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Ma~ 2011

Volume 4- Issue 7

A Message from the r rincipal.

Mahalo tor a great school ~ear! We're at the tail end of SY 2010-201 1 and can see the "light at the end of the tunnel!" The students have worked diligentl~ and the teachers have been ver~ adamant in assuring the students have learned their respective standards and benchmarks tor the ~ear. Yes, the students have probabl~ had much homework, class work and prc:Ject assignments throughout this school ~ear. And that is characteristic ot Keone' ula Elementar~'s high expectations and standards, of which we are proud!

There are a tew more field trips and student activities in Ma~: JFO Field Da~, the annual5ill Cupit Track Meet once again at the Kapolei High School track, and our annual ~ear-end Reading Campaign Field Da~ celebration. Grade 6 has several activities/events planned for this month, so please be sure to check with ~our grade 6 child on dates and events.

A tinal F arent Workshop tor this school ~ear is scheduled tor Frida~, Ma~ 6, 2011 at 8:30 am in the cateteria. This tinal workshop will NOT include student participation. The topics will be on Wellness and our grade tive D.A.K E. Frogram. Flease plan to attend this session; our Farent Workshops have consistentlq been intormative and enjo~able. See !:;Iou there!

Volume 4- Issue 7

Ma~ 2011

I take this opportunit~ to thank ~ou for ~our consistent support on the school's efforts at making Keone' ula Elementar~ second to none. Yes, we have a beautiful campus, and ~es, we are proud of that. 5ut even prouder we shall be when we know our students are performing at their highest potential and feeling proud of that! And this can be accomplished through our parent/guardian and school partnership. Mahalo for being a part of our Keone' ula Elementar~ School famil~!

The students' last da~ ot school is Thursda_y, Ma~ 26, 2011. THIS WILL 5E A FULL DAY FOR THE STUDENTS.

Have a safe and relaxing summer with famil~ and friends. We look forward to seeing~ou again in the Fall of 201 1, Monda~, August 1, 201 1, to be specific. For our grade 6 students who will be going on to grade 7, we wish ~ou well. Rememberto practice all of the skills ~ou have learned while attending Keone' ula Elomentar~; do ~our best in learning new skills and concepts as ~ou progress through the secondarq school ~ears ... and be good! Mahalo Nui Loa!

F rincipal's Grade 7 Grade 6 FCNC& VF Corner Calendar at
Message 500k otthe Events
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Ma~ 2011

Volume + Issue 7 Grade 3 "Second Creatures of Hawaii" Presentation

The terrific third graders got a second chance to see wild reptiles and amphibians up close with Mr. Charles King. This time, they got to observe them in a more personal view and really use the International Baccalaureate IB learner Profile of "INQUIRY".

Zoologist Charles King, Hawaii's "Reptile Man" for over 20 years guided the kids on an upclose look at Hawaii's amazing lizards, turtles, snakes, and frogs.

The students got to touch and examine the animals while coming up with inquiry questions about their habitat, life cycle, and physical descriptions. Since this was our second try, we were all more brave and willing to try new things.

It was so much fun looking up facts in Mr. King's reptile books and asking him a million questions regarding the animals. It was nice to see the kids so involved with "Local" animals that they would even see in their backyard!

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Ma~ 2011

Volume 4- Issue 7

Ma~ 2011

Volume + Issue 7


6th Grade Spelling Bee

6th Grade Spelling Bee Winners for the 3·d Quarter - 1st place, Brianna Marti, Ryan Gomez, and Byron

J .. .P.

Participants of the 3rd Quarter Spelling Bee

6th Grade IB Field Trip to Religious Places

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Ma~ 2011

Box Tops for Education

Here's another opportunity to help us earn money for the school. Simply clip the Box Top logo stamp. For more information visit A collection bin is available in the front office.

Aloha Japan - Thank ~ou to our students, parents and staff members who contributed to the Japan Tsunami Relief. We were able to donate $718.")7. Thank ~ou to ever~one who contributed to the collection efforts. We appreciate ~our generosit~ at a

time like this.



