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Oracle Sourcing 11i10 Help Guide[1]

Oracle Sourcing 11i10 Help Guide[1]

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Published by Mohammed Shahid

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Published by: Mohammed Shahid on Apr 27, 2011
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Use the instructions on this page to create Sourcing negotiations (RFIs, RFQs, and
buyer's auctions).

There are four main steps to creating a new negotiation:

o Create Your Negotiation Header (See section “What
information must I provide to create my negotiation header”).

o Enter Negotiation Lines (See Section “How do I add lines to a

o Define Your Response Controls (See Section “What are
response controls”)

o Enter Your Terms and Conditions (If Oracle Procurement Contracts
is bought and licensed) (See Section “What are contract terms
and conditions, and how do I use them in my negotiation”)

o Invite Your Suppliers (See Section “How do I invite
suppliers to participate in my negotiation”).

If you have previously created an RFI, RFQ, or auction, you can save time by
copying an existing RFI/RFQ/Auction. You can also create new negotiations quickly
by applying a negotiation template. You can create a negotiation and save it as a
draft before submitting it. This allows you to return to the creation process at a later
time or have multiple people working on the same negotiation.

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