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The aim of the project is to Design and fabrication of screw conveyor to convey the sewage sludge. A screw conveyor mechanism mounted within the trough assembly. One end of the screw conveyor is mounted on the trough assembly. A drive shaft is provided for rotating the screw conveyor being connected to the outer end of the screw conveyor. The motor is connected to the end of the drive shaft which is connected to the screw conveyor. Top portion of the screw conveyor is made openable for the maintenance.

. blocks are avoided. dust and vapours. Cleaning is made easy as the top surface is openable.SCOPE Saving of labour and time. Reducing personal hazardous: The enclosing trough can be made tight enough to contain toxic. To increase the output: With the help of conveyors more work can be done with a given floor space.

LITERATURE SURVEY A conveyor system is a common piece of mechanical handling equipment that moves materials from one location to another. Conveyors are especially useful in applications involving the transportation of heavy or bulk materials. Conveyor systems allow quick and efficient transportation for a wide variety of materials. . which make them very popular in the material handling and packaging industries.

TYPES OF CONVEYOR SYSTEMS Gravity roller conveyor Gravity skatewheel conveyor Belt conveyor Wire mesh conveyors Plastic belt conveyors Bucket conveyors Flexible conveyors Vertical conveyors Spiral conveyors Vibrating conveyors Pneumatic conveyors Belt driven live roller conveyors Lineshaft roller conveyor Chain conveyor Screw conveyor Overhead conveyors Automotive conveyors .

They are used in many bulk handling industries.SCREW CONVEYOR Screw conveyors have been a popular material handling mechanism throughout history. The Archimedean screw or the screw pump is a machine historically used for transferring water from a low-lying body of water into irrigation ditches. One type of screw conveyor. perhaps the best known is the Archimedian screw contained within a tube to raise water. .

TYPES OF SCREW CONVEYORS Inclined units Vertical units .

. conveyor screws of regular pitch operating in troughs are usually employed. Feature insuring sanitation and ease of cleaning are available. say contained and fully enclosed they can be readily applied in congested areas. Being compact. For inclines of about 20 degrees or less.INCLINED UNITS Inclined screw conveyors. in general handle products that can be conveyed in horizontal screw conveyors.

These units can satisfy many conveying problems and have the further advantages of being compacted. .VERTICAL UNITS A vertical screw elevator is a unit that conveys material vertically. requiring less space than other forms of elevating equipment.


CLASSIFICATION OF SCREW CONVEYOR DEPENDING UPON TYPE OF FLIGHT USED Paddle conveyor screw Ribbon flight conveyor screw Helicoid flight conveyor screw Sectional flight conveyor screw .


This consists of a series of cut and folded flights mounted on the central revolving shaft or pipe. In this the material is intentionally tumbled and sheared as it is advanced along the casing by the pitch of the screw at every revolution. . Friction between the material and the revolving spiral tends to carry the material up one side and around with the blade.


tar or substances likely to build upon screw . pitch. Variation of diameter.In this type of conveyor screw a steel bar rolled to form a continuous helical ribbon flight fastened to the pipe or shaft by steel supporting lugs welded at spaced intervals. lap or butt welded together. Also. flight width or thickness can be furnished. These are recommended for handling. sticky materials such as molasses. this screw can be furnished with either continuous or sectional flights.


or shaft by intermittent or continuous welds with or without formed steel end lungs. When desired. sectional flights may be continuous welded to the pipe on one or both sides.Sectional flight conveyor screws are made of individual flights. thus providing exceptionally rugged construction for the most severe conveying application . Sectional flight conveyor screws are interchangeable with helical flight conveyor screw of the same diameter and shaft size. each blanked from a flat steel plate and formed into helix The flights are butt welded together and fastened to the pipe.


thickness and lengths to meet the most exacting requirements. it possesses superior strength. Helicoids flighting is made with regular pitch approximately equal to the diameter. formed by flat steel bar and mounted on a pipe or shaft. The helix. formed by special rolling equipment to the required diameter. The absence of laps. pitch and thickness.The helicoids flight conveyor screw is made of a helix. . By virtue of its one-piece construction. It can also be furnished with other than regular pitch and in a wide range of diameter.piece flight. rivets or welds on the carrying face of the flight promotes and maintains cleanliness and reduces wear. is a smooth. continuous one.