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Parsons Paris Catalog

Parsons Paris Catalog


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École Parsons à Paris, known also as Parsons Paris, promotes the artistic and intellectual maturation of promising students into exceptional professional artists, designers and design managers through a rigorous art, design and liberal arts education. Parsons Paris emphasizes the ethical role of creative disciplines, viewing art and design practice as meaningful and necessary contributions to society. Contemporary methods of visual production are taught on the foundation of traditional skills in the fine arts.


Paris College of Art's mission is to provide the highest international standard of art and design education, taught within an American pedagogical paradigm, while being influenced, informed and drawing from our French/European environment.

École Parsons à Paris is a dynamic forum for exchanging ideas, methods and professional experience. Our students and faculty combine curiosity, experimentation and enthusiasm in the pursuit of learning. At Parsons Paris, we believe that finding a design solution, creating a work of art and facilitating the production of a creative team are intellectual processes of undeniable value. Developing critical awareness through hands-on research and discussion is essential to professional maturation and individual growth. Artistic practice demands a high level of personal commitment and discipline, and we expect our students to participate actively in class so that we can explore differing points of view and engage our creative resources. Parsons Paris is rooted in a city of primary art and design production. Experiencing the uniqueness of the Parisian metropolis provides a rich source of visual and intellectual inspiration. Sharing this experience with individuals from over 40 different countries gives our students a unique perspective on the variety of expression existing through-out the world. The legacy of École Parsons à Paris and its successful graduates is something to be proud of and to contribute to in the years to come. Sincerely,


Tony Brown
Interim Academic Director

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Special events.ÉCOLE PARSONS A PARIS Parsons Paris was established in 1921 to provide the highest standard of American education to undergraduates in fine arts and design wishing to pursue degree options in Europe. Design Management. Parsons Paris fulfills its mission on behalf of students . The spontaneous cultural diversity this engenders complements the program and fosters a critical sensitivity toward the globalization of visual culture and its impact on respective art and design fields. The school is also recognized by the Rectorat of Paris as a private institute of higher education. Through its international faculty of working professionals. both academically and professionally. The intimate size of our classes provides for a unique contact between instructors and students. Parsons Paris’ multicultural environment nurtures artistic practice as well as individual growth. Students are encouraged to develop personal expression through creative problem-solving and process-oriented research. the school maintains close ties with the Parisian art and design culture.whether in Communication Design. an American college with degree-granting authority from the state of Delaware and accreditation from the National Association of Schools of Art and Design (NASAD).by offering a unique and challenging learning opportunity. Fine Arts. Parsons Paris’ methodology gives students a competitive advantage. Illustration or Photography . while emphasizing ethical interaction with society as a whole. Parsons Paris draws students from around the world. École Parsons à Paris is a division of the Paris College of Art. Fashion Design. Ecole Parsons à Paris 4 Parsons Paris 5 . Parsons Paris emphasizes an interdisciplinary approach to academic programs. With the resources of its location in one of the world’s most resplendent cities. exhibitions and conferences bring students in intimate contact with their distinctive European setting.

the growing belief in a more scholarly research for ideas. including Austrians. This page: The Paris Ateliers (Parsons). minimal and.tion. loca.. Russians and Australians.ognition that art is a universal quality belonging to no particular time. Frank Alvah Parsons launched the first American education program abroad. then Dean of Parsons School of Design.was the rec. 1920s. 2005. revolutionary. viewed July 6. Frank Alvah Parsons encouraged the rise of the design profession in America. The Paris Atelier.newschool. the Paris Atelier closed its doors in 1939. trained many of the leading commercial artists of his day.ÉCOLE PARSONS À PARIS: A HISTORY In 1921. Because of his importance. when he established Parsons Paris as a full-time program. and created and disseminated influential theories of design. field or technique.edu/speccoll/kellen/faparsons. both spiritually and materially… The extraordinary change wrought in public taste. instead of the adulation of “originality” without ideas… led to the founding 1921 of the Paris brand of the school at 9 place des Vosges… 1 Many designers of great renown were educated at the Paris Ateliers including Claire McCardell. Sadly. was designed by Jean-Michel Frank in collaboration with students from The Paris Ateliers..php. that it is essential to the happiness and success of nation or an individual. the pioneer of ready-to-wear clothing in America and Gilbert Adrian. By 1927. Swedes. this full-time art and design program had grown to 217 students with 17 nationalities represented. the school he directed. situated at the Place des Vosges with 22 students. The basis of the school. then known as the New York School of Fine and Applied Art. 2009. The school first reopened as a summer program in the late 1970s and in 1981. was posthumously renamed for him.2 Ecole Parsons à Paris All vintage photographs ©The Anna-Maria and Stephen Kellen Archives Center for Parsons The New School for Design. the creator of the costumes for The Wizard of Oz. Parsons encouraged the exchange of ideas and trends between New York and Paris at a time when communication between the two continents was much more limited then today. for its time. A towering figure in the world of design education. right: Frank Alvah Parsons 1 2 The Paris Ateliers catalog of 1926-27 The New School Libraries: Special Collections: Kellen Archives: William Merritt Chase available at: library. 6 Parsons Paris 7 . class. Frank Alvah Parsons’ great vision of internationalizing art education was revived by David Levy. Swiss. due the outbreak of World War II. The Parsons table. By establishing The Paris Ateliers as a branch of the New York School of Fine and Applied Art.

com or by calling +33 (0)1 45 77 39 66. Geneva. gallery openings. and beyond the borders of France to cities such as Berlin. STUDENT LIFE OFFICE The Student Life Office helps students navigate the many aspects of life as temporary residents of Paris and lends a hand as they discover their new environment. we encourage students to study French so that they can take full advantage of their time in Paris. and organizes social events that unite this close-knit community. painting and sculpture surround a central courtyard. cultural and special events. During the term. social gatherings and the discovery of the world beyond the walls of the school. the facilities of Parsons Paris are ideally suited for the creative endeavors proposed in the classroom.STUDENT LIFE More than forty countries are represented in the École Parsons à Paris student population. bringing to this small community a cultural diversity that is rare among art education institutions. Please schedule an appointment in advance by email at admissions@parsons-paris. Student Life staff help students obtain residence permits (cartes de séjour) and advise on such practical matters as banking. An in–house gallery features exhibits by both professional artists and École Parsons à Paris students alike. Counseling on any personal concerns that arise during the school term is available on a confidential basis.parsons-paris. Mondays at 11 am . Parsons Paris website: www. makes studying at Parsons Paris a uniquely rich experience for young artists and designers. provide an optimum environment for developing the discipline and skills required for the student’s artistic pursuit. While classes are taught in English. studio time and extracurricular events including guest speakers. VISITING PARSONS PARIS Parsons Paris Open House Saturday. Student Life provides organizational support for the student government. By appointment only. combined with a location at the crossroads of Europe. excursions are organized to the nearby sites of Giverny or Versailles. Florence or Venice. and computer lab enable students to explore the limits of their creativity. The orientation program provides a week–long introduction to the French capital as well as an opportunity to meet fellow classmates and the faculty and staff who form the school community. The photography studio. February 5. London. along with individual attention from faculty. printmaking room. Skylit studios used for drawing. insurance and medical referrals. fashion atelier. Small classes. on-campus internship program. Student life is a blend of structured classes. November 6. telephone and transportation systems. 2011 Campus Tours and Info Sessions Wednesdays and Fridays at 2 pm. with its museums and historical sites.com Student Life 8 Student Life 9 . 2010 Saturday. as well as social. CAMPUS LIFE While the larger campus is certainly Paris. An elected student government brings issues before the school administration. This.

Bibliothèque des Arts Décoratifs Demonstrating the school’s ongoing commitment to research in the fields of art and design. La Maison Mere is only available for students 18 years of age and older. through the CROUS. The building has 24/7 security and receptionist. The rooms are equipped with AC. a library. Apartments and Homestays The experience of life in the French community helps avoid isolating students within a closed English– speaking environment. Centre de Documentation et de Recherche du Musée National d’Art Moderne . a periodicals collection of 450 titles (some of which date back to the 19th century) and over 350 current periodicals. under specific conditions the library exceptionally allows Parsons Paris students access to the collection. The rooms are double occupancy so you would share with another Parsons Paris student. Students receive assistance and documentation on effectively dealing with the legal aspects of renting in France. LIBRARIES The American Library of Paris Parsons Paris students have access to the American Library of Paris that houses a collection of more then 115. lounge. This new partnership gives students and faculty at Parsons Paris privileged access to the library’s resources. a Residence Director and Residence Advisor on-site. eat in local restaurants or from take-away shops in the neighborhood of school. Bibliothèque Kandinsky. 10 Student Life 11 Student Life . three stops away from Parsons Paris. Meal plans are available. As part of an ongoing process. Dormitory options include During the fall semester students may choose to live in La Maison Mere Dormitory located in the 6th Arrondissement. For more information on the Bibliothèque Kandinsky see page 12-13.Centre de Création Industrielle Originally reserved for museum curators. with the academic supervision of Parsons Paris’ instructors. Meals Most Parsons Paris students prepare meals at home. CD-ROM indexes.000 books. the Student Life Office is involved in locating apartments suitable for students as well as developing and maintaining contacts with various rental agencies and Homestay providers.HOUSING & MEALS Students live in dormitories or apartments throughout the city or may choose to live with a French family. a public establishment of the French Minister of Education. students have access to four restaurants and twenty university cafeterias at which they can have a three-course meal at lunch or dinner for fewer than 3 Euros. computer lab and printers. electronic keys and digital phones. For more information on the Bibliothèque des Arts Décoratifs see page 14-15. Parsons Paris supports the Bibliothèque des Arts Décoratifs through an annual donation dedicated to acquisitions for the collection. WiFi and Ethernet. Additionally.

the library exceptionally allows associated researchers and students enrolled at Parsons Paris to access the collections. Internship Scholarship at the Centre National d’Art et de Culture Georges Pompidou Parsons Paris and the Bibliothèque Kandinsky have created a joint framework that enables select students whose work displays academic merit to benefit from the unique opportunity to obtain an internship/scholarship at the Bibliothèque Kandinsky during the course of their studies. Bibliothèque Kandinsky 12 13 Partnerships .many of which go on to other venues in France and abroad. to spread knowledge about all creative works from the 20th century and the new millennium. a vast public reference library with facilities for over 2. Originally reserved for museum curators. Candidates must be proficient in the French language. who wanted to create an original cultural institution in the heart of Paris completely focused on modern and contemporary creation. whose architecture symbolizes the spirit of the 20th century. music. international. and bookshop. photography. aesthetics and museum studies. under the academic supervision of Parsons Paris’ instructors. where the visual arts would rub shoulders with theater. to which Parsons Paris contributes through an annual donation dedicated to acquisition. literature and the spoken word. They are exclusively devoted to 20th and 21st century works of art. In addition. It is one of the most visited attractions in France. conferences and symposiums. Housed in a building designed by Renzo Piano and Richard Rogers. video and new media. the Centre Pompidou houses one of the most important museums in the world. Exhibitions include cinema and documentary screenings. design.000 readers. educational activity areas. dance and educational activities . In a unique location under one roof.Centre de Création Industrielle The collections of this specialized. the library has a significant collection of contemporary artists’ books. Centre Pompidou opposite top & right: © Photos Georges Méguerditchian. Centre de Documentation et de Recherche du Musée National d’Art Moderne . a music research institute. heritage-oriented library affiliated with the Centre Pompidou are intended for research and exhibition purposes. The available resources also comprise related documents pertaining to art criticism and theory.CENTRE NATIONAL D’ART ET DE CULTURE GEORGES POMPIDOU The Centre National d’Art et de Culture Georges Pompidou was the initiative of President Georges Pompidou (1911-1974). general documentation on 20th century art. cinema. each year the Centre Pompidou holds thirty or so public exhibitions plus international events. Bibliothèque Kandinsky. featuring the leading collection of modern and contemporary art in Europe. architecture. Some 6 million people pass through the Centre Pompidou’s doors each year. concerts. the Centre Pompidou first opened its doors to the public in 1977. Partnerships above & left: © Photos : Philippe Migeat. a cinema and performance halls. Unwavering in its interdisciplinary vocation and its core mission. film.

Of particular interest is the Maciet picture collection.fr 14 15 Partnerships . transmitting knowledge and skills.000 albums classified by subject. a compilation of engravings and original photographs begun in 1885. and documentation. École Parsons à Paris supports the Bibliothèque des Arts Décoratifs through an annual donation dedicated to acquisitions for the collection. a school of design and interior architecture (266 boulevard Raspail). 19th-century Japanese books and scrolls. All of these institutions function collectively to uphold the mission of Les Arts Décoratifs: “to keep alive in France the culture of the arts which seek to make useful things beautiful” by preserving. This new partnership gives students and faculty at Parsons Paris privileged access to the library’s resources. Partnerships The Bibliothèque des Arts Décoratifs is a research library dedicated to the decorative and applied arts. Mode et Textile. has been to promote the applied arts and support the relationship between industry. located in the Hôtel Camondo (63 rue de Monceau).000 publications—including exhibition and sale catalogues. promoting contemporary design. visit www. It also comprises the Musée Nissim de Camondo. which lines the walls of the library in 5. culture. and is an invaluable resource for researchers and designers. and design. Publicité). and the Bibliothèque des Arts Décoratifs from its location in the Rohan and Marsan wings of the Louvre complex. periodicals. notfor-profit organization whose mission. enriching.lesartsdecoratifs.LES ARTS DECORATIFS Les Arts Décoratifs is a private. demonstrating the school’s ongoing commitment to research in the fields of art and design. since 1882. Les Ateliers du Carrousel offer training workshops in arts and crafts for students of all ages and abilities throughout the organization’s three sites. and other printed records—the library is integral to the institution’s missions of education. and documenting its collections. Boasting an impressive collection of 120. and developing links with industry. Les Arts Décoratifs operates the museums (Arts Décoratifs. and the Ecole Camondo. Originally known as the Union Centrale des Arts Décoratifs (UCAD). photographs. books. top: © Photo: Olivier Thomas above: © Photo: Luc Boegly right: © Photo: Olivier Thomas For more information on Les Arts Décoratifs. preservation.

cabochons. In 1924. Guardian of the disappearing savoirfaire of the craft of embroidery. mastered the blending of exemplary workmanship with the innovative needs of an emerging generation of couturiers: Dior. the Ecole Lesage. rhinestones. In 2002. Francois Lesage joined the Chanel galaxy. and Elsa Schiaparelli. Scherrer. In 1949. and glass beads from the roaring twenties. Madeleine Vionnet. The Maison Lesage is endowed with an inventory of over 60 tons of supplies among which are iridescent crystal. using lavish fabrics and trimmings. Parsons Paris and the École Lesage have partnered to provide our students with an opportunity to learn this great craft and be a part of preserving this technical and artistic heritage. jet from the 1870s. he is an indispensable and irreplaceable partner. but has remained the preferred supplier of embroideries to all the fashion greats: for Karl Lagerfeld. at the age of 20. © Photos: Olivier Saillant 16 Partnerships 17 Partnerships . bought Albert Michonet’s atelier. Since its inception in 1992. Francois Lesage took over the family business and for fifty years. Worth opened the first Haute Couture salon and in the creation of his notable garments. located on the ground floor of the Maison Lesage on the rue de la Grange Batelière. Yves Saint Laurent. Thus began a close collaboration between the Maison Lesage and the great fashion designers of the day including: Paquin. Albert and Marie-Louise Lesage. Lacroix and Gaultier. a former colleague of Madeleine Vionnet. In 2009. Francois Lesage established a school to pass on this great tradition.ÉCOLE LESAGE In 1858 Charles F. Redfern. Poiret. has unveiled its embroidery secrets and specialized knowledge to students from around the world. Givenchy. he called upon the embroidery skills of Albert Michonet.

