Good Morning


Thanks for coming in today. The kids are good but very chatty. Please let me know any students you may have difficulties with as well as absentees. Please take it down to the office on the way to special Below is a schedule of the day. The line leader, Alice, can take you to each class. Please take &

pick up the students for each period.


Students will come in, hang up their belongings, copy their homework in their agenda from the board, and sit at the back rug for morning meeting. Once announcements are over, ask a volunteer to read the board, ask if they have any questions, before taking them to their 1 st period special.

1 st PERIOD -SPEICAL (HEALTH) - 8:50-9:30

Please walk the students to class. The line leader will lead the way.

This is a split health class .. boys separate than girls. The girls will go 1 st period while my boys go next door to Mrs. Cattley's room. This is your prep period. Please pick up the girls from health and bring them all back to my

2nd . d

room penon.


While Mrs. Cattley takes the boys to health, you will get my girls and her girls, so she can have her prep. The girls may choose to read or enjoy the short movie. When putting in the movie, use the smart board remote and click video before hitting play on vcr.


Please read aloud, until 11 :00 on the back

rug. We finished our read aloud book yesterday, therefore today is the first day of reading this new book.


Tell the students to take out their competencies book and write 1 thing they did either today or yesterday. Tell them to work quietly and put it away when they are done and to read quietly while they wait for everyone to finish.

4TH PERIOD-WRITING -11:00-11:40

The students are working on their practicing for the NJ ASK test. Please do the following:

They are completing prompt 1 on their explanatory worksheet (see attached). I gave them copies yesterday. Use about 5 minutes to review the directions and what they should include in their explanatory writing that is listed on the worksheet. (they should know blc we went over it yesterday). Tell them prewrite optional, but is always a good idea to organize their thoughts for the first 4-6 minutes (they may pre-write on the lined paper). Then pass out lined paper and give them 35 minutes to complete the prompt. This must be timed as it is the exact time given for the NJ ASK test. Tell them and write on board when they have 10 minutes left. They may use as much paper as they need and they may use the back of the paper.

5THpERIOD-READING 11:45-12:17

1 st - Review Homework - Tell them to take out their reading homework and go over the answers with them and any explanations they may have (key attached).

2nd - Review with them what inferencing is and give them an example, such as: The girl went outside to build a snowman. What season is it? Or any example you can come up with. They know inferencing, therefore just take about 5 minutes to review.

3rd - Practice packet - Pass out the Main Idea and inferencing packet and have the students work independently on it. If they don't finish in class it is homework and due tomorrow. Thurs. library students may go to the library and complete packet for homework.

6th PERIOD - LUNCH- 12:20-1:00

Please walk them to the lunchroom. Line leader will lead the way. Please pick them up from lunch. They will be inside the cafeteria when you pick them up. Pick the up 5 minutes early if they don't go outside due to bad weather.

When you pick them up make sure that you have Mrs. Bossio kids with you (they can be sneaky). They are Sathya, Juston, Kimberly, & Prentice. (Sadat is mainstream w/me for math). Mrs. Bossio will meet you in the center hall where the big pillers are. She will then take them to the B wing

with her for math. Also I have 8 gifted and talented math kids that will go to the left for math wlMr. Green. They will go on their own. That will leave you with 15 kids for math-yeah!

7TH&8th PERIOD -MATH-l:OS-2:0S (Mrs. U. will be in to assist)

1st - Homework -(l:OS-l:lSish) -Tell them to make all pencils disappear (no cheating). They are to use their red pen to correct their homework themselves. Provide them quickly with the answers as they check (you may use the smart board or verbally provide answers). Ask them if they have any questions when they are done correcting then have them put their workbook away.

2nd - Classwork (1:lS-1:2Sish) (Part 1)- Please teach them the 3 types of triangles (see teacher math book for reference). After reviewing the vocabulary (3 triangles). Have the students use the white boards and call out a triangle and ask them to draw it. Quick check for understanding. Continue by calling out each triangle numerous times and stop when they show clear understanding.

Part II (1:2S-l:4Sish) - Teach them to take it further by naming not only the angle, but the degree as well, such as obtuse, right, acute. If an obtuse angle is present out of the 3 angles that is what the angle is called. If no obtuse angle is present and only a right angle is present with acute angles then it is called a right angle, and if only acute angles are present it is called an acute angle. I will have some examples drawn for you when you come in tomorrow. Please take some time at lunch to review. You will be fine and Mrs. Udesi will be here to help you. After you have explained and demonstrated for them on the board the different types of triangles and their angles, have them use their white boards to draw specific angleded triangles, such as an acute equilateral or right isosceles. Call out a few names and check their boards for understanding.

I tell them that in a household the order of who is generally in charge is: daddy, mommy, and then baby.

TIP: I tell them that the obtuse angle is the daddy, the right angle is the mommy, and the acute angle is the baby. If the daddy (obtuse) is home in a triangle than it is called an obtuse. If the daddy (obtuse) is not home and only the mommy (right) and baby (acute) are home in the triangle than the

mommy (right) is in charge, so it is called a right triangle. Finally, if only the baby (acute) is home in a triangle than it is called an acute triangle. Hope this makes sense.

Finally (1:45-2:05), pass out the classwork and have them work independently. Provide answers for them at the end of the period. Remind them that their homework is in their workbook P8-4.

8th PERIOD -PACK-UP 2:10-2:20

Pack Up-Pass out any papers that you may have collected from my mailbox & have all students pack up. Please assist my 5 Mrs. Bossio students during this time-this is difficult for them. Make sure all students have their backpack and lunch box at their desk before they leave for instrumental.


Most of the class will go to instrumental during this time. You will have about 10 students left in the room. They may work on anything QUIETLY, such as reading, studying, etc ....


When dismissal announcements come on they MUST sit at their desk QUIETLY waiting for their bus to be called. Remind Anthony to record the buses on the front board. If anyone talks the bus caller will give them a strike. It should be VERY QUIET during this time so no one misses their bus.

Thank you for coming in and I hope you had a wonderful day. Donna Collins


I give strikes for any student misbehaving. Please feel free to give out strikes and list why below.


Please let me know what you were unable to accomplish from the above.

Year 10-11

Important Notes:

• The following students will leave my room from 10:30-2:02 to go out to Mrs. Bossio's room (BI32) for reading, writing, and math.

Sadat, Prentice, Kimberely, Juston, Sathya

• Mrs. Udesi is in my room to assist you from 10:14-10:33 Atl0:30 she will walk the above students to Mrs. Bossio's room.

• Mrs. Udesi will return to my room to assist you during math from

I :02-2:02. She is mainly in the room to assist Sadat as he is the only boy from above that is mainstreamed into my math class.

• Mrs. Cattley is next door if you need any help.

• Please help the above kids with morning routine, walking in the halls, transitions, and pack up times as these things are very difficult for them.

• The following students will be in your line when you pick them up for lunch, however once you get to the main hall they will go left to the B-wing for A & E math with Mrs. Green.

Amelia, Rhea, Kevin, Usayed, Neal, Grace, Goutham

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