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Press Release

Department of Public Relations, Corporate Communications and Media

Thursday, 28th April 2011

Yesterday 27 April 2011 after Dr. Kizza Besigye was given bail, he tried to drive to Kampala but he was stopped by police at Kawempe Kuttano and diverted to use an alternative route up to his residence. He then proceeded to his home with a crowd from where he addressed the press saying that come rain or shine he will walk today (Thursday). Indeed this morning he got out of his gate to walk with a crowd but was stopped. He decided to use his vehicle with a seven car convoy behind him. When he arrived at Kalerwe, he came out of his roof top and started waving to people with the FDC sign. He attracted some people with whom he proceeded to Kubbiri round about but was blocked. When the people were asked to disperse, they compiled. He then wanted to go to Bombo road but when police guided him to use Yusuf Lule road he refused. The police was patient for one and a half hours as they tried to negotiate with him to restrain his supporters as they were trying to get him an alternate route. He went to Mulago round about but by this time he had attracted attention of his people who came around and started throwing stones at the police. The situation got out of hand as he locked himself inside his car. Police took a decision to arrest him from his car and upon arrest he was taken to Kasangati Court.


He was arrested together with Kato Fred, Kavuma Robert, Mugumya Sam, Kalanzi Geofrey, Mwijukye Francis and Byomuhangi Martin for unlawful assembly and assault of Police Officers. We, consequently, caution any person organizing, or intending to hold or participate in such unlawful demonstration, which has potential to degenerate into a riotous situation that such action constitutes a criminal offence, and the Police shall take firm and resolute action against such persons. The Police shall continue to cooperate with the public, and other security agencies, to maintain law and order, prevent crime, and ensure the safety and security of the country.


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