” and as the founder and manager of an import company specializing in distributing designer products. professor Michel Maffesoli. As Chair of the Design Management Institute’s Research Advisory Council and co-founder/board member of the European Academy of Design and the Ateliers de la Recherche en Design. Brigitte Borja de Mozota. ESSEC. Since 2000. as well as writing numerous articles and reviews for academic research journals (including Design Journal. In 2009. The Knowledge Network at Parsons Paris is actively engaged in events and conferences. Design & Culture). her book Design Management is a highly esteemed reference in the field. The first issue focuses on the intersection of sociology with art and design (Guest editor. Dr. First published in 1990. she received a PhD from Université Paris I Sorbonne following her research on design and its role in marketing strategy. PROFESSIONAL AFFILIATIONS AND MEMBERSHIPS • CUMULUS: Association of International Schools of Art & Design • ELIA: European League of Institutes of the Arts • NAFSA: Association of International Educators • CAA: College Art Association • DMI: Design Management Institute • EAIE: European Association for International Education • NCAA: National Council of Art Administrators • AACRAO: American Association of Collegiate Registrars • ICFAD: International Council of Fine Arts Deans • ECIS: European Council of International Schools • APUAF: Association des Programmes Universitaires en France • Icograda Education Network • Designers Accord • European Academy of Design • Ateliers de la Recherche en Design • Designers Interactifs & Admissions Officers ACADEMIC CALENDAR 2010-2011 FALL 2010 Orientation and Housing Check-In August 30 Orientation Begins Classes Begin Drop/Add Week Open House Mid-Term Evaluation Week Last day to withdraw from a class Armistice Day Holiday Last Day of Classes SPRING 2011 Orientation and Housing Check-In January 12 Orientation Begins Classes Begin Drop/Add Week Open House Mid-Term Evaluation Week Spring break Easter Monday Holiday Last day to withdraw from a class Study Week . 19 18 Partnerships The Knowledge Network . Borja de Mozota brings her expertise to Parsons Paris as Director of Research.no classes Ascension Holiday Last Day of Classes End-of-Year Show Graduation Ceremony SUMMER 2011 Classes begin Bastille Day Holiday Last Day of Classes May 18 July 14* July 24 January 13 January 20 January 21-27 February 13 March 8-12 March 15-19 April 5* April 6 April 26-30 May 13* May 17 May 21 May 22 Academic Advising & Registration January 18-19 August 31 September 7 September 8-14 November 7 October 19-23 November 6 November 11* December 18 Academic Advising & Registration September 3-4 * Classes will be rescheduled by the faculty in coordination with the Department Heads Biography Dr. The Knowledge Network began publishing a new research journal entitled Collection. a project which recently included collaborating with the French Ministry of Industry on a study of continuing education opportunities for designers. encouraging the exchange of expertise between researchers and professionals through both articles and visual contributions. and Brunel University School of Engineering and Design (UK). guest designer Olivier Peyricot). and Audencia (France). She has since taught in numerous prestigious academic institutions including Université Paris Ouest. Journal of Creative Industries. In 1985. Brigitte Borja de Mozota began her career as a buyer in the department store chain “Au Printemps. and recently cohosted the 6th edition of Les Ateliers de la Recherche en Design with Université Paris I as part of Designer’s Days 2009. Under the direction of Dr.THE KNOWLEDGE NETWORK In 2008. she has been supervising research and PhD dissertations in design management. the Knowledge Network operates a Design Observatory to evaluate the state of design research. Revue Française de Gestion. Parsons Paris launched the Knowledge Network. a research centre dedicated to the dissemination and promotion of research in the fields of art and design. Research tracks for the 2009-2010 year include a conference on Foundation Education and an investigation on the subject of creative cities coinciding with the World Design Capital award. and has been translated into ten languages.

students must be in good academic standing and apply during the spring semester of their sophomore year. SWITZERLAND Zurich University of the Arts Jerusalem. CANADA Ontario College of Art and Design Rhode Island.EXCHANGE NETWORK SCHOOLS Vancouver. SWEDEN Konstfack Helsinki. USA Maryland Institute College of Art Reykjavik. DENMARK Danmarks Designskole Rotterdam. CANADA Emily Carr University of Art + Design Toronto. SPAIN Elisava Escola Superior de Disseny Zurich. IRELAND National College of Art & Design Stockholm. students enrolled in the full-time BFA and BBA programs at Parsons Paris have the possibility to study abroad during their junior year at one of the schools in our Exchange Network. USA Rhode Island School of Design San Francisco. In order to participate. FINLAND Aalto University School of Art & Design Copenhagen. students who have transferred to Parsons Paris at the junior level may not participate in this program. Due to the Parsons Paris residency requirement. NETHERLANDS Willem de Kooning Academy Antwerp. ENGLAND Wimbledon College of Art Dublin. ENGLAND Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design Wimbledon. USA California College of the Arts Baltimore. ICELAND Iceland Academy of the Arts London. ISRAEL The Bezalel Academy of Arts & Design STUDY ABROAD OPTIONS In addition to studying with peers from all over the world. BRAZIL Fundaçao Armando Alvares Penteado (FAAP). Students are not permitted to spend their fourth and final year on exchange. São Paulo. AUSTRALIA Sydney College of the Arts Melbourne. AUSTRALIA Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology 20 21 Exchange Network Schools . BELGIUM The Royal Academy for Fine Arts Barcelona. Buenos Aires. ARGENTINA Universidad de Belgrano Exchange Network Schools Sydney.

” investigated the history. provide an ideal environment to establish important networking relationships. The Career Services office along with involved faculty in each department develop relationships in the industry and create internship and job opportunities for students. For the second consecutive year. Biotherm called on the imagination of Parsons Paris students to pay homage to the iconic packaging shape of its latest reversive aging innovation SKIN VIVO. portfolio presentation. STUDENTS HAVE RECENTLY DONE INTERNSHIPS AT THESE COMPANIES NOTABLE ALUMNI Photos: SKIN VIVO Launch.CAREER SERVICES Students begin preparing for their careers the day they select a professional college of art and design. a luxury brand of the L’Oréal Group and a pioneer and leader in international skincare. Annual career events. at which graduating seniors meet industry professionals. At Parsons Paris. A jury comprised of international press selected the winning projects at the official Skin Vivo launch event that took place in June 2009 at Pershing Hall in Paris. BIOTHERM. feeling and mythology of the Biotherm Milk ritual and coincided with the product 's 35th anniversary celebration. June 2009 Andrew GN Anne Valerie Hash Aquent Asethete Balmain BETC Design Bismark Phillips Communication Media Boucheron Carré Noire Carven Celine Celio Cerruti 1881 Centre Pompidou Chloé Christian Dior Christian Lacroix Christian Louboutin Christie’s Colors Condé Nast Publications Delphine Murat Dice Kayek Dim Dior Homme DM Media Emanuel Ungaro Elixir Giambatiste Valli Girault Totem Givenchy Groupe Idoine Hachette Filipacchi Hans de Foer Hermès Hao-Qui IMG World Jacques Fath John Ribbe Lehman Brothers Lagerfeld Gallery Lancôme Lanvin L’Oréal LVMH Kenzo Kaeido Magnum Photos Martin Grant Martine Sitbon Musée des Arts Décoratifs Natalys Nina Ricci Ogilvy Paco Rabanne Pfeiffer Consulting Quicksand Ralph Kemp Red Dragon Rick Owens Rochas Shigeru Ban Sonia Rykiel Sutton Lane Swarovski Tod's Torrente Tissus Malhia Kent Tom van Lingen Ungaro Van Cleef & Arpels Viktor & Rolf Vogue Voulelle Wilmotte et Associes Young & Rubicam Tom Ford Patrick Robinson Lazaro Hernandez Nicky Hoberman Dimitar Lukonov Ryan Mendoza Hanna Ulvegarde Bak Erin Fetherston Bennu Gerede Georgia Hardinge 22 Career Services 23 Career Services . > The first competition in 2008. “when it becomes Milk. > In the second competition in Spring 2009. At Parsons Paris internships are an integral part of our arts. CORPORATE PARTNERSHIPS Through industry partnerships Parsons Paris students gain real world experience and develop professional contacts. is supporting creativity and young talent through a partnership with Parsons Paris. job search techniques and interviewing skills. the process is promoted and enhanced by the Career Services Office that provides regular workshops on resume writing. Winners and finalists appeared in a brochure included in the event's press package sent to 5000 agencies in 70 countries and translated into 40 languages. Biotherm offers students the opportunity to develop their talents working on projects for a major company and participating students compete for scholarships in juried events. design and design management education and through which junior and senior students further their creative capabilities and are introduced to the professional aspects of their chosen areas of study.

The Anatome Gallery is a French non-profit organization. the Parsons Paris Gallery presents local and international painters. an associated gallery of Parsons Paris.com 24 Exhibitions 25 Exhibitions . GALERIE ANATOME Galerie Anatome.galerie-anatome. propelling them toward their professional lives as artists and designers. and installation/ multimedia artists during the fall season. offers a showcase for artists of all genres. For graduating seniors. sculptors. ANNUAL END-OF-YEAR SHOW The Parsons Paris End-of-Year Show is a visual culmination of student work from each department. the End-ofYear Show also acts as a catalyst. Foundation. and Design Management. Photography. Fashion Design. Illustration. is the only gallery. Fine Arts. It exhibits works by the best contemporary graphic designers worldwide.PARSONS PARIS GALLERY The Parsons Paris Gallery. Foundation. Fine Arts. Fashion Design. As part of the institution’s cultural mission. illustrators. Illustration and Photography. including Communication Design. www. photographers. In the spring. the Gallery presents student work from its various departments: Communication Design. documentation center and bookshop entirely dedicated to graphic design in France. Design Management. a vital component of École Parsons à Paris.

The senior fashion students’ work is then published and distributed to all the major fashion houses. 26 École Parsons à Paris 27 École Parsons à Paris . and magazines. including members of the press and fashion and design industries. critics.FASHION SHOW Fashion Design students produce a runway show and exhibit their work individually for all invitees.

Students have the flexibility to choose a specific art concentration after a formal exploration of the many options available in art and design. process and creative problem–solving as fundamental to all artistic fields.FOUNDATION Foundation is an intensive. site–visits. while selective projects. Integrated courses in critical studies provide the means to build critical awareness. Foundation offers a uniquely challenging educational environment in which experience of the local culture is an integral part of the learning process. 28 Foundation 29 Foundation . guest lecturers and critics help define the differences between art and design specializations. Students develop visual thinking. The transdisciplinary curriculum emphasizes drawing. practical skills and the individual discipline required for future study in the visual arts. knowledge of art history and communication skills. first–year program for BFA candidates.

preferably foie gras. How do you keep motivated when things get tough? It also helps having a few projects going on at the same time so you can alternate and get a fresh view on things. jokes…. Don't worry if you don't know exactly what you want to do . Chaos and dirt.I’d rather build on mistakes than erase them. outdoor markets etc. What turns you off creatively. What do you love most about Paris? the metro system. tape. open the window and eat something. spiritually or emotionally? > Anything pointless or badly designed. slowly Edda Mac Foundation is getting supplies I think I need in order to make something I haven’t deciWhere do you find inspiration and how does this affect your process? ded exactly what it will be. Italian. Then making a lot of mistakes . Edda Mac / Foundation > I Just finished The Reluctant Fundamentalist and am now reading Immortality. the smell of good food… What turns you on creatively. My process > Icelandic people have a rather dark sense of humor. friends. English. private gardens. What books do you have on your bedside table? > Strong colors.Foundation gives you plenty of opportunity to try out different things that will help you What advice would you give to a student just starting out? to decide. > Inspiration comes from my background. Danish. public gardens. anything soft. and French is making its way on to the list. procrastinate and How has your background affected your approach to your work? believe that everything will work out in the end. architecture. spiritually or emotionally? 31 30 Foundation . > I take a break. Don't procrastinate too much! > > I love the bakeries. I am a typical Icelander.Icelandic Icelandic. nature. museums.

Secondary school students or transfer students who have not completed a foundation year should apply for the first-year Foundation program. This entry option is dependent on a minimum enrollment.ENTERING THE FOUNDATION PROGRAM FALL ENTRY The academic year routinely starts at the beginning of September. applicants will be informed by December 1. Upon successful completion of the Accelerated Foundation program students commence the sophomore year in the subsequent fall semester. The curriculum is the same as fall entry Foundation but is more intense as it is completed in a shorter period of time. SPRING ENTRY The Accelerated Foundation program that commences in the spring semester is a full foundation program: the first semester runs from January to mid-May and the second semester starts one week later and runs to the end of July. FOUNDATION YEAR Drawing Fundamentals 1 + 2 2D Integrated Studio 1 + 2 3D Design 1 + 2 Laboratory 1 + 2 Critical Reading and Writing 1 + 2 Survey of World Art and Design 1 + 2 Total Credits SEMESTER 1 3 3 3 3 3 3 18 SEMESTER 2 3 3 3 3 3 3 18 32 Foundation 33 Foundation . Students may apply to transfer into the second semester of the Foundation sequence if they have taken equivalent coursework elsewhere. as to the status of the program. The Admissions Committee reserves the right to decide which of the Foundation sequences the student may enter into based on the student’s portfolio and transcripts.

Ece Oney Freshman 02. Peirong Zhou Freshman 03. 05.03 01. Lily Waters Freshman 04. Ga Yeong Park Freshman 01 02 Foundation 04 05 34 35 Foundation .

01 03 01. 02. Lily Walters Freshman Foundation 02 04 36 37 Foundation . Elliot Chaplin Freshman 03. 04.

01. 04. Ga Yeong Park Freshman 03. Boramy Viguer Freshman 02. Kristel Thalstrom Freshman 02 03 Foundation 01 38 04 39 Foundation .

05 01 06 02 01. Ga Yeong Park Freshman 07 40 41 Foundation . 04. Foundation Yoshiko Shimada Freshman 04 07. Minjung Kang Freshman 03. Nehal Senan Freshman 06. Lily Walters Freshman 03 02. Ece Oney Freshman 05.

