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36857922 6485375 Human Resource Management

36857922 6485375 Human Resource Management

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Published by: Jeeta Sarkar on Apr 29, 2011
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Role playing is a device that forces trainees to assume different identities. For
example, a male worker may assume the role of a female supervisor and a female
supervisor may assume the role of a male worker. Then both may be given a typical
work situation and told to respond as they would expect the other to do. Usually
participants exaggerate each other's behavior. Ideally, they get to see themselves as
others see them. The experience may create greater empathy and tolerance of
individual differences and is therefore well suited to diversity training, which aims to
create a work environment conducive to a diverse workforce. This technique is used
to change attitudes, for example, to improve racial understanding. It also helps
develop interpersonal skills. Although participation and feedback are present, the
inclusion of other learning principles depends on the situation. Employees may learn a
new behavior through modeling by observing a new behavior and then imitating it.

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