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Service Blueprint of a Restaurant

Service Blueprint of a Restaurant

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Published by: Avishek Jain on Apr 27, 2011
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Service Marketing Assignment

Service blueprint of a restaurant By: Abhishek Jain (876001)
Service Blueprint: The service blueprint is a technique used for service innovation. The service blueprint consists of 5 components: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Customer Actions Onstage / Visible Contact Employee Actions Backstage / Invisible Contact Employee Actions Support Processes Physical Evidence

1. Customer Actions
This component contains all of the steps that customers take as part of the service delivery process. This element is always on top of the service blueprint. 2. Onstage / Visible Contact Employee Actions
This element is separated from the customer actions by a line of interaction . These actions are face-to-face actions between employees and customers.

3. Backstage / Invisible Contact Employee Actions
The line of visibility separates the Onstage from the Backstage actions. Everything that appears above the line of visibility can be seen by the customers, while everything under the line of visibility is invisible for the customers. A very good example of an action in this element, is a telephone call; these is an action between an employee and a customer, but they don t see each other.

4. Support Processes
The internal line of interaction separates the contact employees from the support processes. These are all the activities carried out by individuals and units within the company who are not contact employees. These activities need to happen in order for the service to be delivered.

5. Physical evidence
For each customer action, and every moment of truth, the physical evidence that customers come in contact with is described at the very top of the service blueprint. These are all the tangibles that customers are exposed to that can influence their quality perceptions.

Now, we can see the service blueprint of a restaurant which includes all these 5 components.

take order. serve beverages. receive change & leave the restaurant. Dining area. provide menu. menu. show party to table. review the menu. waiting area. giving their name to the hostess. take cash and bring change. eat. clear dishes. .Here. serving trays. place order. foods & Bill. go to the table. serve meal. pay cash/cheque. The customer actions includes: entering into the restraurant. The onstage employee actions include: greet party. dishes. receive food. the physical evidence component includes: Parking lots.

Thanks & regards. The support process includes: preparing meal. and to process the payment. to pick up the order. to place order in kitchen. Abhishek Jain .The backstage employee actions include: to check table availability. informing waiter etc.

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