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Pigging Incident

Pigging Incident

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Pipeline Pigging Incident

Dave Shepherd Aug, 2005

© Chevron 2005


What is a Pipeline Pig? Used to clean or inspect pipelines that are in service. Commonly used for:  Paraffin removal  Corrosion Inhibition  Pipeline Suspension © Chevron 2005 DOC ID 2 .

 After depressuring pig receiver and opening it to atmosphere. both workers believed energy had been removed.  Found pig was stuck in reducer section but cleared block valve so valve could be closed. Open to Atmosphere Receiver Reducer Ball Valve © Chevron 2005 DOC ID 3 . Pig had to be pulled into pig receiver through the reducer to remove so they fashioned a hook from some ss tubing.Background  Two workers were attempting to remove a pig from a line that was launched the previous day.

© Chevron 2005 DOC ID 4 . which created a pressure trap behind the pig. the pig shot out and struck him in the nose resulting in major facial injuries.Incident  When worker hooked onto pig.  Apparently. part of the pig created a seal with a weld in the reducer section.

Injured Worker July 27. 2005 © Chevron 2005 DOC ID 5 . 2005 August 1.

 Held together with 39 screws. and cheekbones.  Expected to make full recovery.Facial Reconstruction  8 hour procedure  7 plates (Titanium and Stainless Steel) used to reconstruct nose.  Jaw wired shut 2 ± 4 weeks. © Chevron 2005 DOC ID 6 . eye sockets.

Neither worker considered any pressure existed since the pipe was open to atmosphere.  Trapped pressure was just high enough to create a seal but too low to move pig on its own. incident would not have occurred.  Root cause was in hazard recognition. Likely prevented any chemical damage to eyes.Other Factors  Safety glasses were not damaged but covered in oil and water. © Chevron 2005 DOC ID 7 . If pressure was lower or higher.

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