Volume 4- Issue 7

Campbell's Labels for Education

Help us earn money for the school. We are still collecting Campbell labels. Visit Campbell's website at for a list of products that qualify for the program. Students should submit labels to the front office.

Reading Campaign for Third Quarter - Our preschool students exceeded the school goal of 95cro. They had a lOOcro of students who met their reading campaign. Congratulations pre-school!

Book of the Month - Y oko, the kitten, has gone off to school

looking forward to having a good day. But her classmates tease her about her sushi lunch. Even worse, during the class Snack Time Song, students tease Y oko about her snack of azuki beans. Y oko doesn't want to go outside and play during recess. Yoko's teacher comes up with a plan to help students learn about different cultures and to be accepting of people who are different. The teacher plans an International Food Day and requires students to try everything. But only Timothy, a raccoon, is brave enough to taste Yoko's sushi. Timothy and Y oko become friends, planning to open their very own lunch-time restaurant.

Grade K students should reflect on their prior experiences. What can you do to make another student feel welcomed at school?

K.eone'ula E.lementar.':j School·9 1-970 K.aileolea Drive·68 9-1 ; 80 6

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Ma_y 2011

VP Corner

Volume 4- Issue 7

Dear KE.S r arents & Guardians,

I can't believe how 9uickl~ the school ~ear has gone b~. It teels like it was just ~esterda~ when I tirst started at Keone'ula. It's been an exciting ~ear and I am looking torward to the new school ~ear. Have a sate summer students and we'll see ~ou back at school on August 1 , 201 1! Don't torget to do some reading, writing and review ~our math tacts during the summer!

r arents please make sure ~ou have a cop~ ot the 201 1 -20 1 2 school ~ear calendar. It ~ou do not have a cop~, please go to our blog: to get a cop~ ot the calendar.



Lost and Found Items - All lost and found items not claimed by the end of the school year will be donated to charity.

Don't forget next year, we will be having the parent newsletter and menu on our website. You will need to download these documents each month.

K.eone'ula E.lementar.':j School'9 1-970 K.aileolea Drive'689-1 ,80 Visit our School51og at

Meal Accounts:

The end of the school year is approaching and lunch accounts will be handled in the following manner:

• Checks will not be accepted after May 6, 2011.

Please deposit ONLY CASH effective May 9, 2011. Also, DO NOT deposit more than $20.00 CASH into your child's account.

• Refunds will be available for pick-up after June 6,2011 at the office. Refunds will be given with release packets. Current 6th graders may pick up refunds with proper authorization.

• All negative balances should be cleared by June 3,2011 or it will be an outstanding financial obligation for your child. A student who fairs to make restitution shall be prohibited from participating in any student activity including field trips.


Ma~ 2011

Volume + Issue 7

Withdrawal Procedures - If your child will be leaving, please note the following procedures:

• A "Request for Release" form must be filled out in the office at least 2 weeks prior to departure. Due to the large number of transfers anticipated, we ask that you inform us by May 9, 2011 if you are not returning in August 2011. Filling out this form is NOT a formal release. Please see office staff for the proper form.

• Students are responsible to return all books to the classroom teacher and the Library. Release packets will not be issued until all books are returned or fees paid. Please do not wait until the last day to return books.

• Release packets are to be picked up and signed for at the office, with proper identification, by the parent/guardian after school on the student's last day prior to your departure from Hawai'i.

May/ August/September/October

May 2 PS/FSC Field Trip @ Bishop Museum

May 2-11... Student Council Elections

May 5 JPO Field Day @ Kapi'olani Park

May 13 Complex Track Meet @ Kapolei HS

May 17 Grade 5 DARE Day

May 19 Grade 6 Field Trip - Luncheon at Tropics

May 26 Last day of school for students

August 1.. First day of school for students

August 19 Holiday: Statehood - No school for students

September 5 .Holiday: Labor Day - No school for students

September 30 1st Quarter ends

October 3-7 Fall Break - No School for students

October 10 Teacher Institute - No school for students

K.eone'ula E.lementar,!:l School*91-970 K.aileolea Drive*689-1 ,80 8

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