It moves ..•.

"Il'I& pnpoee oj tflhJ ~ ~ I):) .I1lmulata lnt.e1em in jha iml!lglnaliYe possltlUl]iC'S of the kffId rM peper i9fIgineer1nl1 ....tIlch IS used lor PClp-ql bo:t:a. II ~ be regard9cl A! a basic df~l'hOOlllr; ~ rMt:1'IBnisrnlii which do. v.ort irtd ~ eM bit ul>Od aa ;6,1arllng ~S 101 turlh(H i'Mn!MInEi~8_

The affer::~s at IN- med'lanl~ am dynamic and Ihfee~IOI'\a1 and. so- ii did nol :seem either setlSible Or vivid enough b try to desoribe them Mlffn ~Ids and lilEllic. I;'M;H;Ilmenslona1 plcUJtea Hence, i~ is a feB!tu~ of Ulls book lha, you can make a mfi,[lng TT'IIXIel e 01

1M mechElIlIEl"l'e. Oftti.,.,. IMJI:JI"I9 and pla~ with each ~nlsm ., lurn, cat! yOU raely ,Jppi'eclate the I)OSSlQiIitJM; wi~l[lh it ofters,

The w?l"king models

LMultlpl&I:;I~ 8
~ ~""Ui'>Q""''' 1Z
9. V •• oid 16
._ I,1""rF ""~ 20
&. Mo.'ing arm 24
B. Fbtatln!iJ disc 28
"I. $r<1lng riJtlon 32
e Pull-up pl!il!'leS 36
9 Pt.QUo; "")\.,," 40
1(1.0~ng.soce1'lMi 44 Making the models •..

fnis book has been desi~ so 1M1 you can maJle 3 .... QJ"krIg modef of eech Of thO ~" medlsn!srrt5: and men coo-..enianlly ~ .hem fOI easy nnuee reerence, JUEit IO!ICw t1'Ie Instl'UC'lJOr'tS; on lhrs= page.


Cut each ~ model sb~ in !Urn OIJ[ Dr the tKdt:, ~ sure tnar ';OU do mI cut 09 chD t&b1:Jy1:t.e~ne


1. WhEll1thi!!I"I'lQde!iS;~te.g1UeNtIi!IdI;im) melX!i!*oot~iabDr<Mded.T1'1!!-med"tarlISf1\is tmln ;,llilil:lbll! lor easy r~n;;e ilnd II wm fol!f



Use ellher a pail cI $l;iS$OfS or, belief sUll a sham -t:~111 knife. A metal ~r m.Jst bit v50d 13 glide trlE! knife. ProtEl~ ,nu. SUrf300 'p'OU er-eI;l.1It~ on 'IIrInl 13 piece at thick Clud (» {I t)OHld


~e£'!S9h.J1 paper qlneerirg needs creases eed kJIj:; whti;" ere OtiSp 800. aceurete. This rree-s lMI :he papar mus. be ~ $0 11l&1 It ro~ oracise1y ;ttJrJg 11'IP. desired edge:s. The best method Is ID rUe ait-!!ii titc lir"E9. with a baJl.poInl ~ ..... euen is out at Ink. &mit oecore will tool IosaPPlf!I'fflIhll~e~ILE.Qfabh . .II'IIOMf1 enne. The arm 18 b ocrroress the rd'tre:;: 01 1he paper Ii:O """"~ "I w1Ii 1c61 erd tIa)[ Eleslty, but nc!

D:l OL!I r1gl1llPIULljJh.

~111" ~ will be !SUII1(;~ In fDlj erd crease

aloog lhe EClJrtId line. H~r you may nnd 11 he~UllDltt::1a1jlCi1I'\Sta.~ltUJC!I'A

Glueing ~

ToO gal me best r~ you 'WIll naOO u qll.l!! ..mIen ilie'lE. qlJr::hJY MIl Irelllflt'tj eeo whk;M r::IDe8notmEi:edlrt,'r'lII<Ir~,wepa.flIC'IIIarty r~d a petlOleum b3EBd gll-'B ~hb UI-oIr.,J 01' EIi:IatK: ClBi3f GoOO rcacus I'I'1BY eiec te obllllilEd w.1h v.11lt:e BdlesNa- ike ~~ Of pw.,

~y ihe glue- sparlrtgll". jtis1 a lillie 100

much In ~he '01.'101'"9 plate can ruln I)


Your own designs ...

The BppIl)3ch ~ Chrtst['f'laS or .a ttlrthdiW is 8 line axe!.!$(!! to oo sene paPeJ ~rif'lg, 1NM.t aboul a ~la:r pop-up card or tx:d: for B special oocasion'?