02.01. Hui-Yu Wu Freshman 02 01 Foundation 42 43 Foundation .

Visits to Parisian art and design institutions like the Pompidou Center. Not only is the metropolitan landscape an ideal setting to experience graphic design in action. environmental graphics. The comprehensive curriculum at Parsons Paris establishes a solid foundation in visual form and design principles. but the city’s vibrant community of design professionals is a rich resource for students as they discover their own visual language. 44 Communication Design 45 Communication Desgin . as well as addressing the methodologies and issues behind contemporary graphic design. publishing and editorial design. film and video. In all these fields. websites. entertain and persuade remains a critical concern. corporate and exhibition design. multimedia. Located in an internationally renowned mecca for artists and designers. the Musée des Arts Décoratifs. the need to clearly and succinctly inform. Parsons Paris offers Communication Design majors a unique opportunity to broaden their cultural and creative perspectives. signs and maps.COMMUNICATION DESIGN Communication designers give form to information in advertising. and the Palais de Tokyo provide a wealth of opportunities to view the trajectory of European communication design from its historical roots through to its latest trends.

and how? > I interned at Ogilvy in Paris. design or music. > Do what you enjoy the most. > I’m quite influenced by the Bauhaus movement. Indonesian French. I’m never bored in this city. But most of my best Where do you find inspiration? inspiration comes when I’m not even thinking about it. English and Indonesian > As a child. It makes work that much easier and enjoyable. I like collaborating with other students when Where/when do you do your best work? I make multiple page layouts such as magazine spreads. To keep motivated when things get tough I get together with friends and work collectively. I feel more at home here than in any other city. Patrick Issenmann / Communication Design > It would have to be my thesis project on the Paleo Festival as I was completely Out of all the projects you have done at Parsons Paris. there’s always a rich culture to expose myself to at any time What do you love about Paris? whether it's art. What advice would you give to a student just starting out? 47 46 Communication Desgin Patrick Issenmann Communication Design . which is your favorite? free to do whatever I wanted.Swiss. > I work best when I’m working amongst other creative people. > Paris felt like home almost immediately. In Paris. What designers have influenced you. I wanted to be racecar driver. I’ve become a more confident and independent person here. as we can help each other by throwing around ideas. I always knew I loved art and design What did you want to be when you were a child and when did you but I decided to follow a career in design in high school. first realize you wanted to be a designer? > I try to find inspiration anywhere in my day-to-day life. I learned a lot about the advertising industry Have you done an internship/stage? but mostly how employees in companies work together as a team.

FOUNDATION YEAR Drawing Fundamentals 1 + 2 2D Integrated Studio 1 + 2 3D Design 1 + 2 Laboratory 1 + 2 Critical Reading and Writing 1 + 2 Survey of World Art and Design 1 + 2 Total Credits SOPHOMORE YEAR Type: Core Studio Type: Core Lab Form: Core Studio Form: Core Lab Motion Graphics Interactive Multimedia Studio Electives Intro to Design Studies The Culture of Design Critical Studies Communication Design FALL 3 3 3 3 3 3 18 FALL 4 2 3 3 3 3 18 SPRING 3 3 3 3 3 3 18 SPRING 4 2 3 3 3 3 18 JUNIOR YEAR Collab 1 + 2 Web Design 1 + 2 Studio Electives Global Design in the 21 century st FALL 4 2 4 3 3 16 FALL 3 3 1 6 3 16 SPRING 4 2 3 3 3 15 SPRING 3 3 3 3 3 15 Critical Studies Electives Art History Electives (CS) Total Credits SENIOR YEAR Senior Thesis 1 + 2 Senior Studio 1 + 2 Internship or Studio Elective Design Entrepreneurship or Business Practice Studio Electives Critical Studies Electives Total Credits Total Credits 48 49 Communication Desgin .

03.02 01. Communication Design Alex Mahler Ella Kivinen Sophomore 01 03 50 51 Communication Desgin . Junior 02.

02. Senior Patrick Issenmann 04. Alex Leonhardt Certificate Student 02 Communication Design 52 03 05 53 .04 Communication Desgin 01 01. 05. 03.

Keren Fleischer Visiting Student Communication Design Ella Kivinen 03 03 Sophomore 02 54 55 Communication Desgin .01 Alex Mahler Junior 02 01.

Ella Kivinen Sophomore 06. Varvara Tsepakova Sophomore 06 56 03 57 Communication Desgin . Alejandra Temprana Sophomore 02. Certificate Student Miry Yun Junior 04. Joo Young Kang Visiting Student Communication Design 05.01 04 02 05 01. Alex Leonhardt 03.

Alex Leonhardt Certificate Student 58 59 Communication Desgin .02 Communication Design 01. 01 Miry Yun Junior 02.

The Design Management Department introduces students to a unique combination of design and management courses. Its goal is to provide students with a thorough understanding of the complexity involved in the management of design, its practice and the social role it plays in everyday life. Students are introduced to design’s multifaceted nature by exploring how they can manage design and create new value for business and society at large. They are introduced to the basics of design thinking through a handson approach that requires them to engage in the production of design. They consider how design impacts business through seminars dedicated to management in all its aspects. Students learn to contextualise the role design plays in society through courses that introduce them to the history and sociology of design. Upon completion of the program, students will have acquired a fundamental knowledge of design and management, allowing them to identify and manage design that is functional, ergonomic, aesthetic and sustainable.


Design Management


Design Management

German, Philippean Fluent: English, Tagalog, German, and French, Working Knowledge: Spanish and Italian. Learning: Mandarin

and my mother is Philippine. I was fortunate enough to be able to travel Where are your from, and how has your background affected your throughout Europe, Asia, and the US. Coming from Asia, I fall under a wide approach to your work. scope of influences, but I keep myself open when it comes to design, even if my main influences are Asian and Oriental.


I was born and raised in Manila, in the Philippines. My father is German

inspiration in music, in the environment and I love to read. I‘m reading Where do you find inspiration? two, no, three books at the moment: Barack Obama's The Audacity of Hope, Obama is an excellent writer, well versed. I’m also reading Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell, a must read for designers. The third is the Tibetan Book of the Dead, revised by the Dalai Lama, it’s a great spiritual read.


I am a 360° inspired person, I always keep my eyes and ears open. I find

Alex Jentes / Design Management

> my partner’s wishes into account. She is studying fashion, and I want to do Where do you see yourself in 10 years? what’s best for both our careers. In the long run, I would like to spend a lot of
time in Asia (you know that the markets there are developing, and who knows what it will be like in 10 to 15 years?). I would like to work in the Asian luxury brand industry: from food to lifestyle products.

Europe will be my short-term plan. It’s hard to plan that far, as I have to take

use your five senses. You have so much to learn from your peers, your friends, What advice would you give to a student just starting out? and your teachers, even if you sometimes disagree with them.


Always have an open heart and open mind, accept things the way they are,



Design Management

Alex Jentes Design Management

FRESHMAN YEAR Design 1 Design 2 The Culture of Design Introduction to Social Theory Seminar: Intro to Design Management Seminar: Design in Everyday Life Critical Reading and Writing 1+2 Survey of World Art and Design 1+2 Foreign Language Total Credits SOPHOMORE YEAR Economics 1+2 Finance and Accounting Marketing Managing Creative Organizations Design Project Management Design 3 Design 4 Seminar: Design and Innovation Department Elective Critical Studies Elective Total Credits

FALL 4 3 3 3 3 3 19 FALL 3 3 3 3 3 3 18

SPRING 4 3 3 3 3 3 19 SPRING 3 3 3 2 3 3 17 SENIOR YEAR International Business Law International Business Financial Management Business Ethics Senior Seminar and Thesis 1+2 Department Electives Critical Studies Elective Total Credits Total credits for degree FALL 3 3 3 6 15 SPRING 3 3 3 3 3 15 134 JUNIOR YEAR Marketing Strategies for Developing Brands Strategic Design Management and Direction Design Research Methods Design Development Internship Seminar: Global & Sustainable Design Department Electives Critical Studies Electives Total Credits FALL 3 3 3 3 6 18 SPRING 3 3 1 3 3 13

Advertising & Communication Strategy Concept Merchandising Consumer Behavior Design Entrepreneurship European Design Businesses Fashion Industries Fashion Collection Management Fashion Retailing Fashion Publishing Marketplace for Art and Design Market Research Methods Selling Luxury: Advertising Communication & Branding Strategies
Design Management



Design Management

Students interested in pursuing a career in Design Management enter directly into the Design Management Program as freshmen. Entering freshmen must possess strong communiBACHELOR OF BUSINESS cation and analytical skills. No portADMINISTRATION folio is required for entrance to this program. Students will receive a Bachelor of Business Administration Degree*, a recognized undergraduate degree within the business field, at completion of the four–year program in Paris.

Design Management professors are professionals chosen for their expertise in their respective fields. While students learn about design and management in the classroom, they are also exposed to the professional world through guest speakers, company visits and field trips. Students may choose to specialize in Global Design Management, Fashion Management, Communication & Advertising, and Design Marketing, or opt for a broader career approach.

*The Bachelor of Business Administration degree meets the NASAD standards for a Bachelor
of Arts - Design Management (Multi-disciplinary design).


Keren Fleischer
Visting Student 02.

Jacob Lindell

Design Management





Design Management



Alexander Leonhardt
Visting Student 02.

Alexander Mahler
Design Management



Valeria Duenas
Freshman 03



Design Management

01 02 Laura Trump Freshman 02. 01. Denis Bankovskiy Freshman Irina Tataurova Freshman 04. Design Management 03. Alexander Mahler Junior 03 04 70 71 Design Management .

b.c. including Premier Vision the largest textile fair in Europe. a. Lillian Lu Freshman b c Design Management Each year students have the opportunity to visit the major trade shows in the design industries.01 a 01. © Premiere Vision 72 73 Design Management .

01 02 Valeria Duenas Freshman Design Management 05 74 75 Design Management . Sophomore Group Project 03. 02.03 01. 04 Jacob Lindell Freshman 05. Alessandra Kertzer Freshman 04.

enabling them to express their individual creative visions. Senior year culminates with the designer critic project in the first semester and the construction of a capsule collection in the second semester. weekly critiques. Visiting critics help familiarize students with the design requirements and specificities of various markets. while company-driven projects expose students to the real world challenges they will face in the business of style. The core of Parsons Paris’ curriculum is the designer critic program that emulates the workings of a professional design studio from conceptual drawing and patternmaking to the selection of colors. fabrics and the construction of finished garments. Intensive concept and design courses. exposure to textile trade fairs. construction techniques and textile design methods. all of which is presented in an annual fashion show attended by fashion professionals and the international press. designer shows and museum exhibitions all foster a keen understanding of the European marketplace. workshops with industry professionals and the study of Parisian prêt-à-porter help students to develop originality and acquire an understanding of their craft. Beyond the school atelier. a basic human need. Students acquire an understanding of tools. materials. imbuing it with meaning in the ever-evolving language of style. 76 Fashion Design 77 Fashion Design .FASHION DESIGN The art and business of fashion give form and function to clothing.

Mandarin. I’m currently working for the company Delphine Murat. What did you want to be when you were a child? then I decided to become a fashion designer. What advice would you give to a student just starting out? 79 78 Fashion Design . It forces me to create something interesting When do you do your best work? and of good quality. I was born in Hong Kong and raised in Canada. > I like to look back into history from different cultures. English and French Jimmy Lai Fashion Design > When I was a child I wanted to be a doctor or lawyer until I reached 11 years old. Has Paris changed you? > I force myself to adapt as quickly as possible and be good at it. I’ve become more independent and mature. You have to make yourself useful and indispensable when you work with anyone. > Yes. I look primarily at other cultural influences first and see how it changes the fashion at that Where do you find inspiration and has your background affected time. I have incorporated my your approach to your work? Asian background and modernity into my graduation collection. > I work best when I am under stress.Canadian Cantonese. Without Have you done an internship/stage? knowledge of design and the business side you can’t bring efficiency to the company. I believe that mixing the two different cultures can strengthen and create new invention not only in fashion but in all different fields as well. Jimmy Lai / Fashion Design > Yes. How do you keep motivated when things get tough? > Take it easy to get the work done and be your best at all times. I have learned that I have to be very organized and need to know everything.

FOUNDATION YEAR Drawing Fundamentals 1 + 2 2D Integrated Studio 1 + 2 3D Design 1 + 2 Laboratory 1 + 2 Critical Reading and Writing 1 + 2 Survey of World Art and Design 1 + 2 Total Credits SOPHOMORE YEAR 3D Fashion Design 1+2 Fashion Drawing 1+2 Pattern Drafting 1+2 Fashion Research and Design Concepts 1+2 Intro to Design Studies Art History Elective Themes in Fashion History Critical Studies Elective Total Credits FALL 3 3 3 3 3 3 18 FALL 3 4 3 2 3 3 18 SPRING 3 3 3 3 3 3 18 SPRING 3 4 3 2 3 3 18 JUNIOR YEAR Junior Design Studio 1+2 Collection Concept Development 1+2 Fashion Drawing 3+4 Textile Identification Textile Elective Digital Fashion Studio 1+2 Themes in Fashion History Critical Studies Electives / Language Total Credits SENIOR YEAR Senior Design Studio 1+2 Fashion Industry Senior Design Concepts 1 + 2 Fashion Collection Management Studio Electives or Internship Critical Studies Electives Total Credits Total credits for degree FALL 3 2 2 2 2 3 3 17 FALL 3 3 3 2 3 14 SPRING 3 2 2 2 2 6 17 SPRING 3 3 3 2 3 14 134 FASHION DESIGN ELECTIVES Creative Embroidery Wearable Objects Machine Knitting 1 + 2 Introduction to Textile Design Surface Treatment 1 + 2 Mixed Media Techniques Sewing Techniques Printmaking For Fashion Fashion Design 80 81 Fashion Design .

Jimmy Lai Senior 01 Fashion Design 02.02 03 04 01. Adelaïde Veysseire 82 Junior 83 Fashion Design . Katie Leaver Junior 04. Micheline Zhou Junior 03.

Fashion Design Jimmy Lai Senior 84 02 03 85 Fashion Design 01 . Jessica Hung Junior 03.Hyun-Yoon Shim 01. Senior 02.

Senior 02. Senior Fashion Design Racha El Abbas Junior 86 01 04 87 . Charlotte Bodum Senior 03. Sherry Chiu 04.02 Fashion Design 03 Airi Nambu 01.

02 01 01. Airi Nambu Senior 02. Jessica Hung Junior Fashion Design 03. Eun-Jung Mo Senior 88 02 03 89 Fashion Design .

Yoon Shim Senior 02.01. Charlotte Bodum Senior 02 Fashion Design 03 90 01 91 Fashion Design . Saskia Nieuwenhuyse Senior 03.

FINE ARTS With Paris as its extraordinarily rich cultural setting. drawing and sculpture. Interdisciplinary practice provokes students to pursue and develop individual artistic modes of inquiry. direct students to an informed exploration within both historical and contemporary art practice. Fine Arts provides students with a strong foundation in the artistic tradition via both established and new media. critiques. Museum and gallery visits are an integral aspect of the curriculum. debate and tutorials. thus enriching their capacity for communication and expression as a whole. The core of the program is taught through the disciplines of painting. is complemented by guest lectures from visiting international artists and critics. Courses in Art History and Critical Studies. the Fine Arts Department promotes the acquisition and development of artistic skills. cultural and societal concerns. installation and digital imaging. comprising professional exhibiting artists. the expression of creative processes. and an informed awareness of how art practice intersects with current visual. photography. and the considerable resources available in Paris. but students may also select from classes such as printmaking. 92 Fine Arts 93 Fine Arts . Application of theory and criticism shapes the students' ability to work and think critically and analytically. The Fine Arts faculty.

more social. Matthew Laiosa / Fine Arts perspective. and thieving ideas. I do my best to collaborate since we are all artists. It does not matter if you are an illustrator. Paris has made me more independent. or painter. The thing I will miss most is biking along What do you love most about Paris? the Seine passing all the monuments. but every accident leads you in a new direction. brainstorming. and receptive. The more What advice would you give to a student just starting out? you listen and the more you read. I watched Pan’s Labyrinth Why is art important? for the first time in Spanish with French subtitles (neither language I speak particularly).American English Matthew Laiosa Fine Arts books. Things are always tough. > America is a relatively young land. > Inspiration comes from everywhere: nature. the more you know. fashion designer. more adventurous. we are all creative people so we Do you collaborate with students from other majors within Parsons Paris? should all be communicating. more aggressive. Most of the time you ruin a things get tough? dozen drawings. > Art is important because it allows one to look at the world from a different 94 95 Fine Arts . > My advice to a new student is to be open-minded. > The thing I love about Paris and all of Europe is how medieval it feels. to stay Where do you find inspiration and how do you keep motivated when motivated you have to keep pushing forward. inane conversations with friends. comics…I especially love movies. and the film made perfect coherent sense because of the power of the images and the sequential narrative. Images are more universal than words.

