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Oracle Sourcing 11i10 Help Guide[1]

Oracle Sourcing 11i10 Help Guide[1]

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Published by: Mohammed Shahid on Apr 27, 2011
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Proxy bidding allows a bidder to have the system automatically rebid whenever a
competing bid is received. The bidder specifies the amount of the price decrement
(expressed as a percentage or a flat price reduction) and the minimum price to offer.
Once enabled, the system will continue to rebid at lower prices until the bidder's
minimum bid price is reached. At this point, proxy bidding in suspended.

Cancelling proxy bidding

In most cases, once proxy bidding has been initiated, it can be allowed to run to
conclusion. However, there may be certain instances in which the bidder needs to
end proxy bidding early. Usually, this happens when the bidder needs to update bid
information. For example, the promise date offered by the bidder may need to be
updated due to unforeseen situations at the time the proxy was begun. Or in a multi-
attribute weighted negotiation, the bidder may wish to update the non-price related
information to improve the price to total score ratio. In both these cases, the bidder
may wish to halt the proxy bidding to update bid information.

To cancel proxy bidding.

Once you have placed a bid using proxy bidding, you can monitor its progress by
locating the negotiation number under Your Active and Draft Responses section of
the Negotiations Home page. To view the details of your current bid, click the
Response number link.

1. Click Create Bid to create a new bid.

2. On the Rebid page, click Cancel Proxy at the bottom of the page.

3. The Cancel Proxy Bidding page shows all line items for which you have
proxy bidding enabled. Select the items for which you wish to disable proxy
bidding, and click Cancel All Proxies. The Cancel Proxy Bidding page
redisplays without the line item(s) for which you just disabled proxy bidding
(you can choose to retain proxy bidding on some line items but not others)

4. To continue placing a new bid, click Create Bid. When the Rebid page
appears, continue entering your new bid information (including new proxy
specifications if desired).

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