The demand for LEED accreditation in new construction and renovation should be addressed at some point of the 2 year

program. The information needed to design and document these LEED project is essential at my place of employment. To be able to understand the requirements and process to get a project accredited would give a graduate a leg up compared to a graduate that does not have this basic knowledge. It may be troublesome to sift through the complete process and narrow it down to general information needed to play an active/productive role in the process. I also suggest the implementation of basic construction management terminology. This should cover the most common phrases and terms used in the industry. The terminology and phrases should be selected with the intent of expanding the students engineering vocabulary well enough to be able to articulate a conversation with their new co-workers. Attached is a list of common terms and phrases used.

Cogeneration The use of a single facility to simultaneously produce power and heat or steam. CC Cubic centimeters. CFM Cubic feet per minute. D&D Decontamination and decommissioning. Decommissioning The retirement of a facility, including decontamination and/or dismantlement. Decontamination The removal of unwanted hazardous contamination by a chemical or mechanical process. Design-Build A system of contracting under which one entity performs both architecture/engineering and construction under one single contract. Downstream The refining or process of crude oil into finished fuel products. E&C Engineering and construction. E,P & C Engineering, procurement and construction. E,P,C & M Engineering, procurement, construction and maintenance.

SNG Synthetic natural gas. LNG Liquefied natural gas. O&M Operations and maintenance. FEED Front-end engineering and design. Design documents and equipment and trade subcontracts are released in phases. PPB Parts per billion. MOU Memorandum of understanding. Lump-Sum Turnkey Project Fixed price project for which all components are within a single supplier's responsibility. Turnkey Project A project in which all components are within a single supplier's responsibility. TIC Total installed cost. LOI Letter of intent. SCFD Standard cubic feet per day. Fixed Cost An expenditure or expense that does not vary with volume level of activity. .Fast Track A scheduling process in which design and construction activities overlap.

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