FOUNDATION YEAR Drawing Fundamentals 1 + 2 2D Integrated Studio 1 + 2 3D Design 1 + 2 Laboratory 1 + 2 Critical Reading and Writing 1 + 2 Survey of World Art and Design 1 + 2 Total Credits SOPHOMORE YEAR Sophomore Painting Sophomore Sculpture Sophomore Drawing Studio Elective Art Since 1900 Intro to Visual Culture Critical Studies Elective Total Credits FALL 3 3 3 3 3 3 18 FALL 3 3 3 2 3 3 17 SPRING 3 3 3 3 3 3 18 SPRING 3 3 3 2 3 3 17 JUNIOR YEAR Junior Painting Junior Sculpture Junior Drawing Junior Studio Art History Elective (CS) Critical Studies Electives Total Credits SENIOR YEAR Senior Thesis Senior Studio Senior Concentration Studio Electives Critical Studies Electives Total Credits Total credits for degree FALL 3 3 3 3 3 3 18 FALL 3 3 4 2 3 15 SPRING 3 3 3 3 6 18 SPRING 3 3 4 3 13 134 STUDIO ELECTIVES Surface Treatments Sound Design Wearable Objects Ceramic Sculpture Printmaking Silkscreen Digital Imaging Video Animation Photography 96 Fine Arts 97 Fine Arts .

Olivia Peebles Visiting Student Fine Arts 04 02.01 02 01. Senior Matt Liaosa 03 98 99 Fine Arts . 04. 03.

Visiting Student Visiting Student Blaise Danio 02.Olivia Peebles 01. 02 Fine Arts 01 100 101 Fine Arts .

01 Fine Arts 01. Kyoung Eun Cho Senior 102 103 Fine Arts .

Sophomore 02. Junior Kate Hiley Fine Arts 02 05 104 105 Fine Arts . 05. Kyoung Eun Cho Senior 03. Sandra Seydoux Certifcate Student 04.03 01 04 Pavlina Gkigkilini 01.

Jackson Marlett Sophomore 01 02 03. Sandra Seydoux Certifcate Student 106 107 Fine Arts . Charisse Piper Senior Fine Arts 02.03 01.

whose illustrative works have been absorbed into the iconography of Paris. Chéret. the Forum des Images. both historical and contemporary. as have the many artists such as Daumier.ILLUSTRATION Illustration has developed in tandem with the great movements of art history. The vibrant tapestry of Parisian culture. students also take the drawn image into space and time through projects in 2D and 3D animation. has continually provided a rich source of inspiration for illustrators. Illustration students at Parsons Paris learn the tools to compete effectively in the creative fields of design and communication. The collections of the Musée des Arts Décoratifs. Working directly with European professionals. and played a dynamic role in visual communication and provocation. Topor and Sempé. Drawing on the wealth of the Parisian cinematic tradition. the Musée de la Publicité. from manuscript illumination and poster art to comic strips and graphic novels. and the Centre Pompidou are invaluable as educational resources. Students in the Illustration department learn to solve conceptual problems with the city as their living textbook. 108 Illustration 109 Illustration . Doré. Toulouse-Lautrec. both in France and beyond.

I will miss everything that builds this beautiful Parisian atmosphere like the cafes. the only thing that brings some complexity to my life here is the language. Paris has been inspiring to me. I’m still discovering Paris. followed > Since I was a child. I love spending time playing ping . I always seek to first understand what message I wish to express. At that by a rigorous refinement in which I attempt to get that message across with Where do you find inspiration and how does this affect your process? the most elegant and simple image I can develop. the buildings. it can take you anywhere and it makes > Lamprini Zachopoulou / Illustration me feel independent and flexible. the museums. 111 > 110 Illustration .Greek Greek. the flea markets. a big influence was children’s books’ illustrations. Throughout a project things may go differently than the way the project > was initially planed. I enjoy venturing into the oldest neighborhoods to discover small shops that deal with old-fashioned materials and conventional typography. the galleries. It simply means that every element within the illustration should help tell a very specific story.pong in What do you love most about Paris? the park. the museums and the croissants for breakfast. the metro. My main source of inspiration comes from the world around me and Paris has inspired me a lot. English and some French Lamprini Zachopoulou Illustration young age. the flea markets. Preparing myself for obstacles and difficulties that may How do you keep motivated when things get tough? occur helps me to keep my motivation at the highest level possible and able to cope with stress when time schedules are at stake. so the detailed pictures held all the messages and I in turn held the key to unlock them. I love the mass transportation system. the galleries. the circus. the brasseries. If I leave. the fascinating world depicted by the pictures would make up for When did you first realize you wanted to be an artist? my inability yet to decode the message hidden behind the words.

FOUNDATION YEAR Drawing Fundamentals 1 + 2 2D Integrated Studio 1 + 2 3D Design 1 + 2 Laboratory 1 + 2 Critical Reading and Writing 1 + 2 Survey of World Art and Design 1 + 2 Total Credits SOPHOMORE YEAR Sophomore Illustration Concepts Typography Digital Imaging + Multimedia Drawing 1 + 2 Painting 1 + 2 Intro to Visual Culture Art History Elective (CS) Critical Studies Electives Total Credits Illustration FALL 3 3 3 3 3 3 18 FALL 3 3 3 3 3 3 18 SPRING 3 3 3 3 3 3 18 SPRING 3 3 3 3 3 3 18 JUNIOR YEAR Junior Concepts 1 + 2 European Graphic Narrative 1 + 2 Digital Illustration Beyond Editorial Animation Studies 1 + 2 Art History Electives (CS) Critical Studies Elective Total Credits SENIOR YEAR Senior Concepts & Thesis Senior Studio Professional Practices Digital Workshop Studio Electives Critical Studies Elective Total Credits Total credits for degree FALL 3 3 3 3 3 3 18 FALL 3 3 3 2 3 14 SPRING 3 3 3 3 3 3 18 SPRING 3 3 3 3 12 134 112 113 Illustration .

03. 04 Lamprini Zachopoulou Certificate Student 03 04 114 115 Illustration . 02.01 02 Illustration 01.

Pavlina Gkigkilini Junior 04. 02. Alex Mahler Junior 01 03. Pauline Hersart de la Villemarque Junior Illustration 02 04 116 117 Illustration .03 01.

03. Lamprini Zachopoulou Certificate Student 02 Illustration 01 118 03 119 Illustration .01. Jonathan Rahimi Sophomore 02.

01 Varvara Tsepkova 01. Sophomore 02. Kayleigh Groves Sophomore 03. Lambrini Zachopoulou Certificate 02 Illustration 03 120 121 Illustration .

Pavlina Gkigkilini Alex Mahler Junior 01 02 04 Illustration 05 03 122 123 Illustration Lambrini Zachopoulou . 04. Certificate Student 02.01. 05. Junior 03.

PHOTOGRAPHY The photography curriculum balances analog and digital technologies with an emphasis on developing a creative vision and gaining a solid understanding of the image-making process. discussed. 124 Photography 125 Photography . Fine Arts. students gain first-hand experience from practicing photographers and learn about innovative approaches to photography. The department addresses technical and conceptual skills equally. or Fashion. The program considers not only the technical aspects of image creation and production. Students are encouraged to explore a number of different interests by attending courses in other departments such as Communication Design. Through seminars. but also examines how photographs are presented. documented or archived: in short. lab and studio courses as well as an internship. rather than following the Foundation curriculum. in order to think about photography’s broader applications. implications and contexts. lectures. how they function in today’s society. used. while defining their own way of working. as both are essential to any photographic practice. This program includes a direct-entry option which allows students to specialize in Photography from the first year.

Italian Italian. which was challenging… Out of all the projects you have done at Parsons Paris. > Enormously. approach to your work? I’m interested in anything to do with color and texture. Irving Penn (for his still lifes).American. I became an adult here. discovered who I am. in school. going home on the metro. I also love to photograph architecture. and Edward Weston (for his still lives) > Giada Fried / Photography > I did a 3-month internship at a photo agency that highly influenced my career Have you done an internship? choice because it’s there that I learned that I wanted to be a photographer. Renzo Piano. I love to photograph food. and Spanish Giada Fried Photography > Everything from a doctor to an archeologist to a dancer to a gas station What did you want to be when you were a child and when did you attendant because I love the smell of gasoline. I always knew I wanted to do something creative. and what my passions are. I stopped people in the street and asked them to pose. and a still life photographer. August Sander What photographers have influenced you. Richard Avedon (directly influenced my portraits). I started choosing things for myself that were imposed How has Paris changed you? before. English. One personal project I just finished…I tried to catalog the diversity of Parisians. > I find inspiration anywhere. I left home a teenager and overnight I found myself living the life of an adult with all its responsibilities. but together with wanting to do first realize you wanted to be a photographer? everything above. and how? (also a direct influence for his portraits). Here. and Italy’s rich heritage influences my tastes and choices. Sarah Moon (the mood she conveys in her > pictures). which is your favorite? in a good way. and maybe Philippe Starck. Kofi Annan. > Obama. French. grocery Where do you find inspiration and does your background affect your shopping… Being Italian. Robert Frank (admire his use of the camera and his framing). Frank Gehry… Who would you most like to take a picture for? 127 126 Photography .

Freshman Year Freshman Seminar 1 + 2 Black & White Photography 1 + 2 Drawing for Photography and Cinema 1 + 2 Studio Elective Digital Skills and Composition 1 + 2 Critical Reading and Writing 1 + 2 Survey of World Art and Design 1 + 2 Total Credits SOPHOMORE YEAR Sophomore Seminar 1 + 2 Color Photography 1 + 2 Lighting Seminar 1 + 2 Digital Photography Lab 1 + 2 Studio Elective Intro to Visual Culture Topics in Visual Culture or Art History Critical Studies Electives Total Credits Photography FALL 3 3 2 3 3 3 17 FALL 3 3 2 3 2 3 3 19 SPRING 3 3 2 2 3 3 3 19 SPRING 3 3 2 3 2 3 3 19 JUNIOR YEAR Junior Seminar 1 + 2 Photography In Paris Advanced Printing Techniques 1 + 2 Studio Electives Digital Imaging and Multimedia Internship or Photography Elective Topics in Photo History & Theory Critical Studies Electives Total Credits SENIOR YEAR Senior Thesis Seminar 1 + 2 Professional Business Practices Studio Electives Professional Identity 1 + 2 Critical Studies Electives Total Credits FALL 3 2 2 3 2 3 3 18 FALL 3 3 3 3 12 SPRING 3 3 2 2 3 3 16 SPRING 3 3 2 3 3 14 128 129 Photography .

03.02 01 03 Photography 01. 02. Giada Fried Sophomore 130 131 Photography .

01 01 Photography 01. Laura Frangelli 132 Visiting Student 133 Photography . Giada Fried Sophomore 02.

Kate Bullen 02. 04. Rachel Cohen-Tanugi Ribas Sophomore 06. Visiting Student Laura Frangelli Visiting Student Photography 03.01 02 05 06 01. 03 04 Palden Macgamwell Sophomore 134 135 Photography . 05.

Group Project 03. Giada fried Sophomore 01 Photography 02 136 03 137 Photography .01. Laura Frangelli Visiting Student 02.

02 03 Rachel Cohen-Tanugi Ribas Sophomore 139 Photography .01 Photography 138 01. 03. Palden Macgamwell Sophomore 02.

a minimum number of credits in art and design history is required of all students (12 credits for the BBA track. The curriculum has a strong art and design history and theory component. and to discover and probe resonances with their own practice. design and culture. and the research. writing and presentation skills essential to a well–rounded approach to art and design. 140 Critical Studies 141 Critical Studies . which is supplemented by general critical studies courses in the Humanities and Social Sciences. Within the Critical Studies requirements. The BFA and BBA degrees require students to complete 42 Critical Studies credits overall. to investigate a range of issues that impact cultural production.CRITICAL STUDIES The interdisciplinary Critical Studies curriculum provides students with critical-historical perspectives on art. 18 credits for the BFA track). These skills and knowledge permit students to situate contemporary visual culture within its wider geographical and historical contexts.

and interpret images and artifacts. galleries and various cultural events expose students to historical and contemporary art and design achievements. contextualize. and by approval of the Critical Studies Chair. the acquisition of good writing skills. and its use as a tool for personal expression. Under exceptional circumstances. museums. a wide range of Critical Studies electives enable students to broaden and sharpen their own critical and theoretical points of view. in addition to a set of core courses designed for the specific majors and degrees. Students learn to look at. “Survey of World Art & Design” serves as a key initiation to the historical examination and critical analysis of art and design across ages and cultures. “Critical Reading & Writing” emphasizes creative thinking. we strive to aid those with learning difficulties to achieve their full potential. students receive coaching on all aspects of the writing process. Senior level seminars address timely and provocative issues that help students develop ideas and make critical choices that will enhance their own careers as artists and designers. Critical Studies requirements for degree programs vary.In Freshman year. By making resources available to students of different abilities and through methods of assessment that are flexible enough for us to adapt to students’ individual needs. 142 Critical Studies 143 Critical Studies . Through individual appointments and periodic workshops. Following this. Students should consult their advisor to ensure that these requirements are fulfilled appropriately. we aim to provide a quality learning environment for all our students and are developing a new access initiative to address the needs of students with disabilities. LEARNING RESOURCES AND ACCESS At Parsons Paris. from content and structuring to research and documentation. THE RESEARCH AND WRITING LAB The Research and Writing Lab provides supplementary support for students working on written projects in the English language. Parsons Paris takes special advantage of its campus and location as an ideal environment for observing and exploring social and cultural difference. requirements may be taken out of sequence. Visits to studios.

Additionally. Kristin McKirdy / Faculty > Parsons Paris is special because it is in Paris. it is small and allows a close What would you say distinguishes Parsons Paris from the other contact with the students.American English. The residency is a unique opportunity as well as a challenge for me to work in collaboration with this famous institution. it is also highly rewarding to be able to make a difference in someone’s life. Teaching is a very satisfying human interaction. the art trades and combine the traditional techniques with constant research work and a deep sense of innovation. I taught undergraduate classes as a TA at UCLA and also at Santa Monica Community College. starting in cultural Have you been teaching for a long time? centers. > I have been working for a year now as an artist in residence at the Tell us about your career as a ceramicist. and in municipal and private schools in Paris. all the artists there work using 18th century traditional techniques. 145 144 Faculty . The same year 1993. both in Ceramics and Ceramic history. The Prix Bettencourt was established to highlight the works of creative artists who perpetuate. The international student body is unique and schools you have taught in? makes for an interesting mix of ideas and backgrounds in the classroom. After a few years. I recently received the Prix Bettencourt pour l’intelligence de la main that has only been given to one other ceramist. where I taught at The National School of Fine Arts. Manufacture Nationale de Sevres. > I enjoy the exchange of ideas: it is fulfilling to share your experience with What do you like about teaching? those who are just starting out. I returned to Paris for a job teaching at the ENSA de Limoges. I decided to return to school to get an MFA in Art. I was hired at Parsons Paris in ceramics and 3D design in Foundation. Once I got my degree I moved to Iceland. French Kristin McKirdy Faculty > I started teaching right after I finished my Maîtrise. in France.

