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Alkali Metals in Combustion of Biomass With Coal

Alkali Metals in Combustion of Biomass With Coal

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Published by: Pedro Mateus on Apr 29, 2011
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KCl evaporation tests were done at two different temperatures (800o

C and


C) using both the bigger and the smaller KCl sample holder. A compari-
son of the approximate times is presented in table 5.1. It has to be stressed
that the times for complete evaporation differed from test to test. even though
the same holder, amount of reactants and atmosphere were used, which in turn
means that it is difficult to repeat experiments with exactly the same KCl con-
centration in the gas, i.e. every experiment is unique. It has to be pointed out
that the weight signal during evaporation was influenced by condensation of
KCl on the colder platinum wire further upstream the reactor. This may have
influenced on the calculated evaporation rate, however, the time for total evapo-
ration should nevertheless be correct, since at that point no weight change took
place anymore. An image of the platinum wire covered with KCl crystals is
presented in Fig. 5.2.

Fundamental investigation of KCl - kaolin interactions


Figure 5.3: Structure of kaolinite (adapted from Grim, 1962)

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