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Periodic Table and the Bible

The Periodic Table of Elements can be seen in the Bible. It is wonderful to

see that Bible starts with Periodic Table. The universe is made up of

elements and story of universe is the story of the elements.

The Earth is made up of 89 elements. These 89 elements were classified by

Mendeleev, a Russian chemist, around 150 years ago, as the Periodic Table.

The first chapter of Genesis correlates with the Periodic Table. The story of

universe is the story of elements, which is ultimately the story of creation.

In the periodic table, there are groups and periods; in the bible, there are

days. On the first day of creation, according to Genesis 1:2, it is written that

the Spirit of God was hovering over the waters. Hydrogen, the first element

of the universe, the first element of the first period, and whose atomic

number is one, imitates that motion. Hydrogen has only 1 electron. So

hydrogen can donate electrons like the first group elements, or it can share

electrons like the fourth group elements, or it can accept electrons like the

seventh group elements. In this way, one element can be placed in three

different positions, showing the relationship of one God in three persons.

On the first day, God created light and water according to Genesis 1:3.

Similarly, in the first group, there is sodium, and when sodium comes in

contact with water, sound and light are produced. No wonder our oceans are
filled with sodium, in the form of common salt. The second day of creation,

God separated the water above from the water below, as

recorded in Genesis 1:6. In the Periodic table, we see a huge, substantial gap

between the second and third groups, or Group 2a and Group 3a. The large

gap mirrors the 2nd day’s great division. So the 2nd day is reflected by

Groups 2a and 3a.

As stated in Genesis 1:11, God created plants on the third day. As we

already know, the 2nd day is shown by groups 2a and 3a, so the 3rd day will

be shown by Group 4a. Group 4a has carbon, the backbone of all plants. We

all burn dry trees because trees contain carbon. Magnesium, which is found

in the third period, is the central element of chlorophyll. And it is

chlorophyll which gives plants the green color.

In Genesis1:14, the fourth day, God created sun, moon, and stars. The

corresponding group for 4th day is Group 5a. This group contains

phosphorus, a shining element.

On the fifth day, as said in Genesis 1:20, God created birds of the air and

fish of the sea. The next group (Group 6a) includes oxygen, the element

needed for life.

On the sixth day, as recorded in Genesis 1: 26, God created man in His own

image. In the sixth period and in the third group (reflecting the Trinity) ,
there is Lanthanum. Lanthanum has 14 image elements. These image

elements are formed because electrons go to inner orbital, instead of outer

orbital. This indicates that the godly experience is an inner experience, not

an outer experience. It is wonderful to see that there are 7

f orbital which corresponds with the verse in the book of Revelation 4:5

which states that God has seven Spirits.

Bible’s descriptions match 100 % with nature and science. On the seventh

day, God rested from His work. The last group of the Periodic Table is

called the zero group elements, or the noble gases. Due to the fact that their

outer shells are full, these elements are in a constant state of rest, the way

God rested on the 7th day.

When Mendeleev discovered the Periodic Table, he left some blocks empty,

and he predicted the discovery of new elements. He even predicted and

named many of the elements to be discovered later as Ekasilicon.

In the same way we can not explain 7th and 8th group in the creation story .

When Jesus came to earth, those groups got a place in creation.

In Mark 9:2, it’s written that after the sixth day, meaning on the seventh day

Jesus took only Peter, James, and John up a high mountain where He was

transfigured before them. Scripture states that, Jesus’ clothes became

dazzling white, whiter than anyone in the world could bleach them.
Similarly, the 7th group consists of bleaching elements, such as chlorine.

In Mark 9:1-13, we see Jesus with Moses and Elijah, thus indicating the

8th group. The 8th group has 3 elements: Iron, Cobalt, and Nickel. Iron is

the cornerstone of the Periodic Table; it is the last element formed by the

cooling process, and it is the most stable element in the universe. So, in this

8th group, nickel is numbered as 008, cobalt as 080, and iron as 800. In the

book of Revelation 1:8, Jesus says, "I am the Alpha and the Omega."

Numerical value for alpha is 1, and numerical value for omega is 800.

Element 1 (Hydrogen)shows trinity , 1 element in three places, and Element

800 (Iron)shows three elements in one place, thus making trinity a

mysterious concept. In Leviticus 17:11, it says that" the life of flesh is in the

blood and I have given it to you upon the altar to make atonement for your

souls." If we look at blood from a chemistry point of view, heme has a cross

like structure in which iron is crucified. So, atonement by blood comes

through the cross of Christ, because hemoglobin shows Christ on cross.

Last but not least, when Eve bit that forbidden fruit, sin started. If you look

at teeth, there are four types of teeth, and 32 in total. Likewise, in the

Periodic Table, there are 4 types of orbital, and if all 4 orbital are full, there

is a total of 32 elements.

Now, if we look in the Bible, we can see that the human race started with
two people. In the 1st period, there are 2 elements. Then the Great Flood

occurs, and 8 people came out from the ship. In the 2nd period, we see 8

elements. Then a new race is born by the name of Israel, Jacob, his four

wives, his 12 sons and 1 daughter, making 18 people, a new race. Also, we

see 18 elements in the next level of the periodic table, thus confirming that

stones were declaring even before Jacob was born, even before Noah was

born, even before Adam was born. Elements were there, and classification of

elements was there, predicting the beginning of human race by 2 people,

looking for a perfect generation by 8 people, looking for a new opportunity

by 18 people. Finally, the highest period in the Periodic table, has 32

elements, which has lanthanum and lanthanides, indicating that man as

whole is created in the image of God. Elements were existent before human

race. Elements are talking only one story and the story talked not only of 2

people, not only of 8 people, not only of 18 people, but of humanity in

whole and its first sin and the God and His salvation plan. Man artificially

created new elements confirming the statement of Genesis 1:26 that man is

the image of GOD.