Photographer. Winchester School of Art. Foundation Chair Peters Day. Paris 3 Sorbonne Nouvelle. PhD in Nuclear Physics. University of the Arts. Instants Chavirés. Critical Studies & Learning Resources Coordinator Martine Bruno. Film Composer. Admissions Counselor Ana Uzelac. Consultant: Boncompte & Font Arquitectes. Financial Manager Anne-Sophie Madoire-Rouzaud. Work history: Scientific Director. Recipient: Vice. Recent Exhibitions include: Elen de Bruin Projects. France (2008). The American University of Paris. Camberwell School of Arts and Crafts. "A Split Single" with Claude Lévêque. NY. Featured: Flash Art. etc. Andreas Brünglinghaus / Photography Chair / Communication Design / Foundation / Design Managment.. Leeds Metropolitan University. The Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art. Younkyo Publishers. M. Altran USA Holdings. University of London. Deutsche Bank. University of London. published by Rizzoli 1992. Chanel & Stravinsky). Basel School of Design. Paris. Solo Exhibitions: Chisel Gallery Milan. Pavillion Books. Fine Arts Honorary Chair Véronique Devoldère. Neuberger Berman. World Art. Chloe Briggs / Foundation Chair Artist. Director: This City Communication. D Assaf Dagan / Communication Design Web Designer. MA in Art History. Michelle Binczak / Illustration Illustrator and Graphic Novel Artist. MA. Fine Arts Chair Chloé Briggs. Paris. Addison. Arc et Senans. London. University of Bologna. 1997-2007. E Natalie Ebenreuter / Communication Design Interaction Design Researcher. Studio Andrew Todd. Galerie Arkos. Student Life Counselor REGISTRAR’S OFFICE Olympia MacKendree. com website and magazine. Bauch=Lizlerl. AAS Parsons The New School for Design. Madame de Paris. Nelly Rodi. Arles Photography Festival and Honolulu Academy of Arts. Corporate Director. London. Olympus. Grant’s Whiskey. Milan. MAS Production : Calvin Klein. MBNA. Barcelona. University of London. Diploma Studio Berçot. University of Pennsylvania Le Monde. Paris. Areva and Alstom Grid. owner of SHARMILA (fashion accessories). Paris. "Playtime" Bétonsalon. Shisheido. multi-disciplinary artist. Wimbledon School of Art. NY. Docteurés Sciences Economiques. Academic leadership/teaching positions at: Central Saint Martins College of Art. Paris. trend forecasting for Promostyl. Group Exhibitions: Quarter/The Gesture. Milan. France. Florence. DEA. New York. Editor: MODS. Director of Admissions Marie Breton. B Holly Barton / Critical Studies Art Historian specializing in depictions of War in France and Britain. Bordone Gallery Milan. Guest lecturer at Tate Britain and The Institute of Contemporary Art. PhD. Admissions Counselor Kate Hiley. Designer: Holland Design. ‘Speakeasy’ events. Architectural Record. Clients: Li Edelkoort. Imperial War Museum. Galerie B2. BAU Escola de Disseny. Graduated from ENSAD with a textile degree and a certificate in Imaging. Sciences Po. BFA. F Peter Fillingham / Fine Arts Chair Sculptor./. Admissions and Careers Counselor Emilie Barbette. Marion Dufour-Lahore / Design Management International Fashion and Beauty Journalist. Evelyn Williams Research Fellow in contemporary drawing at Norwich School of Art and Design. Claire Downey / Critical Studies Communications consultant and journalist. Tourcoing. G Géraldine Goddat / Fashion Design Textile Designer. Wechsler Ross & Partners. MA. MA. Critical Studies Chair Alice Peinado. Swinburne University of Technology. Paris. 'Let's Just Imitate the Real Until We Find a Better One" Galerie Bonneau-Samames. Pougues-Les-eaux. 2009 . Bidermann Industries: Yves Saint Laurent. Paris. BA.M. Publication: il Manifesto. Barcelona. Paris. BA Film and Video (First Class Honors). Fashion Design Chair Peter Fillingham. ‘Experimental Drawing Day’. Yong Anderson / Fashion Design Fashion Designer and Illustator. NY. B. Partnerships with luxury advertisers for Chanel. Amsterdam. Stanford University. BDes. Art Director. Guillaume Constantin / Foundation Artist. The American University of Paris. Paris. Free lance costume designer for Theatre National de Chaillot. Practice: Dorrell Ghotmeh Tane Architects. Wimbledon School of Art. Brooklyn Academy of Music. Ozenne. FashionWeek NY. Li Edelkoort. Descampes. 1914-1918. Toulouse. Van Cleef & Arpels. Creative Director: Siette Identités Architecturales.Serge Guarino. Fashion & Beauty Editor in Chief. NY. NY. Morgan. Anne Bugugnani / Design Management Consultant in Design Management and Interior Design. ICP/BARD. Arearevue. Harvard University. London. La Seine. Whitney Museum of American Art. and Musician. Royal College of Art. Morgan. Clients: The New York Times. Peclers Paris. MTS. Picabia. Cité Internationale des Arts. Fulbright Scholar. 2009. Grolier Interactive Europe. Goldsmiths College. England and Kadist Art Foundation. MA Sculpture. Austin Texas. Brigitte Borja de Mozota. Masters(ongoing) . Art Fair. National Endowment of the Arts 1989. Israel. University of Hartford. Picture researcher. DEA. Senior Art Directior: Fred & Farid Group. Northern Illinois University. Robert Bishop / Photography Photographer and Editor.Chancellor’s Teaching Excellence Away. Clients: Fnac. BA. Art Fair Basel. Free lance fashion designer for Djam. Graduate degree (MFA) of the Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs de Paris. Assistant Curator. Metropolis.A. . ADH Hammelrath.Etudes Indiennes. École Nationale des Ponts et Chaussées. Swinburne University of Technology. Paris. UK 146 147 Administration & Faculty ADMINISTRATION & FACULTY A Isabelle Alfonsi / Design Management Founder and Co-Director. BA in Journalism and Mass Communication. Bournville. University of Marne-la-Vallée. London.Genoa.Arch. Sony Devabhaktuni / Foundation Architect. Design Management Chair Sibylle Klose. Trend Union. BArch . Silk Pieces.English and Political Science. Professor. Clermont–Ferrand. MA in Media Ecology. Human Resources Manager Marie Garnero. University of Paris I. Naf Naf. Marseilles and Berlin. Visual arts curator. Barcelona. London BA(HONS). Photographer: Exhibited in Paris. Articles Published: Travel + Leisure. DEA. Registrar Aaron Reynolds. Lutheran School of Theology. Blueprint. Kent. Ateliers Jean Nouvel. Opera National de Paris. Editor: Cyl-MODA. DMC.Arch. Graphic Designer. The Japanese Way of Beauty . BS. France. Caraco. University College. Senior Fashion Coordinator Katarina Rimarcikova. Princeton University Press. Designer: Mobles114. L'Oréal. Tel-Aviv. London College of Printing. École Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts. London. Dtdigital and Momentum Animation Studios. designer for Anchor. ". Paris. Drawing. Museum Guide: Paris Muse. Owner of KUCHI KOMI. London. University of Pennsylvania. Research: presented in Canada. Viking Studio. North Carolina State University. Altran Technologies. Studies: BA Fine Arts.. Gran Bazaar. University of the Arts. Photography Chair Bruce Stadlman. United States Department of State J. Embroidery Designer. Cadaques. Care/of Gallery. Clients: Audi. Interior Architecture Degree. Watson Guptill. MFA. clients: YSL Beauté. Tokyo. Altran Innovation Foundation. ECCE : Arrow . Jeu de Paume. Phaidon Press. France and Montreuil. Marseille. PhD candidate. Dynnovation. USA. Fashion Coordinator Raina Lampkins-Fielder. Publications: “The Gathering” and “Study Three Times” in / Architects Draw/. Sibilla Pavenstedt. art director & graphic designer. Instituto Europeo di Design. Goldsmiths College. Palais de Tokyo. Exhibitions: la Saline Royale. BFA City University. Bergère de France. University of Marne-la-Vallée. University College for the Creative Arts. Seoul. Chamelion Group. Artisitic and Project Director: Dragon Rouge Indentités & Architectures. Employers: Alcatel. Postgraduate Certificate in Learning and Teaching in Art and Design. Diesel Frangrances. Guy Grember / Communication Design Freelance Art Director. Theatre du Chatelet. Carrick Citation Award. Vestra International: Pierre Cardin. University of Oklahoma. Barcelona. Experimental educational project piloted in Manchester. Ba (Hons) Sculpture. Exhibitions: “Three Facade Study Models” in /Mies In America/. Paris. Clients: MoMA. International Project Space. Carnegie Mellon University. Cell Project Space. Recent Projects/Events: ‘Instructions for a Drawing Class’. Bath Spa University. MBA in Cultural Management. Gobelins l’école de l’image. Awards: American Institute of Architects Gold Medal Prize. New York. Cardenas Bellanger. Georgia Institute of Technology. Visiting Artist. Dior Louis Vuitton. 2008. Illustration Chair Andreas Brünglinghaus. Business Administration and Communications. Studio Edeloart. Marie Claire International. Exhibitions in Cologne: Galerie Benninger. Swinburne University of Technology. Photographer. Editor: Bloom Magazine. BUSINESS OFFICE AND HUMAN RESOURCES Céline Gourlay. Paris photography PBS television feature “Corpus Christi”.” Founding editor of parisvoice. Published in: Awaiting a Lover. Peters Day / Illustration Department Head / Photography Illustrator and Painter. Director of Research Frédérique Krupa. William Fulbright Scholar to France. Galleria Cadaques Dos. André Balzac. Desideretur. BBA in Marketing. MMD Honors. University of Reims. London. Atelier of Art Head Patricio Sarmiento. Paris. Brikbeck College. Image Force. Wimbledon School of Art. Bergamo.Lucent Bell Labs France. Taylor Holland / Communication Design / Design Management / Photography / Foundation Art Director. Reading University. Author: Neo-Furniture." with Raphaël Zarka. Fine Art – Painting. Martine Bruno / Design Management Assistant SNE Weil-Besançon: Collection Director for Gian Alberto Caporale. BA. UK. Graphic Design Diploma. Ivo Bonacorsi / Foundation Visual Artist and Writer. “Route 66 Revisited” photo series included in the book “Art and Technique of 70 Modern Masters. Vivian Rehberg.P.Architecture. Texas (2009). MA Le Fresnoy National Studio of Contemporary Arts. Communication Design Chair Dr. Véronique Dévoldère / Atelier of art Head / Fine Arts and Foundation / Illustration Artist. Galerie Contemporain. costume design in advertising and film (MAAF. Admissions Counselor Carolina Spielmann. Registrar’s Assistant H Christian Hoeltzer / Fashion Design Fashion and Costume Designer. President Paris College of Art ACADEMIC ADMINISTRATION Tony Brown. Exhibitions (selected) 2009/2008 "Copies Cachées" Parc Saint léger centre d'art. The Austin Chronicle. Galerie Olga Soe. Paris. C Victoria Chi-Combettes / Foundation / Design Management / Communication Design Senior designer: J. Sotheby’s NY. Film Composer: “The Winnebago Man” (2009) and “The Creek Runs Red” (2006). Visiting Faculty. Science Po. Ecole Centrale. Barcelona. BFA. Product Design in Visual Option. Mexico. Diploma LISAA. ID. "Répertoire pour une Forme" la Vitrine. BA. Business Director. Vogue Italia. Interim Academic Director Dr. Business Office Administration & Faculty I Zoe Inch / Illustration Animator and Film Director. Journalist. Wrangler. London. Barcelona. DNAP Ecole Nationale d'Art de Cergy ADMISSIONS & STUDENT LIFE Matthew Gallagher. DEUG in Languages. BA. International Affairs Coordinator Suzy Chica. D. Lancôme..ongoing. Frac Haute-Normandie. Member of AICA. Europe and Australia. Education: BA . Exhibitions: Musée d’Art Moderne. Creator and Editor: This City Paris. and Austin. A Noir Triennale. Design. Orangina. Montreuil Sous Bois. Paris. Galerie Marcelle Alix. Launched own label in 2006. Fiac Edition. Glasgow. Academic Department Assistant Sharam Alijani / Design Management Assistant Professor of Economics. Exhibitions in Paris: Gs Art. Musician: JagJaguwar recording artists Monroe Mustang.S. Pierre Dreux / Design Management Management and Innovation Specialist : Founder. Georgia Institute of Technology. President École Parsons à Paris Reginald de Guillebon. Paris. Connecticut College..Birch Lane Press. Senior designer for Kookai. New York University.. JM Laffont.

