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Clients Information Service    Provides Directory Services to the user Builds database of the client Dialing by single click of the button 28-Apr-11 CUBE Software Pvt. Ltd. 2 .

ringing. 3 . 28-Apr-11 CUBE Software Pvt. etc. Ltd. Gives option to dial first to client and then the transfer to agent or vice versa with client information. connected.Dialer    Allows to select number to be dialed Shows status of the call like dialing. dropped.

. 4 . is given. deleted messages Give detail of missed calls Detail of messages like date. old.Mail-box detail      Gives list of new. Ltd. port no. Allows to listen messages through multimedia PC 28-Apr-11 CUBE Software Pvt. time. caller no. Shows status of messages in graphical format.

Caller Detail Gives screen POP-UP before the ring with caller information Allows to listen messages through multimedia PC Call can be diverted to other extension or to voice mail box or operator    28-Apr-11 CUBE Software Pvt. 5 . Ltd.

6 .CRM TOOLS       Gives client interaction history Extracts information on the parameters defined Helps to plan activities in advance Reminds if action is due Customized remarks can be added to individual client or of interaction made. Gives status 28-Apr-11 CUBE Software Pvt. Ltd.

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