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Dawn Bjork Buzbee Keyboard Shortcuts

Document Management Keys Formatting Keys
File Management Paragraph Formatting
New C+N Center C+E
Open C+O Justify C+J
Close C + W or C + 4 Left align C+L
Save As @ Right align C+R
Save C+S Indent from left C+M
Print Preview C+2 Decrease indent from left C+V+M
Print C+P Create hanging indent C+T
Exit A+4* Decrease hanging indent C+V+T
Editing Single space lines C+1
Undo C+Z Double space lines C+2
Repeat C+Y One-and-one-half space lines C+5
Cut C+X Add/close space B4 paragraph C + 0(zero)
Copy C+C Return to normal formatting C+Q
Paste C+V Character Formatting
Select All C+A Bold C+B
Find C+F Italics C+I
Replace C+H Underline (continuous) C+U
Go To C+G Word underline C+V+W
Double-underline C+V+D
Helpful Function Keys Font (Font dialog box) C+V+F
Action Key
Point size (Font dialog box) C+V+P
Activate main menu 0 or A
Hidden C+V+H
Activate shortcut menu V+0
All Caps C+V+A
Change letter case V+3
Small caps C+V+K
Close active document C+4
Subscript C+=
Close Word A+4*
Superscript C++
Extend selection mode 8
Increase font size C+V+>
Go back to previous positions V+5
Decrease font size C+V+<
Go To 5
Increase by 1 point C+]
Help 1
Decrease by 1 point C+[
Help pointer (context-sensitive) V+1
Remove formatting C+V+Z
Insert AutoText entry 3
Maximize document window C+0 Additional Handy Shortcuts
Maximize Word window A+0* Action Key
Next document window C+6 Cancel E
Open C+@ Begin new paragraph J
Previous document window C+V+6 Begin new page (break) C+J
Print (also C + P ) C+V+@ Begin new line (same paragraph) V+J
Repeat Find or Go To V+4 Begin new column/split table C+V+J
Repeat previous command 4 Insert non-breaking space C+V+s
Save V+@ Insert non-breaking hyphen C+V+-
Save As @ Insert tab character (in table) C+F
Show fields on/off A+9* Show hidden screen characters C+V+*
Spelling 7
Thesaurus V+7 * Now that the A key is used to access the Word 2010 Ribbon,
Update selected field 9 these shortcuts work best when the keys are pressed

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