Magazine. Solo Exhibition: Fondation Atelier De Sevres Paris. Ivry-sur-Seine. Milan. PhD Queen Mary College. Hervé Leger. Biennale de Chateauroux. Dan Yeffet Studio. SILMA. MD. Specialties: 3D and color photography. London Business School. Sydney. Curatorial activities at the Centre Georges Pompidou. Claire Jochum / Fashion Design Textile Designer.A. Lacroix. Paris. Daewoo and Mazda. SUNY Cortland. Korea and France. Sorbonne Nouvelle. Former Chairman of Thorn Lefèvre Investments. Chambre des Metiers. Associate Publisher and Editorial Director of Scarecrow Press. Le Laboratoire. EURO RSCG Design. MFA. R Dr. IIM-CNAM.American Museum. Press: Exhibition Design. Paris.. Work history: Macromedia. Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design. MFA. CH-Basel and holds a MA in Fashion (womenswear) from Central St. Paris 2007. Christophe Pradère / Design Management Managing Director. Diseno Interior.rafaelmahdavi. MA. Other clients include Bayard Presse. Kristin McKirdy / Foundation / Fine Arts Ceramist. Hamilton College. Visiting Professor. Fons. Former curator at ARC/Musée d’art moderne de la Ville de Paris. BA. Cacharel. Lanham. Averbode. M William MacKendree / Fine Arts Artist. Sibylle Klose / Fashion Chair Designer. Phalle. France. BA. Awards: D&AD Silver nomination. Good Design Award. P Bogdan Pavlovic / Fine Arts Painter. Harpers Bazaar. Wellesley MA. Atelier d’Art Arc en Ciel. Printmaker. Benoit Jaques Books. Foundation Mona Bismark. The New York Times. Souls and Machines. of Colorado. Theorist. Studied at Ecole de Beaux Arts de Strasbourg. Plein Ciel. National Art School. PhD expected in 2010 from C. Worked for Louis Vuitton Malletier. a divi- 148 149 Administration & Faculty sion of the Rowman & Littlefield Publishing Group. The New York Times. de Rumigny. Martins. Air Commando Diploma. Center for Contemporary Art. Samsung Electronics. BA Hons University College London. personal development and team dynamics. Calvin Klein Jeans. Applied Arts Award Annual. participated in Unique Form Charity Project. Hong Kong.S. Former Assistant Editor of I. BFA. Chloé.Europe. multicultural theory and practice. Royal Academy of Fine Arts. Exhibitions : Espace Robespierre. EHESS. University of Maryland. PhD. Katarina Rimarcikova / Fashion Design Coordinator Fashion Designer. Paris. Wade Saunders / Fine Arts Sculptor. Featured in Art in America. Licence in Visual Arts. UC San Diego. Orleans. Prague. Absolut Reality. Work history: Naf Naf.Phil. MA Fashion. UC Berkeley Extension. Alain Oudin Gallery. Parsons The New School for Design. Exhibitions: Galerie Pierre. Dr. Recent/upcoming exhibitions include: Joan Guaita Gallery. London. PhD. Quentin en Yvelines. London. Collections: Museum of Modern Art. Building with Water. Givenchy. Christophe Lemaire. Sorbonne Nouvelle. Paris. Advertising: Gucci.N. MA. Volkswagen. Affiliated with the VassarWesleyan University in Paris. N Joe Neill / Fine Arts / Foundation Sculptor. Solo exhibitions: F.P. Celine. (Hons. Member of the Board of the International Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators. ESC Reims. NEC. Paris. Princesse tam. CZ. Books published with Harper Collins US. Maurizio Galante. MFA. Bogotá. London. New York. Fashion designer inter alia for Thierry Mugler. BAOBAB Award.E.. The Village Voice. Murdoch. Coty. Vallauris. University of California. M. Vreme and Project. Palma de Mallorca. Areas of study: education management. Editor: Vestoj. Launched own signature label in 2006. ArtFutura 2008. PhD. graduated from ESMOD. Canadian Museum of Human Rights. MA. BAA Ryerson University. Little Hare Books. Published by: Albin Michel. D. Paris. Former curator at the Musée Carnavalet and the Musée Nicéphore Niépce (Director of Collections). Clients: Arik Levy Studio. Solo exhibitions: Art Resources Transfer. DEA in Social Anthropology and PhD in the History of Photography. Cranbrook Academy of Art. College Park.A. Beghin Say. OK Harris Gallery. Zaha Hadid. Art Institute of California. Parsons New School for Design. Hayter. Romaric Le Tiec / Design Management Founder: Romaric Le Tiec Studio. Sebastien Wierinck Studio. San Francisco State University. Author and Designer. London. D. Gallery Vidal-St. Graduated from School of Fine Arts. Member of the editorial board of History of Photography. Columbia University. Former Vice President. Work history: Dorothée Bis. Paris. Mona Kim / Communication Design Multidisiplinary Designer. The Guardian. Artist. Numerous solo shows in America. Nena Kraguly / Critical Studies Art historian specializing in 20th and 21st century art. National University of Colombia. Boston. Air Commando Officer. Exhibitions: Galerie J. RISD and University of the Arts. Administration & Faculty L Shirley Lambert / Critical Studies Instructor of English as a Foreign Language. UCLA. EHESS Paris. Bridget Strevens / Foundation Illustrator. regular contributor to frieze and Modern Painters.Société Générale. studied at l’Ecole de la Chambre Syndicale de la Couture Parisienne. Diane Brown Gallery. Launched own signature fashion label in 2000. Post-Grad degree. Columbia University. Salon Grands et Jeunes.Y. UK/Australia. Paris. Innsbruck. freelance designer for Linde. Graduate Center. Ane Lynge-Jorlén / Critical Studies Fashion Historian. Partner at game and software design company. Opus International. Exhibitions: “Toys Comix”. Quangzhou. BA (HON) Fashion. Projects manager at IRCC. DEA. New York. Toronto. Copenhagen. The New York Times. Les Echos. Regular contributor to Beorama. Paris. Connecticut College. specializing in modern and contemporary art. Hong Kong. Wall Street Journal. 2007. Operations and Business Development director: Xin Shi Shang Zi Xun. Oxford University. S Patricio Sarmiento / Fashion Design Senior Coordinator Fashion Designer. Salon de Mai. ESCP. BFA. Ecole Nationale Supériure des Arts Visuels de Cambre. Paris. MA Fashion (Création) IFM. London College of Fashion. Anne-Marie Smith-Di Biasio/ Critical Studies University teacher specializing in Modernist literature and psychoanalysis. Rafael Mahdavi / Fine Arts Artist. Mairie du 6e. Linksbooks. Founding editor of Journal of Visual Culture. M. MFA. Italy. Design Management. France. Roger Thorn / Design Management Retired Investment Banker. Statts Museum. Robert Normand / Fashion Design Fashion Designer. Faenza Biennale. Vogue. Paris.AAS. Pilsen. Dorma France. PhD in Strategic Management in progress. Published by Gallimard. Agnès Levitt / Critical Studies Consultant. numerous articles and translations in this field. Birkhauser. Fashion Institute of Technology.Europe House. SYMANTEC. Dr.U. Work history: ISM. Former Web and Documentation Manager: Virtools/Dassault Systemes. Graphic Designer. Japanese. Art and Archeology. Associate Lecturer. MFA. Brussels Belgium. Centre Georges Pompidou. Formerly taught at: Parsons New School. Cécile Petit / Critical Studies Professor of French as a foreign language: NYU in France. 2007 Prachenske muzeum. France. University of Alep. University of St. Ocimar Versolato. Espace GrandJean. Orleans. MBA. NYC. Editor. Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design. Annual Design Review. Montana. contributing author to forthcoming Dictionnaire amoureux de la psychanalyse (Larousse 2010). Paris. Paris. BA Brown University. Véronique Leroy Paris. ABD. MLS (Lib and Info Sci. Switzerland. Paris. General Director L'Ecole de Design des Pays de la Loire. Exhibits: Centre Pompidou. International teaching. Art Press. T Shaghig Terzakian / Fashion Design Pattern Drafter.D. Work history: Christian Lacroix. Salon du TRAIT. Textile and interior designer inter alia for Descampes. Canton. French Air Force. B. Dijon. ENPC School of International Business.) King’s College. globalization. Gallery Thoman.N. BA. Salon d’Automne. UC San José. . Simple Is Beautiful. University of Copenhagen. Trussardi. Jury for D&AD’s Digital Media category. Musée National de la Céramique Adrien Debouché. 2007. Domus. studied at Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design.D. Work History: Fabio Piras. Francisco Rocca / Fine Arts Artist. Carnegie-Mellon University. Laus Trohphy. Paris. Université de Paris 8. Belgrade. Strategies.com. ISEG and ISM. Critical Reading and Writing. London College of Fashion. Pentagor. Exhibits: Maison Europeene de la Photographie. Sic Amor. Tokyo. with honors) Simmons College. Executive Program. Lacoste.C. Comme des Garçons. JPG. 2007. Andrew McKim / Photography Photographer. Galerie Vysehrad.Clients: Unilever. Susann Schweizer / Fashion Design Fashion Designer. Kim Timby / Photography Photography Historian. MA. CZ. Denver. Vivian Rehberg / Critical Studies Chair Art historian/critic. Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Beaux Arts. ISG Ecole de Commerce. Work history: Johnson & Johnson.O. Le Nouvel Obs Publicité: BBDO.Embassy of the Czech Republic in Luxembourg. BFA. 2007. French Air Force School. Critical Studies Interaction Designer. BA. Paris. Musée des Arts Décoratifs. and historian specializing in modern and contemporary art and aesthetics. Paris IV-Sorbonne. Lecturer in Corporate Finance and Corporate Development at IPAG. University of Cambridge. Master II in Research. Former M&A Director of Banque de la Société Financière Européenne. Publishing: ELLES. Movements Modernes. Clients: Uniqlo. theorist. Clients: Société Générale. Toys 'R' Us. Exeter College. La Croix. Huihao Gallery. BS. St. Brussels Belgium. New York. Australia. Italy. Paris. Paris.N. Paris. Loic Secheresse / Illustration Writer. Paris. I. Bowling Green University. Asia and Near East. Institut d'Arts Visuel. Diploma Studio Berçot. Blechman Films. Kenneth Cole Products. Armani. Pisek. Barnard College. L’Espace du Regard. BA (Honors and Phi Beta Kappa) Wellesley College. Teacher at École du Louvre and École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales. London. London College of Fashion. Inc. BFA Parsons School of Design. DKNY Jeans. MBA Univ.D. Featured in Le Monde. K Emmanuel Kerner / Illustration Illustrator. consultant for Terra Foundation Library. SNCF. Paris. Chicago Athenaeum. Bayard éditions France. Magazines: Arena Homme +. BFA Product Design and MA Design Criticism. Editor and Library Consultant. Society for Environmental Graphic Design. Limoges. Première Vision. Printmaking studio: S.P. Sébastien Picard / Design Management Managing Director: Edgecombe Group. School of Fine Arts. Mandarina Duck. MA. Masters. Frédérique Krupa / Chair of Communication Design. R. éditions Indigo). Cáceres Museum. Paris. Vogue. Domus Academy. and Writer.bridgetstrevens. Dubai. Le Seuil. Lanvin. Kansas City Art Institute. Illustrator. Sorbonne. Simon & Schuster US. UNICEF. Graduated from College of Art and Design. MA.com Steve McClymont / Fine Arts Painter. Skoda. Alice Peinado / Design Management Chair Anthropologist.A. freelance designer for Sharon Wauchob. BS/BA Business Administration/Public Relations. Paris. Evan Roth / Communication Design New Media Artist. Northwest Missouri State University. Paris. Creative Review. Exhibitions: Galerie Foex. ENPC MBA. Geneva. Clients: Work: Pentagram Design. MFA. Europe. David Lewis / Critical Studies Critic. Exhibitions include: Galerie Lelia. Funky Zen. Atelier de Sevres. ENSAD. art director for Devine Intervention Paris. UNESCO. Annual Awards. www. Kenzo. La Maison des Sciences de l’homme. ENPC School of International Management. Northwestern University. Cité Internationale des Arts. amateur practice and popular imagery.W. Karel Steiner / Photography Photographer. Paris. Galerie Patricia Asbaek. Awards: Prix Des Artistes Du Monde Crous 1997. Architecture. BA. www. Paris. BBA. BFA with Honors. The New Yorker.J Benoit Jacques / Illustration Artist. Paris Research Center (American Art). MFA in Product Design. XVA Gallery. MFA. I. Exhibitions: National Library of Colombia. Editorial work: The Sunday Times. NYC. PhD in progress. Bruce Stadlman / Fine Arts Honorary Chair Artist. Worked for Gucci. Maxi. Independent consultant. author of two books (Pluto press. Honor Awards. The New Yorker. Emilio Pucci. French and German. BA. London. Cartier Foundation. SUNY Stony Brook. Karina Jensen / Design Management International Marketing and Cross-Cultural Management Specialist: Founder Global Minds Network. Vice president of The Virginia Woolf Society of France. Alexander McQueen. Milan Presse. Craig.tam. MA. International Fertilizer Association. Villa Radet. The New Your Times. Paris. ESCP-EAP European School of Management. Member TESOL France. Georgia State University. Berkeley. London University. Miss China. Paris. Sophia University. Projects: Illustrations for the film Super 8 Stories. Actes Sud Hachette. London. Institut d'Arts Visuel. Editorial work: Libération. Pilsner Urquel. Paris. MBA IIM-CNAM. Elementarisme.

Fine Art. new media designer and founder of HeHe Seamus Farel. painter Henrik Harjula. artist Tara Henthorn. choreographer and new media designer. Graduated from the Ecole Supérieure d’Arts Graphiques. Graphis Editorial work: The Art of Doing Nothing. writer. Pattern Drafter.GUEST LECTURERS + DESIGNER CRITICS Yacine Aït Kaci and Naziha Mestaoui. and director (Particules) Christopher Croft. SVP marketing. Taschen. Bernhard Willhelm Avinash Kumar. “7000 Newton” Malmö Konstmuseum. publisher Karina Jensen. art director / graphic designer Marie-Christine Callet. Diesel and Initiative Media. Administration & Faculty NEW FACULTY FOR 2010-2011 Ed Alcock. The University of the Arts London. ceo and founder. artist Etienne Mineur. art director and founder of Incandescence Nicolas Misdariis. Clients: Vision 360 France. Orcanta. Farö. Work history: John Galliano. New York. founder. painter Dave Busch. Le Chat. Graduated from ESMOD Paris and AICP. film maker (Persepolis) Deidi von Schaewen. Charlotte von Poehl / Design Management Artist. fashion historian and curator Patrick Pinon. Frog Design Helen Evans. Photography Isabelle Massu. Art and Cultural critic. Ullens Center for Contemporary Art de Beijing. curator Klaus Fluge. artist Joseph Kosuth. Carlin International. Westminster Press Editorial Training College. Allworth Press. Deborah Wickham / Communication Design Freelance Graphic Designer. advisor. Malmö. artist Wiliam Brui. Palais de Tokyo. curator. Useless Magazine Stephen Vasilokos. New Delhi Lecoanet-Hemant. Cultural curator. publications include “Media Monoliths.” and “The Epica Book. Aperture. Flagey. filmmaker Thomas Arthur. The Education of an Art Director. BA (Honors) London College of Communication. fashion designer Benoît Jacques. Le Plateau.parsons-paris.” “Fashion Brands. Maison Martin Margiela Junichi Hakamaki. photographer Jérôme Sans. designers’ consultant Melanie McDonald. BA. Parsons The New School for Design. Hatier. Communication Arts. author. Pentagram London. fashion designer Seredin & Vassilev V/W/Y/Z Paul Vickers / Communication Design Creative Director and Consultant. Paris Christophe Martinez. Ecole Nationale Superieur de l’Architecture. architects. Eclectic Excentric. house of haute couture Philippe Lardy. ENSADIllustration. Graphis. lead designer. LeJaby. senior designer. Neuilly-sur-Marne. Clients: Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales. Specialist subjects: media. illustrator. conceptual artist Nicky Hoberman. IRCAM Delphine Murat. Paris. artist Marcus Hansen. Catherine Winsnes / Foundation Graphic Designer and Artist.” “Fifty: The Amazing World of Renzo Rosso and Diesel. publisher (Editions Seuil) Pascal Beucler. ETAM. artist Jérôme L’Huillier. Allworth Press. (Tank magazine) Damien Masson and Naim Ait Sidhoum. designer Quicksand. Hôpital Psychiatrique Maison Blanche. director (IDSland) Marie-France Pochna. Veronique Vienne / Illustration Graphic Designer. financial analyst. Chronicle Books. BA. Interbrand New York. Photography Full bios can be found at www. fashion designer Antoine Heu-Boidin. vice-president (Publicis Consultants Worldwide) Sarah-Jane Blackman. Graduated from ESMOD. artist Samantha Edwards. Photography Guillaume Pallat. London Jack Benstock. Photography Alexandre Oudin. Pininfarina Ferrari Annabelle Dos Santos. author John Ribbe. documentary filmmaker Beatrice Gisclard. Orange Labs David Carson. strategy department. illustrator Ryan Mendoza. BBDO Proximity Erik Boulatov. Maison de l'Europe des Yvelines. Les Inventeurs Ingrid Guttormsen. Faculty Member: School of Visual Arts. French Vogue Paolo Roversi. “The Notepiece”. Experienced reporter. Art Director. Work history: Chloé. fashion designers (E2) Jean Colonna. marketing. designer (Manifere de Luxe) Michelle & Olivier Chatenet.” Copywriting clients have included Coca-Cola. Writer. new media designers and founders of Electronic Shadow Anthony Anderson. Brussels. Recent installations and films: Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales. artist Jutta Kraus. Balenciaga Carine Roitfeld. Mairie de Chatou. artist. Clients include: The Museum of Archaeology & Anthropology/University of Cambridge. artist Catherine Örmen. knitwear designer (Margiela. Paris. Hastings. textile designer Olivier Peyricot. Swedish Cultural Center. painter Matteo Delise. Christian Lacroix. writer. London College of Communication. Bergman week. SVP Medical Devices. Work featured: The Package Design Book. Monoprix. Wikibivouac Randa Massot. Current clients: Galeries Lafayette. Selected Exhibitions: ”Break of Dawn”. Clarkson Potter. head of visual merchandising Leo Hobaica. “De la representation à l’action”. Fresh Dialogue Three & Fresh Dialogue Four. PR. illustrator Richard Siegal and Hillary Goidell. Dragon Rouge Paris. Desgrippes Gobe Tokyo Hong Kong.Stratégique de Communication l'image des marques Steven Slowik. Valentino. Lanvin) David McKee. MTV. Luther College. Paris. . Cacharel Mark Eames. knitwear. illustrator Yuris Lesnik. Global Minds Network Patrick Jones. fashion designer Valerie Steele. Paris Voice magazine (layout & production). Citizen Designer. OECD Sustainable Development Tom van Lingen. stylist. Crédit Mutuel. publisher (Andersen Pres) Françoise Galo. Chanel. sound researcher. Réné Dherhy. fashion designer Griet Maes. former director. fashion historian and author Candice Stevens. French culture and lifestyle. Carole Xenard / Illustration Illustrator. Art Director & Editor: House & Garden. founders of The Bakery Clementine Sladden. The Henry Moore Institute. MA. British journalist and author. editor-in-chief. DIM. Published by Rockport. environment directorate. Photography Nicolas Giraud. Goldsmiths College. Exhibitions in France and Norway. painter Miles Hyman. painter Sergei Vassiliev. illustrator Marc Jacobs. fashion designer Conrad Ventur & Adrien Pellentier. illustrator Mijn Schatte. editor and copywriter. OECD Jeb Hayward. photographer Hartmut Eslinger. travel. fashion designer Didier Hamey. photographer and film director Loic Secheresse. consultant. 150 151 Administration & Faculty Mark Tungate / Design Management Freelance writer. UK. Hacheete. fashion designer haute couture On Aura Tout Vu Orlan. director. Tanja Wiedner / Fashion Design Fashion Designer. Something to Be Desired. fashion consultant Ariane Martinet. Princeton Architectural Press. Selecton Dominique Cardon. fashion designer Julia Rodowicz. Frac Ile-de-France. Fine Art. Author: On the Emotional Brand Experience. BAC. Print. Paris. Eye. Design Solution Paris. fashion designer Stéphane Correard. Paris. Association Mouvement Art Contemporain de Chamalières. analyst. Ideo. sculptor Ingrid Baron. illustrator. strategic planner. 2009. Author: John Rombola. Le Meridien group Marjane Satrapi. Zadig&Voltaire. ATTAC Member Kei Chae. Employers: Bayard Presse. fashion designer Irakli Nasidze. mime artist Michel Malard. founder. Office National du Tourisme de Norvège en France.com Sylviane Yzet / Fashion Design Freelance fashion designer. Leeds. sociologist.

