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In the new millennium the EU has faced a

Old Europe, New Europe, number of challenges. First, the integration of
the twelve new member states has been a

Non Europe troublesome affair. Second, EU’s relations to its

neighbours (e.g. Russia & Turkey) remains a
Reshaping the European Union at the topic splitting the member states. Finally, EU is
still struggling to find its role in international
Beginning of the 21st Century politics.
This course aims to familiarize students with
Summer course: 7,5 ECTS, no tuition fee the European Union after enlargement and the
Lisbon Treaty. The approach is inter-
In Lund, Sweden: 1 - 23 June 2010 disciplinary, combining political science, history
and European Studies. In a comparative
THEMES manner the new members of the European
1. Conflicts in the EU: Union and the states bordering the new Europe
Old and New Europe are scrutinized. Furthermore, EU’s engagement
2. Conflicts on the margins: in conflict resolution and peacekeeping beyond
EU and Non-Europe its borders are examined.
3. Conflicts in the World:
EU on the international scene PRACTICAL INFORMATION
Apply at from 22 Feb till
15 March. Search for ’course code’: LU-68851
COURSE STRUCTURE (Spring or Summer Term 2010)
The MA-level course is composed of 16 lectures given If the course opens for late application it will be
by specialists based in Sweden and abroad. Additional announced on the course website:
seminars, film-screenings, and a social programme
make the course an enriching academic and personal Further questions? Contact: