Complete this conversation using the points given on the topic of teenage pregnancy.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ADREN EVIE SEEMA EVIE ADREN : : : : : Girls, have you heard about our classmate Beeba? That she’s three months pregnant? Yes, poor girl. She must be really scared. I don’t see why we should feel sympathy for her. She did it to herself. She should be ashamed of herself. That may be so, but still, now that she’s facing this problem she needs all the support she can get. I think you’re right, Evie. She’s devastated to learn that her boyfriend doesn’t want to be responsible. Her family’s still recovering from the shock of the news, but they are not going SEEMA ADREN EVIE : : : to punish Beeba. That doesn’t solve anything. So, is she going to keep her baby? I think that’s still under discussion. I hope they’re not considering abortion. Oh! That would be horrible. The unborn child is


: :

But, you know, Beeba is ________________. She’s not ______________________________________________. You have a point there, Seema. Beeba is only 17 and the ______________________________________ _____________________________________________. would She

should be enjoying teenage life, not worrying about diaper EVIE SEEMA : : change. But still, every child _______________________________. What better life than being raised by your own family? Evie, I don’t believe that keeping the child guarantees ___________________________________________. in our e________ society, where ____________ ADREN : ______________________ is looked upon with disapproval. I think it’s sad that being _____________________________ could affect the child’s social life. It’s not the child’s fault for EVIE SEEMA ADREN : : : being born out of wedlock. And it’s hard to change the people’s opinions, isn’t it? Well, I think Beeba should put the baby up for adoption. Her family can’t afford the baby or the scandal. Let’s hope that whatever decision they make, it will be for Beeba and her baby’s best interest. Especially

_________________________________________________. The potential of ___________________________________. They SEEMA : could ________________________________________. I don’t think she should keep the baby. Although, I wouldn’t recommend EVIE SEEMA : : abortion either because that may____________________________. What do you mean? Something could go wrong during surgery which could harm her reproductive system. She may not be able to bear children EVIE : in the future. My goodness! Then she should keep the baby. It’s her _________________________________________________.

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