Color-Coding System Writing Standards

Color Green Response to Literature 4. Re-enacts and retells stories. Narratives 5. Imitates narrative elements and derives stories from books they have read or had read to them. 1. Evidences a plan in their writing. Functional Writing Report Writing



9. Makes explicit reference to parts of the text when presenting or defending a claim. 7. Compares two books by the same author.

1. Can give instructions.

1. Gathers information pertinent to a topic, sort it into major categories. 3. Demonstrates ability to communicate with readers by using details to develop their points; sometimes including pictures, diagrams, maps and other graphics.

4. Demonstrates a growing awareness of author’s craft by employing some writing strategies.

2. Describes, in appropriate sequence and with a few details, the steps one must take to make or do a particular thing.


10. Presents a plausible interpretation of a book.

3. Frequently incorporates drawings, diagrams or other suitable graphics with written text. 2. Independently recognizes and exclude or delete extraneous information. 2. Develops a narrative or retelling containing two or more appropriately sequenced events. 3. Claims, marks or identifies objects and places. 6. In some cases, begins to recount not just events but also reactions. (3) pays attention to signing off


8. Discusses several books on the same theme. 5. Produces simple evaluative expressions. 6. Makes simple comparisons of the story to events or people in their own lives. 1. Writes stories, memoirs, poems, songs and other literary forms. 2. Demonstrates an ability to reproduce some literary language and styles they hear and read. 3. Imitates a text or writes in a genre.





Light Blue

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