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Rectangle Book

Rectangle Book

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2 dimensional figures-Encyclopedic knowledge
2 dimensional figures-Encyclopedic knowledge

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Published by: Marta Kalinowska-Wilson on Apr 29, 2011
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A rectangle has four sides.

A rectangle has four inside angles.

A rectangle has two pairs of equal opposite sides.

Each one of the interior angles of the rectangle is called a ´right angleµ and is 90 .

A rectangle is defined as a parallelogram with four equal angles.

The sum of all the interior angles of a rectangle is 360 . 90 +90 +90 +90 =360 .

A rectangle is a two-dimensional figure.

Rectangles are studied in a branch of geometry called plane geometry.

In plane geometry a rectangle is classified as a type of convex quadrilateral.

The word rectangle comes from the Latin word rectus meaning ´rightµ and ´angulusµ meaning ´angleµ describing the four interior right angles of the rectangle.

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