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www.pinoyfraternity.com/index.php?showtopic=3342 What is Fraternity or Sorority? Fraternity or sorority is a social, professional, or honordy societies for male and female. The goal is to instantiate in the wider community the sorts of feelings for each other, and the sorts of behavior towards each other that brothers and sisters are taken to have or display the number of objective is to practice neat brotherhood among members. www.collageview.com/articles/cv/campuslife/fraternities_and_sororities.html Most colleges and universities have sororities and fraternities. These are club like organizations with Greek letters as their name. Sororities are for women and fraternities are for men. Each fraternity and sorority uses two or three Greek letters. Often these are shortened to nicknames. There is only one national organization with a particular name, but that organization has chapters at various campuses. By far, the most popular reason for students join a fraternity or sorority is the social life. The emphasis each Greek organization puts on service and scholarship varies. The initiation is the formal ceremony when new members join the Greek organization. http://people.howstuffworks.com/fraternity.html/printable Branding Allegiance Branding or burning symbols unto the skin with heated object is a tradition in black fraternities. Many black fraternities choose to get the brand as a symbol of their permanent allegiance to the fraternity- a brand doesn¶t come off and is more ritualistic than a tattoo. http://sirlouieblakesarmiento.blogspot.com/2009/12/what-is-oldest-fraternity-in.html The Odd Fellows and Freemasonry are considered the oldest fraternities in the Philippines and even in the world. The first masonic lodge in the Philippines,"Primera Luz Filipina", was established sometime in 1856 but membership was only open to Spaniards. No native became members except those who went to study in Europe such as Jose Rizal. The first fraternity to reach the Philippines during the Spanish-American war was the Odd Fellows sometime in 1872. They became largely responsible for the petty insurrection the following year (Source: Major O.W. Coursey, U.S. Volunteer, author of the History and

one must undergo a special initiation called HAZING. Any member who disobeys orders will be considered a traitor and will instantly expelled and become an enemy of the frat.A more popular term for fraternity.O. To join a frat. They later formed a Grand Lodge in 1912. But most people do not see the true meaning of fraternity hidden under the shadows of this characteristics. usually blindfolded. Brotherhood? For all we know. The first officially chartered I. Fraternity. equal in everything.1 which was instituted sometime in 1891. every brother is equal in rights. The Freemasonry in the Philippines that we know today reached the Philippines in the year 1877 and considered as the second fraternity to reach the Philippine Islands during the Spanish-American war.remain standing until the end of hazing and pass or be . The first recorded lodge that accepted Filipinos was Nilad lodge no.O. The lodge ceased to operate during the Japanese-American War. While one who fails in accomplishing a given mission and number of failures already done in the past. there is discrimination from the Master down to the Neophyte.Geography of the Philippine Islands). like in a true family. This is the most excruciating part of the entire process. At first. Members were mostly military servicemen during that time. if the master ordered the neophyte to attack the neophyte's best friend. http://expertscolumn. the neophyte has no choice but to do so or suffer the consequences. For instance. equal in responsibilities. equal in power.a word meaning BROTHERHOOD. Once the hazing starts. It is the barbaric process in which the frat members. they did not accept Filipinos and membership was only limited to a particular Nationality. Unlike this. brotherhood is a relationship in which. there is no backing out. A neophyte who is the lowest ranking members must obey all the other frat members.com/content/fraternity-all-about-brotherhood Frat. This is the main reason why teenagers are attracted to frats. the applicants.F lodge (chapter) in the Philippines was Manila Lodge no. They held their meetings in Military and Naval base camps. he must always follow orders no matter what. in a frat. He has no right to complain. Founded in 1918 the official registered college fraternity in the Philippines is the Upsilon Sigma Phi considered also as the oldest in Asia. The applicants have only two alternatives .1 which was instituted around 1898.

Parents must also give enough love and affection to their children. Some die while being initiated. all the members abide to the policy. In this gang fights. To avoid all the bad effects caused by frats.knocked out or worse. the role of fraternities and sororities on colleges has come under increasing scrutiny. this duty reaches the limits. And society must not be judgmental. Because fraternity are like black HOLES in which one can get in but cannot get out. one for all". either intentionally or accidentally. www. The frat also has the duty to protect its members. The frat will slay its members even if they are the ones who are wrong. Pike In the nearest years. Being a frat member has its positive and negative aspects.org/about-up-apo/ . it will be much help if we do our best not to join of frats without joining any. One of its good aspects is how the members help each other especially in their financial needs. The Influence of Fraternity or Sorority Membership on Students¶ College Experiences a Cognitive Development By: Gary R. Having even just one true friend is far better than having fraternity so why don't you try to find one. Results of the National Study of Students Learning (NSSL) indicate that membership in Greek Organization can have a negative effect on students cognitive development particularly during first year college. This happens when two or more disputing teens happen to be both frat members. But sometimes. result indicated that Greek students had higher levels of involvement and gains in general abilities that did non-Greek students. some frat members or innocent civilians maybe injured or be killed.upapo. This small quarrel will grow until the entire frats will be involved. Most of those who turn to frats only want to seek refuge from all of these stress. The two frat will then fight against each other until only one of them left. die and fall. This policy is the main source of frat wars. "All for one. We must think twice before joining any fraternity. The present research sought to assess the generalizability of NSSL findings to first findings . The only problems about this is how they collect contributions from unwilling subjects like students who usually have their own problems to deal with.

