Teenage Pregnancy: a Multi-Variate Solution A letter to: The National Campaign to Prevent Teenage and Unplanned Pregnancy.

By: Daniel Mastrovito



and whether its due to a concentration in the wrong areas. and hopefully my insight would hope better their plan and use of resources. both school based. an influx of immigrants. Some only support abstinence programs. This essay is directed at the National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy because as the name suggests. but is slowly reversing its progress. Since 2006. In short I want to change the audiences view and motivate them to act. There should be more. and more efficient programs for pregnant teenage mothers. the National 2 . they are ripe with current and potential teen mothers. They have much more power to change and influence the necessary people/organizations to act. as well as anyone else who supports this movement to have a new perspective and possibly a new plan of action. Also. or all Congress combined. others reject abstinence programs and believe solely on contraceptives.How can teenage pregnancy be stopped? Teen pregnancy has been a problem for decades that in the recent past has seen success. it is a national campaign aiming to do exactly what my essay will eventually ask to do. it is still a problem that needs to be solved. There needs to be a focus on abstinence and sexual education programs. or simply a false alarm. the campaign is more likely to read and seriously consider this essay than any one senator. and all areas should receive an equal amount of attention. The teenage pregnancy problem is multifaceted. We share a common interest. teenage pregnancy is rising. There needs to be a high availability of contraceptives in all public schools. Background I am writing this paper because I want whoever is heading the movement to stop teenage pregnancy. and both starting early. It is imperative that it can reach all teenage mothers. The main problem is that many of those who fight to eradicate it consider only one option and discredit the rest. And ultimately there should be an effort to reach poor neighborhoods and improve them. Obviously.

At the end I will detail a plan that ideally would be followed closely by the Campaign. more programs for teenage mothers. I’ll include personal accounts to pack some emotional punch. Description of research method. Although it will be a formal essay. I will research through the FIU library services. I also plan to find exactly why there was a rise and how to eliminate its source. As before. some pathos. I will not look for any more personal accounts or statistics. Its not that each of those sources are wrong. My plan would be to combine all the information found in my research. as well as exactly how the teenage pregnancy rates were lowered before the recent rise. as well as tell them what they are doing right and to continue as they are.com”. and a big effort to reach those affected by it in any way outside of public schools. so I will try to keep my statistics and basic explanations to a minimum. I plan to research as I have been. looking at peer-reviewed journals and rejecting any website that ends in “.Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy is extremely knowledgeable in the area of teen pregnancy. or as near to it as possible. Short literature review My research has resulted in a multitude of facts and some personal accounts of pregnancy. I want my sources to be completely credible and serious. will the standard background information and facts kept brief. The document will be a formal essay. What I will concentrate on will be on what they might be doing wrong and how to better it. I have noticed many one sided solutions that have solidified my belief in a multifaceted solution. from now on my research is going to be solely to formulate a perfect solution. 3 . it is that they are not completely right. a much higher availability of condoms for public school students. I plan to focus now on all proposed solutions. which would be a plan containing a strong focus on abstinence and sexual education programs.

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