhance customer convenience. TATA SKY takes direct responsibility to provide its vouchers. . documentation in DVD player and CD quality sound. NDS(leading provider of technology for pay television) etc. TCS. OFFERING TATA SKY offers all popular television channels with local language channels according to the demand. 3. EXTENSIVE CUSTOMER SERVICE NETWORK It is using 3000 service engineers in call centers to provide the good service for their customers. SUN MICROSYSTEMS. 2. brings to TATA SKY the reputation of more than 20 years experience of satellite broadcasting. music. energy. THOMSON AND HUMAX world leaders in digital broadcast technology. sports. PARTNERS It has so many valuable partners for ex. materials. REVOLUNISE TELEVISION VIEWING TATA SKY is offering a variety of channels ranging from entertainment. 7. INCEPTION AND HERITAGE TATA SKY is joint venture between the TATA group and STAR. SKY is well known for the innovative products and services launched by BSKyB. So its providing good experience to its customer through its satellite TV service. engineering. TATA BRAND TATA Group is one of india s largest and most respected business group. 5.

who should each pay Rs 300 a month. etc.Subscribe @ Rs. Cable TV.990 with 100% cashback Offer @ DishTV. 292 Free. They all provide different types of offers to tackle this cut-throat competition from all the players as well as other broadcasting agencies like Doordarshan. of people 2401 1808 1812 518 % 36.71 7.Based on the poll results of which services are better ? Then the people voted as shown below: Name Reliance Big TV Dish TV Tata Sky Others No.Bring Home Digital Picture & Sound of Reliance BIG TV at just Rs 990/Reliance Big TV v/s Dish TV v/s TATA Sky: .999: . Order Now! Videocon D2H new offer:. These are (1) Tata Sky.72 27. (2) Dish TV. (3) Videocon D2H. to break even and Tata Sky is about to do that in order to have a remarkable market share in this DTH industry.Pay Rs.65 27.It is also true that any operator has to acquire 5 to 6 million subscribers. 888 & get 1 month Diamond pack worth Rs. Reliance Big TV: .990 = Get Rs. . Order now! Dish TV Diwali Offer: .92 Initially Dish TV got the first mover advantage and had got highest amount of market share but later on Big TV has overtaken Dish TV in terms of people preference. For example: Tata Sky for only at Rs.Buy 1yr Subscription & Save Rs 2479 Limited period offer. Competitive Brands under Consideration Basically there are four major players in this DTH service industry. (4) Reliance Big TV.

where he should place adequate value to what you offer and he should be willing to pay you. Transponder is provided by Astrix." Tata Sky thus wants customers who are willing to pay a small premium for more value. ISRO hence dependency exists and due to no regulations in channel pricing. "If he continues to seek only the cheapest product available. It has put in place a segmented strategy with products. So they say that two-thirds of all Tata Sky customers are from socio-economic category A. "You have to have a healthy relationship with the subscriber. Set top box and Access Card. Bargaining power of DTH operator with CPE supplier has increased due to supply." says Kaushik. At the end of the day. DTH operators are at mercy of Broadcasters. . it is a dangerous subscriber to acquire because he might churn out. In fact. DTH relies on three major suppliers: Customer Premise Equipment Satellite dish. skewed of course towards the quality-conscious subscriber. Porter¶s Five forces model of Tata Sky Bargaining Power of Supplier is High. Tata Sky also works on some categories to target and attract customers according to the income level and residing cities/towns/villages.So Tata Sky MD/CEO(Vikram Kaushik) said in an interview The price war has come at an early stage of the DTH game . DTH is a subscription-based business. Long-term health will depend on subscription renewals. and another one-third are from B plus. then he is not the kind of subscriber to give you that value. services and features aimed at different segments.

threat of new entrants is low due to enough competition. Expansion of distribution network through exclusive stores 4. Currently Does not offer free Set Top Box like Dish TV Opportunities 1. Increase in number of TVs sold . Introducing new packages & Services 4. Threat of Substitutes. Second Mover after Dish TV who captured Market Share 2. Leveraging on brand TATA and High brand recall 2. Rural penetration through ITC E-Choupal and Godrej Aadhar 6.Medium DTH faces major competition from Terrestrial. Cable & IPTV. Consumer has the power to choose in this industry with variety. Unless players can differentiate against each other. Customer services 5. Competitive Rivalry is Medium With many players established in the market inter firm rivalry is not so intense but it is increasing. SWOT Analysis Strengths 1. Customers will have high bargaining power and will be influenced by costs versus services. Innovative Product offering Tata Sky Plus Weaknesses 1.Bargaining Power of Buyer is High. Interactive channels and program guides 7. Cannot match free service like DD 3. Tapping niche markets with better service and Product offering 3. Superior Picture quality 3. Larger disposable incomes with India 2. Also first mover advantage exists in this industry. the market shall remain mostly homogeneous. Threat of New Entrants is Low With many players in the DTH space.

Special channels for Songs Request like Jukebox could be launched 10. Cable Set top Boxes provide easy switching due to negligible switching costs 2. Customizing offering b. Strategies for the rural sector can be: a. Dependency on broadcasters for their channel content and thus increase in cost 4. especially and Niche Segment Targeting if Combined with LCDs 3. Staff of cable operators be made the distributors for Tata Sky (familiarity with people) 12. Voice over in Multiple Languages (Currently limited availability in for some programs) 6. Stock Market related interactive service on Active 11. Increasing Competition internally 3. Connectivity with other digital Monitors like Laptops for Commercial Usage 4. Cap on foreign Investment (49%) Impact Subscriber base expected to increase 1 million each year to reach 8. Combined Product with Television . Guide can be displayed in Multiple Regional Languages 5.5. Increase in the geographical boundaries with Rural Market untapped 6. Educational Package d. Development of Visual Radio service. Growing demand for quality of service in the form of DTH over Cable 7.84 billion in 2011 Likely to achieve EBITDA margins of 25% by 2011.Value Added Services are gaining steam. Common Dish per house for Multiple Television sets 2. All distributors be given a status of Tata Sky employees 13.Rural Areas . 0. Attractive options be given to them to become distributors 14. 20 billion through a mix of debt and equity Break-even expected by FY2010-11 Recommendations New services and technologies can be imbibed like: 1.0 million by 2011 DTH business is expected to grow from Rs 0.18 billion Funding over the next 4 years Rs. Combination of various national channels with regional channels c. Threats 1.19 billion in FY2007 to Rs 3. Inclusion of Radio Reception. Variety in Movie Listing with Bollywood. Interactive Video Games (with consol) 7. Appointing the village head as Distributor and the promoter as the villagers tend to listen to village head . from negative EBITDA margins in FY2007 of Rs. 8. Hollywood and Regional Channels 9.


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