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Review of STCW Convention (STCW 2010)

Capt. M.C. Yadav Director (Training) FOSMA
4/28/2011 COMMI Seminar 1

Review of the principles for establishing the Safe Manning Levels of ships 
Prescriptive Manning Scales depending

on size, type, trading pattern or specialized operations Goal based manning principles Additionally to take into account security related duties

Prevention of fraudulent Certificates Prompt verification of authenticity of certificates No Endorsement attesting recognition of Certificate without verification of authenticity Concerns Seafarers and Companies would suffer In case of detection of fraudulent Certificate. issuing administration must be informed .

Training for seafarer safety representatives  ITF Video  Await the outcome of MSC MEPC joint working group on human element .

Certification for Offshore Industry  Special character and circumstances of offshore industry  Amendments to Chapter II/III or inclusion in Chapter V?  Proposal to include Tugs. Workboats. etc . Dredgers.

New Competency standards for:  Electrical Officers  Electronic Officers  Electro Technical Officers  Senior Electro Technical Officers  (Chapter IV or Chapter III?) .

Dangerous Cargo Endorsement  No Advance Fire Fighting Course for support level personnel  Three months experience should be mandatory for each type of tanker endorsement  Familiarization courses Oil + Chemical + LPG + LNG  75% of Familiarization training is common to all types of tanker and therefore. there should be one familiarization course .

Special training for:  Engineering Personnel managing and operating Electrical power plants > 1000 volts  Personnel manning commercially operated yachts  Marine Engineers operating steam propulsion plants on LNG Tankers  Masters and officers using Dynamical positioning system  Cargo Officers  Cargo Engineers .

Near Coastal Voyages  Limits to be modified  Proposal to declare EEZ as near coastal limit  Proposal to be able to operate in near coastal limits of other countries  Mutual agreement / no agreement .

Highlights of Other Proposals y Carriage of Trainees to be mandatory on ships y Master should not be counted as Watch- keeper (IFSMA) y Ship-in-Campus Concept .

Master & Deck Department y Bridge Resource Management y Bridge Team Management y Leadership and Management y Electronic Charts & Display Information System y Integrated Bridge or Navigation Systems y Delete Visual Signalling. Morse & Celestial Navigation .

Able Seafarer (Deck) y Watch-keeping Certificate y + 18 months service.Ratings . OR y 12 months service and approved training y Training Record Book y Meet the standards y Issue of Certificate .

particularly in the use of Oil water separators y 30 months Education & training for Watchkeeping Engineer Reduce to 12 months y Competency Standards for Electrical & Electrotechnical Officers .Engine Department y Engine Room Resource Management y Leadership & management y Engine Fuel and Lubrication System y Environmental Awareness.

Able Seafarer (Engine) y Watch-keeping Certificate y + 12 months service. OR y 6 months service and approved training y Training Record Book y Meet the standards y Issue of Certificate .Ratings .

GMDSS yRefresher Training Course for GMDSS .

Model Training Courses y LNG Familiarization Course y Specialized Training Programme for LNG Tankers y Chemical Tanker Cargo and Ballast Handling Simulator Course y Liquefied Petroleum Gas Tanker (LPG) Cargo and Ballast Handling Simulator Course y Liquefied Natural Gas Tanker (LNG) Cargo and Ballast Handling Simulator Course .

More new Model Training Courses y Control and Management of Ship s Ballast Water and Sediments y Communication & Leadership Skills y Fatigue Prevention. Mitigation and Management y Guide to Ship Sanitation y Marine Environmental Awareness .

Must have STCW Compliant Certificate .On-board training to be conducted by Ship Security Officer for all shipboard personnel y Security Awareness Course .Security y Security Related Familiarization .Mandatory for all shipboard personnel without Security related duties y Security Training for Designated persons - Training Course for designated persons who are assigned security related duties on board ships y 1st January 2008 Ship Security Officer s Course included in STCW y Latest by 1st July 2009 .

Refresher Training Basic Safety Courses y Personal Survival Techniques y Fire Prevention & Fire Fighting y Personal Safety & Social Responsibilities y Elementary First Aid y Security Awareness Every five years .

Refresher Training Advanced Safety Courses y Proficiency in Survival Craft & Rescue Boats y Advanced Fire Fighting y Medical First Aid ? y Medical Care ? y Ship Security Officer ???????? Every five years .

Don t disturb the Callrest y Records maintained and Inspection . rest may reduce to 6 hours. but y The total for the week is 70 [77] hours y Emergency. Call-outs . drills & overriding operations exempt y Musters. one >6 hours (Continuous).ISM .Watch-keeping Rest Periods y Minimum 10 hours of rest every 24 hours y May be divided into two parts. provided the interval < 14 hours y 2 days in week. Drills.

Future Course y STCW Meeting 3rd to 7th March 2008 y Inter-sessional Meeting 8th to 12th Sept. 2009 y Next STCW Meeting Jan. 2008 y Next STCW Meeting Feb. Manila y 1st February 2012 Enters into Force . 2009 y Inter-sessional Meeting Sept. 2010 y International Conference July 2010.


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