the second is Sophomore Year. including 79 departmental. a semester.) To be accepted to the BBA program for departmental transfer as a sophomore a student will need to have completed at least 36 credits within the required course distribution. and writing skills. Fashion Design. Fine Arts or Photography. critical studies / art history credit for classes emphasizing the development of critical. See Transfer Credit Policy for more details. Quantitative progress Students are expected to carry a full course load and to enroll in the correct number of Core courses and Critical Studies courses each semester. and 42 Critical Studies credits. the third is Junior Year and the fourth is Senior Year. To be accepted for departmental transfer into the sophomore level of the BFA program students must have completed the equivalent of Parsons Paris’ first-year Foundation Program (approximately 24 studio art credits plus 12 Critical Studies credits) or the freshman year of Photography – for Photography transfers (approximately 24 photography and art studio credits plus 12 Critical Studies cre- dits). TRANSFER STUDENT ISSUES Transfer applicants are evaluated on two criteria: their skills and abilities must be equivalent to those of Parsons Paris students at the same level and they must have sufficient credit for college courses completed elsewhere that are similar in content. transfer students will likely take courses in the freshman and sophomore levels during their first year at Parsons Paris in order to complete the degree requirements. students receive a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree (BFA) preparing them to enter their profession. Students interested in pursuing a career in business for the design industries enter the Design Management program as freshmen. departmental credits for courses that contain material relevant to a student’s major. 13 studio. including 92 departmental and 42 Critical Studies credits. of 2. In the fields of art and design. RESIDENCY REQUIREMENT Student must complete at least four semesters of their undergraduate degree at Parsons Paris. in which students who successfully complete four years of study receive a Bachelor’s Degree. but who are otherwise in good academic standing. Critical Studies comprise Art and Design History. called a Grade Point Average (GPA). will be placed on Departmental Probation and required to repeat specific classes. The Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) requires 134 credits. Students can choose Communication Design. BFA candidates start in the Foundation Year. the recognized undergraduate degree in business in the USA. Credit load is calculated based on the number of in-class hours and the amount of homework required. Illustration. purpose and standards to those offered at Parsons Paris. Photography students have the option of “direct entry” into their major starting from freshman year. 152 153 Degree Programs DEGREE PROGRAMS . THE AMERICAN CREDIT SYSTEM Students earn “academic credit” for courses they successfully complete.0 to be considered in good standing and to qualify for financial assistance. Due to the unique nature of the Design Management program. Cultural Studies. Students may transfer a maximum of 67 credits. Academic Progress towards a degree is measured by 3 criteria: Qualitative progress Undergraduate students must maintain a minimum weighted average of all courses taken. In the American education system the first year of the Bachelor’s degree is called the Freshman Year. upon successful completion of the four-year program these students receive a Bachelor of Business Administration degree (BBA)*.ACADEMIC PROGRESS Parsons Paris offers degree programs based on the American system of education. or academic year. Credits are differentiated into: studio credits for classes that require the Degree Programs creation of artwork. *The Bachelor of Business Administration degree meets the NASAD standards for a Bachelor of Arts . and English. To be accepted for departmental transfer as a junior a student must have completed the equivalent credits to a Parsons Paris student at that level (approximately 48 studio credits plus 18 Critical Studies credits. junior transfers will need to have completed 67 credits.Design Management (Multi-disciplinary design). analytical. In order to obtain the Bachelor of Fine Arts degree (BFA) a student must complete 134 credits. Level review/curricular progress Satisfactory academic progress also requires that courses be completed in the appropriate sequence and that an adequate level of achievement be maintained in Core courses. All degree students must take a minimum of 12 Art History credits within their Critical Studies requirements. Students who fail to meet this standard by performing poorly in or failing required courses. Social Sciences.

will create a final curriculum that responds to the student’s interests. Students in these programs also enjoy many cultural outings and field trips in Paris and beyond. Students must complete a minimum of 30 credit hours in a single discipline for the one-year Certificate Programs listed below. The Certificate Programs are ideally suited for the mature student who already has an undergraduate degree and wishes to complete his/her education with a professional art and design concentration. technology. Certificate Students choose from the curricular suggestions on page 155 that provide a framework upon which Certificate Programs are developed. These programs emphasize skill development and provide a solid foundation in the process. Working side-by-side with Parsons Paris degree students. along with his/her advisor. CERTIFICATE PROGRAM The intensive curriculum of the Parsons Paris Certificate Program offers a non-degree option for those who wish to launch a career transition. Studying full-time (minimum of 12 credits per semester). and the course schedule. refine a professional level design portfolio. and language of art and design. Certificate and Visiting Students have access to all studio facilities. abilities. CERTIFICATE PROGRAM OPTIONS MANAGEMENT OF DESIGN Marketing Managing Creative Organizations Design Project Management Strategic Design Management and Direction Design Research Methods Marketing Strategies for Developing Brands Electives The Culture of Design Art History Elective FALL 3 3 3 3 3 SPRING 3 3 THE ART OF TEXTILES Machine Knitting I & II Surface Treatments on Fabrics I & II Lesage French Embroidery I & II Textile ID Printmaking for Fashion Wearable Objects Studio / Management Elective / Internship Critical Studies in Fashion / Design / Art FALL 2 2 3 2 SPRING 2 2 3 0 2 2 2 3 0 0 2 3 6 3 Total Credits 15 15 Total credits 14 16 PHOTOGRAPHIC ARTS Black and White Photography 1+2 Drawing for Photo and Cinema 1+2 Digital Skills and Composition 1+2 Digital Photography Lab 1 Studio Electives Topics In Photo History and Theory Art History Elective FALL 3 3 3 2 SPRING 3 3 2 GENERAL FASHION STUDIES Garment Construction 1 + 2 3D Fashion Studio 1 + 2 Textile ID Basics of Fashion Drawing 1 + 2 Textile /Studio / Digital Electives Style Bureau Workshop Critical Studies (in Fashion and Design) FALL 3 3 SPRING 3 3 2 2 2 3 2 2 2 3 2 3 4 3 - Total Credits 16 15 Total Credits 15 15 STUDIO ARTS Painting Drawing Sculpture Ceramics Printmaking Silkscreen Introduction to Photography Art History Elective FALL 3 3 3 2 2 3 SPRING 3 3 3 2 2 3 VISUAL COMMUNICATIONS Type: Core Lab & Form: Core Lab Digital Imaging and Multimedia Interactive Multimedia Packaging Information Design Branding and Identity Culture of Design Type: Core Studio & Form: Core Studio FALL 4 2 3 3 3 SPRING 4 2 3 3 3 Total Credits 16 16 Total Credits 15 15 ILLUSTRATION ARTS Illustration Concepts Typography Non-Degree Programs FALL 3 3 3 3 3 SPRING 3 3 3 3 3 - Drawing 1+2 Digital Skills and Comp 1+2 Animation Studies 1+2 Art History Elective Total Credits 15 15 154 155 Non-Degree Programs NON-DEGREE PROGRAMS . or prepare for entering an MFA program. as well as gain exposure to a variety of cultures through our international faculty and student body. The student. management of design or art history through a study abroad experience. Parsons Paris offers full-time Certificate and Visiting Student programs that are perfect for those seeking in-depth study in art or design disciplines.Study Abroad at Parsons Paris Beyond our undergraduate programs.

SUMMER PROGRAMS During the Summer months Parsons Paris offers intensive courses in the fields of art. management and French. Studying full-time (minimum of 12 credits per semester).com. Management of Design or Critical Studies Concentration. credited courses on a space-available basis. Visit www. fashion.Bates College Brown University California College of Arts & Crafts City College Clark University Colby-Sawyer College College of Visual Arts Colorado State University Columbia University Cornell University Georgetown University Hamilton College Maryland Institute College of Art Minneapolis College of Art & Design Oxford University Rhode Island School of Design Reed College Sage College of Albany Sarah Lawrence College School of the Art Institute of Chicago School of Visual Arts Stanford University The University of the Arts University of Monterrey University of California Los Angeles University of Massachusetts University of Michigan University of The Arts London Vassar College Virginia Commonwealth University Yale University 156 157 VISITING STUDENT PROGRAM Parsons Paris offers an extraordinary Study Abroad program for college sophomores and juniors. from high school to mature learners. STUDENTS WHO PARTICIPATE IN THIS PROGRAM COME FROM NUMEROUS COLLEGES PART-TIME PROGRAMS • Non-Credit Classes Throughout the year non-credit classes are offered for students of all ages. Management of Design Concentration Investigating the intersections between management and design. Photography Concentration This concentration is for those who wish to explore primarily the medium of photography during their time at Parsons Paris. Non-Degree Programs Non-Degree Programs . or those with undergraduate degrees who wish to spend a semester or year experiencing the art. and culture of Paris. These are available approximately two months before the beginning of each semester. Studio Concentration Students investigate the medium or media of their choice and an individual’s program could include classes from any and all majors.parsons-paris. To learn more visit www. Visiting Students choose classes from the Parsons Paris departmental offerings as well as classes specifically developed for the Visiting Student community.com or email summer@parsons-paris. Those interested in this option can select courses for the semester for which they would like to study from our course brochure on our website. he/she selects to enter the Studio. Photography. design.parsons-paris. design. upon final approval of the Department Heads involved. Critical Studies Concentration Those interested in pursuing Critical Studies and Art History coursework apply for Critical Studies Concentration. • Special Part-Time Qualified students may enroll in individual. Management of Design students take courses primarily in the department of Design Management. photography.com to request a brochure and register for classes. Depending on what types of classes a student wishes to take at Parsons Paris.

No transcripts submitted after the end of a student’s first semester of attendance will be considered for transfer credit. Any student who does not complete the course with a passing grade in their first semester will receive an academic warning. Applicants who would like to transfer academic credits earned at non-English Language institutions are also required to have their transcripts evaluated by World Education Services (WES). To defer entry. Granting of transfer credit is contingent upon an applicant’s capacity to maintain the same satisfactory performance level by which the student was admitted. Each applicant is reviewed individually with regard to his or her own experience. Accepted applicants receive notification of transfer credit prior to Registration.ADMISSIONS CRITERIA Parsons Paris has no set admissions formula. and Personal Statement (see pages 161-164). Students who are accepted on probation who do not maintain a minimum GPA of 2. the Admissions Committee may require one of the following conditions: • English for International Students (EIS) Required Students whose English proficiency test scores fall between 60 and 91 on the TOEFL Ibt or 5. Once admitted. students may have their first semester of attendance at Parsons Paris to submit outstanding official transcripts to the Registrar for evaluation for possible transfer credit. A large part of the Admissions Committee’s decision is based upon evaluation of the Paris Portfolio. Parsons Paris seeks serious. etc. or equivalent university qualifying examinations. TRANSFER CREDIT POLICY All students are required to submit official transcripts to the Admissions Office for evaluation when applying to the school. a letter requesting a new entry date and describing the applicant’s plans must be sent to the Admissions Office. All students who are admitted with EIS required as an Admissions Condition. achievement and potential for artistic growth. Enrollment will be limited exclusively to the Studio/departmental portion of the curriculum. • Notification of Credit The transfer credit evaluation is completed and transfers credit granted only after an applicant has been accepted and has submitted all final transcripts from other schools to Parsons Paris. including home assignment. • Probation Students may be admitted on academic probation as a result of substandard academic performance. A non-refundable tuition deposit may be requested. transcripts from schools that were not indicated on the application for admission will not be reviewed. ADVANCED STANDING CREDIT Students who have earned a French or International Baccalaureate. and which correspond to Critical Studies requirements. and on the Admissions Committee’s receipt of the final transcripts of those studies. become the property of Parsons Paris. To contact WES go to www. A grade of “C” or better must be earned to receive transfer credit. letters of recommendation. All materials submitted to the Admissions Office. applicants receive information about housing. The Admissions Committee’s decision to admit an applicant is contingent upon successful completion of any ongoing studies. The student must successfully complete the EIS class in order to continue at Parsons Paris. Any student who has not successfully completed the course by the end of their second semester will be dismissed.5 and 6 on the IELTS will be considered for entry with English for International Students (EIS) required. a German Abitur. SPECIAL CONDITION ADMISSIONS In some cases. and highly motivated applicants. During the first semester of attendance. • Studio Credit Transfer credit for studio courses will be granted only for courses whose content is similar to that of Parsons Paris and after presentation of official transcripts and portfolio material demonstrating proficiency in the subject areas for which credit is sought. will be considered to receive appropriate transfer credits for those academic credentials. NO credit will be granted for “life experience.0 during the first semester of study at Parsons Paris will be dismissed. including the submission of all required documents to WES in order to ensure the timely completion of the evaluation report. tuition and fees. Design Analysis Essay.org. or who have passed A-Levels. ADMISSIONS DECISIONS The Admissions Committee will make no decision on an application until all materials have been received by the Admissions Office. Credit will only be granted in 12 credit (equivalent semester) blocks. A prospective student’s potential for artistic achievement is one of the most important criteria in evaluating candidates for admission.wes. as well as those who are placed into EIS courses as a result of mandatory testing administered during Orientation at Parsons Paris.” 158 Admissions 159 Admissions ADMISSIONS . and other matters. students should direct their questions about transfer credit to the Registrar. A course-by-course evaluation report must be prepared for each transcript. Critical Studies requirements normally completed in the first year must be completed in subsequent semesters or during the summer and in some cases may lengthen the time it takes to graduate. transcripts. instruct WES to send the report to the Parsons Paris Admissions Office. US Advanced Placement Exams. portfolio. In addition. plus EIS courses. All transcripts submitted must be original or certified copies in order to be accepted. Please start the evaluation process as early as possible. Applicants must submit official documentation in the original language and certified translations into English in order to receive credit. ACCEPTED APPLICANTS When notified of acceptance. responsible. • Critical Studies Credit Parsons Paris awards a maximum of 42 Critical Studies (including art history) credits for courses completed elsewhere. DEFERRING ADMISSION Some students choose to defer their date of entry in order to travel or work. decisions are rendered and mailed to applicants within three weeks of receipt of all materials.

