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Accelerate design to manufacture process & reduce product cost

In today¶s market environment, cost & cycle time reduction are constant endeavors. One of the critical phases which has significant impact on cost & cycle time is design to manufacture phase. This phase is inherently iterative as it tries to achieve multi objective optimization and involves collaboration with cross functional stake holders (for e.g. Manufacturing Engineering). These iterative cycles get exponentially costly as they go closer to final production phase. Geometric has developed a unique Design For Manufacturability (DFM) solution which helps organization reduce design iterations, improve organization productivity & collaboration. It is a tool which provides upfront verification of parts for Manufacturability during design stage. It also helps designers make product cost decision by identifying areas of design that are difficult, expensive or impossible to manufacture. DFMPro benefits: y y y y Improve design productivity Ensure Assured quality Reduce cost Capture knowledge


Collaborate design Join us for a live and interactive webinar to discover how you can reduce time and cost by addressing manufacturability problems right at design stage.

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Webinar Topic : Date : Time : Speakers : Accelerate Design to manufacture process & Reduce product cost Wednesday, 4th May 2011 8:00 am (PST), 10:00 am (CST), 11:00 am (EST) Rahul Rajadhyaksha (Product Manager, DFMPro, Geometric) Vivek Khare (Director Business Operations, Geometric) You can also click on following link to register:
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