Central Tendency

Measures of central tendency are measures of the location of the middle or the center of a distribution. The definition of "middle" or "center" is purposely left somewhat vague so that the term "central tendency" can refer to a wide variety of measures.

Used of Central Tendency
Central tendency is use for describing the typical, middle or central score of a distribution of scores. Measures of central tendency are used when a researcher wants to describe a group with a value that is considered most representative" of the group as a whole.

Characteristics of Mean, Median and Mode:

No. 1




It is the most probable value, hence the most typical.
The mode does not reflect the degree of modality.

The aggregate distance between It reflects the magnitude of the median point and all the every value. value in the array is less than from any other point.
It cannot be manipulated algebraically. Medians of subgroups cannot be weighted and combined. Means may be manipulated algebraically. Means of subgroups may be combined when properly weighted.



It can be calculated when table ends are open. Values must be ordered and group for its computation. A distribution may have 2 or more modes. On the other hand, there is no mode in a rectangular distribution.

It is not applicable to qualitative data.



It is stable in that grouping procedures do not seriously affect it. It can be compute when ends It cannot be calculate from a are open frequency table when ends are open. Each array has one and only one An array has one and only median. one mean.

Disadvantages: Could be very far from the actual middle of the data. Median and Mode Mean: Advantage: Disadvantage: Finds the most accurate average of the set of numbers.Advantage and Disadvantage of Mean. This can help you to figure out things in a different way. Median Advantage: Disadvantage: Extreme values do not affect the median as strongly as they do the mean. It may not exist in the data. Mode: Allows you to see what value happen the most in a set of data. The least reliable way to find the middle or average of the data Advantage: . It is also quick and easy. It influenced by extreme scores and skewed distributions.

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