com/ICS/.5 band score on the IELTS. • Applications received after November 1st. 2011 If you are applying for a scholarship or wish to have priority consideration. Within two business days after submitting your application you will receive a login and password for myschool.org. Parsons Paris.Submit work on CD-ROM. All application materials must be submitted in advance of the interview. • SCHEDULE AN INTERVIEW Applicants to the Degree and Certificate Programs must schedule a telephone or in-person interview. IELTS All applicants for whom English is not their native language must submit results of either the TOEFL exam (the Test of English as a Foreign Language) or IELTS (International English Language Testing System). TOEFL.COMPLETE APPLICATION • ONLINE Complete the online application form at https:// myschool. Applicants for the BFA and BBA. • SUBMIT TRANSCRIPTS AND TEST SCORES Once you have submitted your application via our online portal. you must send your test scores and transcripts separately to the Admissions Office. • SUBMIT TRANSCRIPTS OF PREVIOUS STUDY All applicants must provide secondary school and/or college transcripts to the Admissions Office. create a login and password and upload your work in the "add media section". • Applications received after March 1st. 2011 If you are applying for a scholarship or wish to have priority consideration.ets. During your interview your portfolio and home assignment will be reviewed. . Follow instructions on the site to pay the application fee.com. currently enrolled in an American high school must submit SAT or ACT exam results. Those whose scores fall between 60 and 91 on the TOEFL Ibt or 5. Spring 2012 All application materials must be submitted by: • Priority Deadline: November 1st. 75015 Paris France. .ielts. design business(es). • SUBMIT ARTWORK Choose one of the following methods: .com that will allow you to keep track of the status of your application. or designer(s) that inspire you and why you would like the opportunity to pursue an education in art and design. and upload your essay(s). 2011 will be reviewed as received on a space available basis. You may save your work and return later to complete the application form. • SCHEDULE A PERSONAL INTERVIEW In addition to the materials listed at left and the additional application materials by program. 2011 will be reviewed as received on a space available basis. to schedule an interview well in advance of the desired appointment date.Go to parsonsparis. ACT. • ON PAPER Should you be unable to access the online application you may download a paper form from our website and the credit card authorization form to pay the application form. You must have submitted all your other required application materials before we conduct the interview. 160 Application Procedure 161 Application Materials APPLYING APPLICATION MATERIALS . You will be expected to discuss your work. Request that your score be sent directly to Parsons Paris. Do not put adhesive labels on the cd-Rom. Those who have already earned a bachelor’s degree prior to applying for admission to Parsons Paris are not required to submit secondary school transcripts. design manager(s). Our institution code is 8217. Applicants must contact the Admissions Office at +33 (0)1 45 77 39 66 or admissions@parsons-paris. • SUBMIT TEST SCORES: SAT. To get information for the earliest possible test date for the TOEFL exam go to www. which is located in the “Apply” section of the site. All other applicants must submit secondary school transcripts. Email admissions@parsons-paris.5 and 6 on the IELTS will be considered for entry with English for International Students required (see Special Condition Admissions section on page 158 for more information).com to schedule an interview. use our CEEB code: 4627. image files should be in .pdf format and have a resolution of 72 ppi and a largest dimension around 1220px.parsons-paris. • SUBMIT APPLICATION MATERIALS BY PROGRAM On the following pages are the additional materials you must submit by program to which you are applying.org. ALL APPLICANTS • SUBMIT THE PERSONAL STATEMENT Write a 500-word statement that describes the works of an artist(s). To find testing centers and register for the IELTS go to www.com. DEADLINES Fall 2011 All application materials must be submitted by: • Priority Deadline: March 1st. The site will lead you through the process of applying: you will be required to provide personal and educational information. all Degree and Certificate Program applicants must have a personal interview either in-person or by telephone and Visiting Student applicants are strongly encouraged to do so. 14 rue Letellier.parsons-paris.jpg or . The minimum scores required are: 92 on the TOEFL Ibt test or 6.Provide the Admissions Office with a web address where you have made your work available.slideroom.

Experimentation . Conceptual skills. Individuality. BBA Design Management Sophomore and Junior Year Applicants THE DESIGN ANAYSIS ESSAY Write a one-page (500 word) essay analyzing a well-designed everyday object or product. 3. Three photographs concerning a theme of your choice. advertisement or software. 2. You may consider such issues as the purpose and effectiveness. THE PARIS PORTFOLIO Should you wish to receive studio credit for college level art course taken elsewhere you must submit a portfolio displaying the equivalent skills achieved by students having completed the coursework at Parsons Paris for which you wish to receive credit. closet. (Please refer to the Parsons Paris course descriptions on our website for more information. work copied from a two-dimensional source. include the following works: 1. perspective. still lives.the ability to explore multiple and different processes and materials. and depth of field. Three photographs concerning a theme of your choice. Note: portfolios should not contain work specific to an intended major. TRANSFER ENTRY OPTIONS BFA Sophomore & Junior Transfer Applicants All Majors except Photography THE PARIS PORTFOLIO Your portfolio must display corresponding skills to students having completed equivalent studies at Parsons Paris. Technical skills . publication. Conceptual skills. or work created solely from the imagination. Additionally. Experimentation . Please include a visual reference of the object you have analyzed in the Add Media section or on a CD-Rom. and depth of field.) 162 Additional Application Materials 163 Additional Application Materials ADDITIONAL APPLICATION MATERIALS: DEGREE PROGRAMS . advertisement or software. Be discriminating.the ability to explore multiple and different processes and materials. sustainability and environmental impact.. 3.perspective drawing. A self-portrait drawn in pencil from a mirror including foreground and background. and life drawing from the figure. 3. Sensitivity regarding color. Explain why you think this item is well designed. etc. Additionally. A photograph representing an interpretive selfportrait. Sensitivity regarding color. Explain why you think this item is well designed. submit a well-edited portfolio of your finest work. focus. printing.perspective drawing. Be discriminating. etc. Individuality work made outside of projects assigned at school. as well as the social implications of the object.the ability to explore ideas and different processes and materials. building. A self-portrait drawn in pencil from a mirror including foreground and background. A drawing of one of the smaller spaces in your home (bathroom. lighting. sustainability and environmental impact. attic) using a black and white medium. include: 1. 2.work created outside of projects assigned at school. include 5 pieces of work specific to your intended major. 2. Knowledge and use of composition. A color collage depicting the same scene as in number 2 using cut or torn paper. You may consider such issues as the purpose and effectiveness. such as a photograph. Individuality . Please include a visual reference of the object you have analyzed in the Add Media section or on a CD-Rom. Experimentation . Experimentation . BFA Freshman Direct-entry Photography Applicants THE PARIS PORTFOLIO Demonstrate: Conceptual skills. Sensitivity regarding color. publication. focus. Additionally. Individuality .exposure. building. Sensitivity regarding color. perspective. submit a well-edited portfolio of your finest work.. Technical skills .FIRST YEAR ENTRY OPTIONS BFA Freshman Foundation Applicants Complete regardless of intended major THE PARIS PORTFOLIO Demonstrate: Drawing skills . Knowledge and use of composition. and life drawing from the figure. BBA Freshman Direct-entry Design Management Applicants THE DESIGN ANALYSIS ESSAY Write a one-page (500 word) essay analyzing a well-designed everyday object or product.) Demonstrate: Drawing skills . A photograph representing an interpretive selfportrait.work created outside of school. as well as the social implications of the object. Photography Majors THE PARIS PORTFOLIO Demonstrate: Conceptual skills. (Please refer to the Parsons Paris course descriptions on our website for more information. Additionally.exposure. A self-portrait drawn in pencil from a mirror including foreground and background. still lives.the ability to explore ideas and different processes and materials. lighting. include the following works: 1. printing.

experimentation. • Number of contact hours per week (for the entire term) by course. General Fashion Studies. individuality. focus. TRANSFER STUDENTS Please provide course descriptions for every course for which you wish to receive transfer credit.VISITING STUDENT PROGRAM APPLICANTS Submit a Course Request/Pre-Approval Form. • Grading scale (i. Please include a visual reference of the object you have analyzed in the Add Media section. avaliable on our website. printing. printing. perspective. be sure to instruct WES to send the report to: Admissions Office Parsons Paris 14. Applicants who would like to transfer academic credits earned at non-English Language institutions are also required to have their transcripts evaluated by World Education Services (WES).). conceptual skills. Experimentation . building. Illustration Arts THE PARIS PORTFOLIO: Submit 10-20 examples of your work that shows your readiness to undertake the studies for which you are applying. rue Letellier 75015 Paris France ALL TRANSCRIPT DOCUMENTS MUST BE • Written in English or be provided with an official translation in English. including the submission of all required documents to WES in order to ensure the timely completion of the evaluation report. Individuality . Photographic Arts THE PARIS PORTFOLIO: Demonstrate: Conceptual skills. A course-by-course evaluation report must be prepared for each transcript. Photography Concentration THE PARIS PORTFOLIO: Demonstrate: Conceptual skills. Textile Arts. Your work should demonstrate drawing skills. Select courses from Parsons Paris course offerings and rank them as either essential or desired: Essential . • Student name (must appear on every page of the transcript)..the ability to explore multiple and different processes and materials.. individuality. as well as the social implications of the object. Technical skills . Individuality . • Names of individual courses completed. etc. lighting.work created outside of school. Knowledge and use of composition. dean. You may consider such issues as the purpose and effectiveness.e. lighting. and depth of field. Explain why you think this item is well designed. Management of Design THE DESIGN ANAYSIS ESSAY: Write a one-page (500 word) essay analyzing a well-designed everyday object or product. Explain why you think this item is well designed. as well as the social implications of the object. publication. Knowledge and use of composition. • Length of the term. Studio Concentration THE PARIS PORTFOLIO: Submit 10-20 examples of your work that shows your readiness to undertake the studies for which you are applying.. Sensitivity regarding color.work created outside of projects assigned at school. and sensitivity regarding color. You may consider such issues as the purpose and effectiveness. if any.wes. advertisement or software. • Degree awarded. • Notarized or signed by the school official (registrar. perspective. Additional Application Materials 165 Transcript Issues ADDITIONAL APPLICATION MATERIALS: NON DEGREE PROGRAMS TRANSCRIPT ISSUES . Experimentation . Include a minimum of 5 drawings from the figure. Please start the evaluation process as early as possible. publication. Sensitivity regarding color. Visual Communications. Include a minimum of 5 drawings from the figure. and sensitivity regarding color. 164 CERTIFICATE PROGRAM APPLICANTS Studio Arts. • Stamped with the school seal or other official marking.org. sustainability and environmental impact. To contact WES go to www.. • Printed on secure transcript paper or the letterhead of the school (not a copy). Critical Studies Concentration No additional materials.exposure.exposure. and depth of field.F = Failure) or description of grading system. Please include a visual reference of the analyzed in the Add Media section. focus. conceptual skills. • Grade or evaluation received for each course. advertisement or software. etc. NON-ENGLISH LANGUAGE TRANSCRIPTS All applicants who have been educated in non-English language programs are required to submit an original transcript from each institution attended along with a certified English language translation. Information that must be provided on all official transcripts: • Name and address of school. Management of Design THE DESIGN ANAYSIS ESSAY: Write a one-page (500 word) essay analyzing a well-designed everyday object or product. completed by the student and home institution adviser. experimentation.if you must take this course to fulfill your home institution requirements. building.if you would like to take the course but it could be substituted. etc. Your work should demonstrate drawing skills. Desired . Technical skills . sustainability and environmental impact.the ability to explore multiple and different processes and materials. • Dates of attendance.: A = Excellent.

5 with a full-time load of at least 12 credits. LOANS + ON-CAMPUS INTERNSHIP PROGRAM The Parsons Paris Scholarship Committee grants financial assistance awards on the basis of three criteria: financial need. Parsons Paris loans are made for the period of education at Parsons Paris and will not be due for payment until the student has completed the Parsons Paris degree as long as the student maintains full-time enrollment. which defray a portion of tuition. They must also reapply and show continued need. Awards may be reduced or discontinued if a student’s financial circumstances or academic performance are deemed to no longer warrant tuition assistance. In addition.TUITION + SCHOLARSHIP Estimated Academic Year Expenses in Euros PARSONS PARIS SCHOLARSHIP. academic activities.000 € 1. A limited number of partial scholarships and loans. policies. degree programs. 166 Tuition + Scholarships © 2010 / AFAD / École Parsons à Paris / Paris College of Art. facilities. faculty. for fall entry • October 1. 167 . The information published here represents the plans of the Association Franco-Américaine de Design / École Parsons à Paris / Paris College of Art at the time of publication.* Visiting Students are not eligible for Parsons Paris financial assistance. Scholarships are awarded for one year. course offerings. The Association Franco-Américaine de Design / École Parsons à Paris / Paris College of Art reserves the right to change without notice any matter contained in this publication.000 € 200 € 300 € Housing during Orientation (optional) Personal / Meals Books and supplies TOTAL 4. all degree students may be chosen to participate in the on-campus internship program. students must remain in good academic standing (a semester GPA of at least 2. Interns are assigned positions within the school for which they receive an honorarium. To Apply: Applicants should download the Financial Assistance Application from our website and submit it with their application for admission. and commitment to the Parsons Paris program. To retain their scholarships. for spring entry 2010-2011 Tuition Health Insurance Housing 24. Recent scholarship sponsors include Biotherm and Bibliothèque Kandinsky and the Annenberg Foundation. and administrators. names of programs. merit. are available to Parsons Paris degree and Certificate students.435 € *Please note Parsons Paris students are not eligible to receive US/FAFSA financial aid. fees. including but not limited to tuition. Applicants who would like to be considered for financial assistance should apply for admission by the Priority Deadline: • March 1. There will no interest levied on this loan. including all degree requirements).200 € Local transportation 37. academic requirements. Payment of tuition or attendance at any classes shall constitute a student's acceptance of the administration's rights as set forth above.375 € 360 € 7.

17 9 8 2 16 7 6 Letellier Campus 18 19 10 20 3 11 Voltaire Campus 1 4 15 5 12 14 13 168 169 .


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Private institution of higher education Etablissement d’enseignement supérieur privé École Parsons à Paris – a division of Paris College of Art 14 rue Letellier • 75015 Paris. France • Tel: +33 (0)1 45 77 39 66 • Fax: +33 (0)1 45 77 10 44 www.com .com • admissions@parsons-paris.parsons-paris.

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