Blood Pressure

How to take it and what do the numbers actually mean

Blood Pressure Anatomy: Artery a vessel which contains blood moving away from the heart Vein a vessel which contains blood moving towards the heart Capillary a network of small vessels barely larger then the diameter of a single red blood cell .


Sphygmomanometer .

Blood Pressure The most common area to measure BP is at the distal part of the arm just proximal to the cubital fossa. The artery we are measuring is the Brachial artery .

Blood Pressure .



 systolic pressure = the maximum pressure exerted by the blood against the wall of the brachial artery when the heart beats diastolic pressure = the minimum pressure between successive heart beats (laminar blood flow)  .

The Korotkoff sounds  are the sounds heard through the stethoscope as the pressure cuff deflates the sounds are first heard when the cuff pressure equals the systolic pressure cease to be heard once the cuff has deflated past the diastolic pressure   .

just above the elbow and a stethoscope is placed on the hollow of the elbow.Measuring blood pressure The subject sits down and rests their arm on a table so the brachial artery is level with the heart A sphygmomanometer cuff is wrapped around the upper arm. over the brachial artery. Find the radial pulse then pump cuff Note when the radial pulse disappears and release the pump Pump cuff up 20 mmHg beyond disappearance of radial pulse .

Normal is 100 139 The second number recorded is the diastolic (relaxation) number.Blood Pressure The valve on the pump is loosened slowly The first number recorded is the systolic (contraction) number. Normal is 60 89 The pressure cuff is deflated and removed entirely .

anxiety. smoking.Blood Pressure Borderline hypertension is 140 systolic and 90 diastolic Hypertension (high blood pressure) is anything above 150 systolic and 100 diastolic Blood pressure is very dynamic and quite a number of things can affect BP. exercise. drinking caffeine and alcohol just to name a few .

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