especially during the period when not being able to trust even one of your brothers led to a scorching death . Friendship and Service. The Fraternity was chartered as the seventh chapter of Alpha Phi Omega in the Philippines in 1953 designated as ETA Chapter ± ETA for Excellence.P.com/search?updated-max=2009-0326T12%3A52%3A00-07%3A00&max-results=7 Here¶s an interview about being involved in fraternities: Every secret society since the dawn of time has had initiation rites. It has also been instrumental in advocating awareness amongst the youth on AIDS and other Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STD) through Tone-tingin Mo AIDS & STD Awareness Concert and Project White. The Alpha Phi Omega remains to be a campus force actively involved in almost all aspects of university life. True to its cardinal principles of Leadership. Dental and Optical Missions in depressed and underprivileged communities of the metropolis and even in remote areas in the provinces.blogspot. Alpha Phi Omega has always sought to develop leaders from among its ranks of brothers and sisters through the conduct of service projects. ALPHA PHI OMEGA FRATERNITY was formally organized in 1951 and was officially recognized by the University of the Philippines in 1952. there was also the need for the society to be able to trust its members. the college. Alpha Phi Omega reaches out not only to the confines of the university but also to the premises of different communities in the country.The Fraternity The U. linking with other organizations and institutions. that benefit the students and faculty. participating in campus politics. In the same breadth. All year long. be it great or small. besides the need to protect the teachings. and spearheading meaningful and relevant advocacies. It has always immersed in sponsoring college and university events. Alpha Phi Omega Fraternity and Sorority are behind projects and initiatives that are of great significance to various stakeholders. It conducts Medical. During summer of academic year. Later. designed to protect the teachings of the society from the undeserving. the Fraternity is in the forefront of providing assistance to college freshmen and UP administration through the UP Health Service Assistance and Registration Assistance Project. the community and the nation at large. http://philippineshazing.

³[The initiation rites of a group] boils down to this: You should be prepared to die so that others within the community will not die.org as ³any activity expected of someone joining a group (or to maintain full status in a group) that humiliates. . http://www. Hazing is a problem in all organizations. regardless of the person¶s willingness to participate´. A PPO report identified the victim as John Daniel L. 18. What happens instead during initiation is hazing. journalist Hank Nuwer produced a book in 1990 entitled Wrongs of Passage based on his research on the deaths and injuries caused by hazing among college fraternities and organizations in the US. brought to the edge of a bridge and told to jump. It was the second time this month that a fraternity recruit had died in the province due to the violent initiation practice. police records show. Cavite. and a resident of Velmont Hills. An initiate of old would be blindfolded.´ says de Villa.mb. defined in the website StopHazing. In fact. With freedom of association enshrined in the Constitution. the circumstances today are far different. not just Greek-letter societies. degrades or risks emotional and/or physical harm.ph/articles/226275/another-frathazing-victim-dies-cavite Another frat-hazing victim dies in Cavite By ANTHONY GIRON A teenage university student died after he underwent hazing in Cavite. Pasong Kawayan II also in General Trias town. can spell the difference between life and death. the police provincial office (PPO) said Saturday. Arguably. Samparada. Trust in your brothers.com. a student of Lyceum of the Philippines in General Trias. and is not limited to Philippine fraternities. succumbed at the Estrella Hospital in Silang town were he was brought by his three comrades after the hazing that was conducted at Dasmarinas town. there is no need for such secrecy.for everyone concerned. who suffered severe leg beatings. A willingness to jump meant a willingness to sacrifice oneself rather than betray the brotherhood. something an initiation rite is supposed to instill. Samparada.

Dasmariñas. Bandalan.Arrested were Carlo Paulo I. Phase 1. Solar Homes Subd. Samparada complained of breathing difficulty and pains as he. eating unusual food. and serving. Inspector Rolando Mapile. Silang police investigation chief.m. He withheld the identities of the members pending their arrest. last Thursday at a ricefield in Dasmariñas town. Senior members of the fraternity allegedly hit Samparada on the legs with a paddle during the initiation rites in the area they called Bukid. 18. first year HRM student of International School in Bacoor. Cavite. Villa Luisa Subdivision.com/index. wearing weird clothing. 21. Bartolome. Paddling is done over the lap.The victim was a recruit of Tau Gamma Phi fraternity. but mostly at the back of the thigh or on the bare buttock. often with pointless tests of obedience. An incoming member will be asked to wear a very funny or weird costume that would impose a negative effect on the wearer. Seized from Bartolome and Bandalan were notepad sheets with ³I Love Tau Gamma Phi´ inscription. It includes paddling. said they are looking for 11 other members of the fraternity who were involved in the hazing. . and Bandalan were walking in an area called Liblib in Silang town where they attended the fraternity meeting after the hazing in Dasmariñas. The third member eluded arrest. Servitude is waiting on others (as at frat parties) or various other forms of housework. tedious cleaning. Trias and a resident of Block 9. also in Silang. Lot 28. and Joel A. Slapping is done in the face. http://www. Barangay San Agustin I. Cavite.php?showtopic=3753 There are a lot of practices in a fraternity and sorority. The trio was on their way to attend the fraternity outing at Villaluz Resort. also in Barangay San Agustin I. when the two members decided to bring Samparada to the hospital. Bartolome. a knee. a second-year Hotel and Restaurant Management student of Lyceum-Gen. A combination of mixed food and in absurd container. of Block 19. Lot 27.Police arrested two of the three fraternity members at the hospital.pinoyfraternity. Investigation showed that the hazing happened at 10 a. slapping. Tedious cleaning involves cleaning toilet bowls and others.

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