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Demot DC & Install Windows 2008

Demot DC & Install Windows 2008

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Published by: Imran Pathan on Apr 29, 2011
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How to demote the Domain Controller Following shows the procedures how to demote the Domain Controller.

Demoting a domain controller removes Active Directory and switches to using a local User Accounts System. Important consideration before demoting a Domain Controller 1. Account used to demote the server should have enterprise administrator permission 2. If this domain controller is a global catalog, ensure that another global catalog is available to users before demoting it 3. Make sure this is the last Domain Controller for the Domain. If you choose this option it will delete the Domain Controller from the forest level Step by Step Procedure to Demote a Domain Controller 1. On a domain controller, click Start, and then click Run.

1. In Open, type dcpromo to open the Active Directory Installation Wizard, and then click Next.

2. On the warning page, read the message and click OK

Enter a Administrator password to login to the system after the domain controller Demoted. . On the Application Directory partition page. choose the option to delete all application directory partitions 7. Do not select This server is the last Domain Controller in the Domain. On the Remove Active Directory page. If you select this option Domain will be deleted from the forest 5. 4.3. click NEXT 6. click Next. and then continue to follow the wizard. on the Confirm Deletion window.

On the Completion page click finish Post Installation Tasks . Below window show the demotion page of the Domain Controller 10. On the summary review the things and click Next 9.8.

Restart the PC 2.1. Login with the administrator password that you have entered while demoting the DC 3. Run the ADSI utility to check for Domain Name .

4.4 GHZ for X64 ±> Minimum Processor ± 2 GHz for X86 and X64 ±> recommended RAM ± 512 MB ± min and 2 GHz recommended Disk Space ± 10 GB minimum and 40 GB recommended . 3. 2. Processor ± 1 GHz for X86 and 1.How to install Windows Server 2008 Prerequisites to check before installing Windows Server 2008 Installation is straight forward 1.

Aft . you will be able to start working.l i t t syst You will be greeted by an assistant for t e i i i l i i . and after performing some initial configuration tasks.

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