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Selling Ultimates Joe G -1

Selling Ultimates Joe G -1

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Published by: Chastity D. on Apr 29, 2011
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Selling Ultimates and Homemakers

AFTER THE GUARANTEE Let me go ahead and show you our 3 main sets designed for families. 1) The LARGE set (Ultimate Entertainer Set) is for people who like to cook, entertain a lot, and have a good-sized family. 2) The MEDIUM set (Ultimate without flatware) is for people who fit in-between. They kinda cook cause they like to, kinda cook cause they have to. 3) The SMALL set (Homi+8 w/ shears and holster) is for people like me who do very little in the kitchen. Not designed for cookers, but cutters. This set includes your basic neccessities. BEFORE SHOWING PIECES, ask the customer which set they feel is best for them "Mrs. Jones, are you a small, medium, or large cook?" “Great, let me show you the pieces that come in your set.” After showing Homemaker pieces (Small set) , explain the specialty tools so they see what comes in the Ultimate Set (Medium set/Large set). Then show other accessories. Notice what catches their interest and use this to later build your order. From there proceed to Henckels comparison. End with your normal price comparison.  ... When something’s twice as good and offers twice the value, what does it normally ask for in price? The LARGE set comes with 12 matching sets of flatware, the flatware accessories (free), the Kitchen Tool Set (free), plus ... (add in whatever else the customer most liked for free).  That’s 100 pieces of Cutco. The MEDIUM set comes like this (point to Ultimate picture) without the matching flatware. The SMALL set looks like this (point to Homemaker picture) and comes without all the specialty tools. If you were selecting a set of Cutco today, which set do you think you’d select? (ask again to re-affirm) Contrast the price of the Henckels set and present the price of Cutco. ***(only contrast price specific to the set they chose)*** The LARGE set includes 100 pieces of Cutco.  Keeping in mind that Henckels BASIC set is $1562, most people expect this set to be 3 or 4 times more.  You can get the COMPLETE set of Cutco for $2811. The MEDIUM set includes twice as many pieces as the Henckels basic set.  Most people expect this set to be 2 or 3 times more than Henckels.  You can actually get this set for just $1899. The SMALL set of Cutco compares to this Henckels set priced at $1562.  You can get the SMALL set for only $982  (H+8, Shears, Holster) Present sample program and ASK FOR THE ORDER

If you don’t like the set after using it for a month. I hardly ever have anyone buy it right away. and they only charge you for what you keep. Jones. I might use this knife. And plus you never have to worry about knives ever again…unless you wanted to add (giggle). They will only charge you for those pieces. It does not show up until next month or your next billing cycle. I am not sure if I would use this one. I have just found that you can make a much better educated decision about Cutco by having it in your hands vs. I know that sounds kind of weird. Assuming you like it. me just demonstrating it out here on the table. Jones. that is okay too. let me tell you how most of my customers get Cutco. There is no interest and they don’t send you a bill so there is no hassle of sending a check. it is called the SAMPLE PROGRAM. people get really excited about it. Jones. but you do get the products right away. Mrs. However the main reason why I have people do this is because when I demonstrate Cutco. The knives will be here by next weekend (2DAY shipping) and you can cook and entertain with them for a whole month. There are 2 reasons I like for my customers to do this: one it is easiest on the budget. what would I use this for? Mrs. So you have not even made your first payment and the knives will already be here. Just give me a call and Ill help you send it back and they give you a full refund. Here is the coolest part.Joe Geneza’s Sample Close Mrs. What you do is just put one-fifth down and that goes onto your credit card next Tuesday. The company is not going to make you keep something that’s just collecting dust. …hmmmm. they will just hit your credit card every 30 days for a total of 5 months. Most people in their head think. Just give me a call and I’ll help you send back the pieces you don’t want. If you are only using a certain amount of pieces. I will explain why I have everyone do this after I am done explaining it. that’s okay too. Wouldn’t you agree? … COOL! So do you want to go ahead and try it out? . How it works is.

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