Time 9:00-9:10

Activity Morning Message

Student Role -Students will sit on the circle rug -They will post the date and the weather on the calendar -Read Morning Message aloud with the teacher -Answer question asked in the morning message -Go up to the board and point out capital letters, punctuation, etc. -One student will point to each word and have the class read along - Class will make predictions about what the story will be about. - They will answer questions during the book and after the book.

Teacher Role -Write Morning Message on the board -Ask the class to read along -Use a pointer and point at each word as they read -Tally the answers to the question at the end -Hang Morning Message on the wall for later reference


Interactive Read Aloud


Shared Reading


Writing Workshop

- The class will be placed in different groups around the classroom - Together they will read an assigned book - After reading, they will share with a partner -The students will get out their writing folders and sit at their assigned seats after the assignment has been assigned -They will write the different steps of how to do something

-Teacher will read the book Peanut Butter, Apple Butter, Cinnamon Toast -Pre-reading What do you see on the cover? What do you think this book will be about? -During reading questions: What kind of food is being described? -Post reading questions -Teach the students about rhyme - The teacher will select the books and members for each group based on their reading level


Independent Reading

- The students will pick out a book to read and sit on the circle rug and read quietly

- The teacher will go over what the days writing assignment will be, example: Write a how to list - They will go over an example on the board - They will tell the class different examples to write about if they d like - Teacher will walk around the room and make sure that everyone is writing -Teacher will help those who are struggling - The teacher will take notes on each students writing - The teacher will make sure that the students are reading and not talking with other students