Inevitable By G.

Dolan The darkness crept in like a thief, Inaudibly stealing my light, Stealth and foreboding, Bold faced and brutally honest. Thick and deliberate, A night pilfering the daylight, Its only weaponry sleekness, No warning, no sound. Unprepared, I gasped, Breathless and afraid, Accepting of my fate, Quietly I faced death. Alone in my loneliness, My hands folded in prayer, Tired yet wide awake, Sitting and staring down the inevitable. The unknown winking in delight, Thoughts rushing like a river, Time as still as a rock, Suddenness enveloped me. Age the catalyst, Wisdom its offspring, Maturity replacing vitality, Knowledge I tried to deny. Peace overtook my spirit, Tranquility replaced fear, My pathway straight and flat, Solemn dampness served as my only blanket. Steely eyed, I shed no tear, Realization of years gone by, No whimper, no yelp, Memories teaming and abound. Secure in my decisions, Re-awoken by self discovery, I sallied forth in the blackness, My head held high.

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