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Collector's Gemstone Guide

required text Gemmology, 2nd edition, by Peter G. Read (1999), Butterworth- Hein emann, Oxford additional literature (1) Practical Gemmology Robert Webster / Published: 1999 / Published by Antique Collectors' Club (2) Gems: Their Sources, Descriptions and Identification Robert Webster, Peter G. Read / Published: 1994 / Published by Butterworth-Heine mann (3) Gem Testing Anderson Jobbins, Alan Jobbins / Published: 1990 / Published by Butterworth-Heinemann (4) The Nature of Diamonds George Harlow (ed.) / Published: 1998 / Published by Cambridge University Press (5) Opals Fred & Charlotte Ward / Published: 2000 / Published by Gem Book Publishers (6) Diamonds Fred & Charlotte Ward / Published: 1998 / Published by Gem Book Publishers (7) Emeralds Fred & Charlotte Ward / Published: 1996 / Published by Gem Book Pub lishers (8) Rubies and Sapphires Fred & Charlotte Ward / Published: 1995 / Published by Gem Book Publishers (9) Jade Fred & Charlotte Ward / Published: 1995 / Published by Gem Book Publish ers (10) Pearls Fred & Charlotte Ward / Published: 1995 / Published by Gem Book Publ ishers (11) Quartz Michael O Donoghue / Published: 1987 / Published by Butterworth-Heinemann (12) Man-made Gemstones Dennis Elwell / Published: 1979 / Published by John Wiley & Sons (13) Dictionary of Gems and Gemology Robert M. Shipley / Published: 1974 / Publi shed by GIA (14) Gemstones: Symbols of beauty and power Eduard J. Gübelin, F.-Z. Erni / Published: 2000 / Published by Gem Guides Book Co. (15) Gemstones Mary Lou Dean / Published: 1991 / Published by Vantage Press (16) Gemstones of the World Walter Schumann / Published: 2000 / Published by Sterling Publications (17) The Encyclopedia of Minerals and Gemstones Michael O Donoghue / Published: 1980 / Published by Galahad Books (18) Simon & Schuster's Guide to Gems and Precious Stones Kennie Lyman (editor) / Published: 1986 / Published by Distican, Inc (19) Standard Catalog of Gem Values Anna M. Miller, John Sinkankas / Published: 1994 / Published by Geoscience Press, Incorporated (20) Gemstones Christine Woodward / Published: 1988 / Published by Sterling Publications (21) DK Handbooks: Gemstones Cally Hall et al. / Published: 1994 / Published by DK Publishing (22) Encyclopedia of Rocks, Minerals and Gemstones Henry Russell, Chris Pellant / Published: 2001 / Published by Thunder Bay Press Journals Gems and Gemology News on gemstones, synthetic materials, trends in gemstone and jewelry markets; contents of the back issues available on-line; annual subscrip tion (4 issues) available from cfm (recent issues can be loaned from the X-ray Crystallography library) Journal of Gemmology coverage similar to the Gems and Gemology, annual subscript ion (4 issues) available from (recent issues can be loaned from the Mineral Synthesis library)

lapi The Gemmological Association of Great Britain (gemstone library) Gem Collectors Forum Canadian Institute of Gemmology The Mineral and Gemstone Kingdom Miscellaneous links: Colored Stone .org/ International Colored Gemstone Association http://www. (gemstone library with images) dark basic larnprophyre greyish yellow sapphire .com/ International Gemmological Institute. Gemmological Association of Australia http://www.http://www. contents of the back issues a vailable on-line. etc.html (comprehensive gemst one library with images. International Colored Gemstone Association (ICA) .org/ American Gem Society (a lot of information on Australian opal s) Ruby & Sapphire (virtual tou rs of gemstone exhibitions. Gems . . access via Collections) Some useful webbies The Gemological Institute of America http://www.agta. care. access via Search) Smithsonian Institution.enchantedlearning. Gemological Institute of America (GIA) .ac. annual subscription (12 issues) available from http://www.http://www. http://www.minerals. news and classifieds) Tradeshop Inc. New York . (the name speaks for itself) All About Jewels . jewelry and bead Gemmological Association of Great Britain (Gem-A) (illustrated dictionary) (virtu al Asian Institute of Gemmological Sciences Swiss Gemmological Institute (SSEF) (links to gem-related products and gem American Gem Trade Association Useful Internet resources Professional societies/associations Canadian Gemmological Association (CGA) .ac.http://www.ags.ssef. pages on gemstone enhancement.cigem.gemstone. gem show guides. Institut Nationnal de Gemmologie http://www.http://www.gem.) The Opalmine .com/gems/rainbow. Washington (DC) .Lapidary Journal . Prominent museum collections/exhibitions: American Museum of Natural History.http://www.http://www.canadiangemmological. The Gemmological Association of Australia .gemstone.gemstone.