Sources of halal food and drinks

‡ Plants and animals are the main sources of human food and drinks. ‡ Animals can divided to 2 categories. 
Land Animals  Water Animals

Land Animals ‡ All land animal are permitted to be eaten except: Pig Dog Bird with claws The type of bird flight. Carnivorous animals Animals which permitted to be killed in Islam Animals which forbidden to be killed in Islam Repulsive animals .

Water Animals ‡ Permissible (halal) Harmful to human health Poisonous .

Plants ‡ Fruits and vegetables are basically halal and good for human consumption. of course. . if it is harmful as the Shari'ah forbids all harmful things. ‡ Eating plants is permissible except.

.Drinks ‡ All form of drinks are halal except: Poisonous Intoxicating Harmful to human health Alcoholic drinks Water mixed with filthy water or food laced with wine and alcohol.

Slaughtering of Animals in Islam ‡ Method of slaughtering is according to the Islamic Law. ‡ Assure the animal suffer minimal pain. ‡ Not ritual slaughtering. .

nails and teeth.Regulation of Islamic Slaughtering ‡ Slaughtering must be performed manually by Muslim. ‡ Animals must be animals that are halal ‡ Live animals living in their habitat (hayat Mustaqirrah) ‡ Assure maximum removal of blood and less suffering. . ‡ Tools must sharp and not made of bones.

‡ The animal that to be slaughtering to be made to face the Holy Ka aba. . ‡ Must have normal emission of blood from animal. ‡ Must mention the name of Allah when slaughtering.

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