Actuarial Discussion Forum Directory List: The ClaudePenland.

com List of 35 Discussion Groups for Actuaries, Actuarial Analysts and Entry Level Actuaries 1. The Infinite Actuary 2. Actuarial Alternatives 3. Actuarial Community 4. Actuarial Discussion Forum 5. Actuaries Networking for Career Opportunities 6. Actuary Network – The #1 Group for Actuaries 7. Career Networking for Actuaries 8. Casualty Actuarial Society 9. Catastrophe Modellers Global 10. Chinese Actuary Professional Association 11. Faculty and Institute of Actuaries 12. Global CERA Group 13. International Actuarial Association 14. International Network of Actuarial Risk Managers 15. Society of Actuaries 16. The Actuarial Society of Greater New York (ASNY) 17. The Entry-Level Actuary 18. Dutch Actuarial Association 19. Insurance Actuarial Forum and Career Center 20. Actuary and Actuaries – Jobs, Networking, Forum and Advice 21. Entrepreneurial Actuaries 22. European Actuaries 23. The Actuary magazine (UK) Group 24. Actuary Forum 25.’s Discussion Board 26. 27.’s Actuarial Forum 28. Actuaries and Consultants Forum 29. The ActEd Forum 30. Actuary Club 31. Forum 32. Actuarial Life in Asia 33. TheActuary, On Facebook 34. UK Actuaries, On Facebook 35. Casualty Actuarial Society, On Facebook

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