Itisrlalfl~ID~'0i3ry'hlCkJlElperlDr pop-upa. this book Is pclnle=l 00 110g!lmp(!lpet and U m&Nf ~~t:$ !,IIi1'lEie( ~I' ",(J~d N'JQ SI,l"ieed. Try it1 f41d ~ p.a:pel wtJicl1 is stril B.rd $pTingy and \IItjch ""'11 maJ.iI. a !lJOCd crease when it ls scored and fdded..

Tha fbre:3 In paper I".a-...e 8 grain and lhe dlractloo or me grsll'l is usually rererrec b:J as: tile 'run' 01 lhe- paper. The ~ngm~s 0(11'1 be dj~i'li ~~g "rd e cross the n.n ~ lt1e papa:t. This. is. '101 uaJmlly iii crocern. bull It Is wor1h oeh9CHing.

Check eiec tnat me peen Ci «~s dQ ~I ~ an UJle~~~ el'fE!~1 Ot~ ee paper l'tIy .... e ltJirf.l 1:) uSEI. ~~ (;~$ rrtay reps:ll1h9 o;J1lJra' you jnard ja usa.


It)'OlJ 8rE' pg [JJ rreie a pc!~ c3rd;fll'(l Inland rcSE!r.3i'1 ~ p(;ei. ~ is e 900d idu:ll to Ulink of thl) ~~"'IJ1q)e firsL It Is dlfOCutt b mal<£< oa


With each of the ten mechanisms there- ts a pao;;e cenec 'jecnrscat ~iCle:raliClns'_ On il you wil fmd useful ~ 'or using thaI p{Lrtlcular mechanism. 'Y(Iu Will also- rn::l iwe or three possible applications ..... hlch ~ be t\etlltI,

Pop.u p cards

Try on B;(ploll the !lur-pri~e f~r '>\triOh is inillifll5i;: to 1M mBclianisrr! which yru choose. fils fT'lCl';1 salislyin~ VIlrere the 1T!e€Sa~ ancl me mectJanism ere seen ID be irl tl&ImOOy'.

HCME\ief, the IJI(;!![ ImpoIl8tl1 l~'J.Ifl'~ 1$ lh;), \tic mectJari5:«J ~ ~f1(I eC51tinu~ to 'VOU00;, V""oo )'~ ~oQ,Je.t-" SVJ;;~ful Bind BW~Bte oard It will be admired, il:3nd1ed IIfld peeeeo errur.:l

Hew mucn nicer Ij It ccee rot cceecee I6ldef lhepl'8-!!£IJre! ~8-generaJ rule.Jeepit slmpla!

Po.p-Up 0001<5

Uos1 pt:p-\Jp book..-.:, ... ~ I~ Or' $i,1; ~Dr(l(lds 'lxJt H Ii;; be$! ro ttoe<!J1 Ihesrn SJ3para,IfiIy, jLl5L ea H VOW \Iot!~ m~ir1!l a eerfee or ceres, Then I:lMafully gkJa tnem 'bgEItli!ri!r 10 make 11'1121 ooak.. There- Ill; no need ID ecreee glue- ~ ll'le- wt:(lle P<I9il

area • .B elFlp reer u-e ~1J3-S will M sufflcllil'lt Be ~uI b koep it ol8<lr of arw mEldlant:m

Gh.m Ihe ooIl6(;tOi olpaQas II1ID it o:MIr made 01 sun cam, SGOOO 90 !hal It will open t*lenly" Carefully mEiQgLlfe ire Ihiclale!:s requited 10f 1M ~~ af the bxi;,

0u1 the base 10 m me erwelope belole Brarti'lg -your card.


Mechanism I Multiple layers

All lhe laye_r:s lOr rhrs mecPlanLsm ate ptanee which are pa..rillllel1O onE! cr ottoer ot tile taae p'-an~. It is. a \l'afY elmple wa)' []F get111')Q a three oerenstonar eneet



A working model to make Mechanism I Multiple layers

Mechanism I Multiple layers

Technical considerations

This meercrem was ete or me tlrS11.O be used ftw ~ tcoe end Is. um:tl~.jJt:ec&')' OCI£I 01 1ne SilnpleSl Each iMwiauill Ima~ Of piC1UJ& Is uat, 001 by meElI1S 04 IIIIJIlilple ~rs, .1111'1 IQ:lreSSiM -0' depth is created. ThiS impression can 00 enhancea ~re necessary by 1M detaJ and dellnl11cn 01 me draldflQs used an the klragroond and ba.clt;gRlund layErs_

In IMO(y ant number of layen; is possible as long 8S each epeoe is a parallelogram. In practice lr is be5I nol ID haI/B 100 many or the bulk: of paper prevents the card 1l(.'fD cloolng IJroperiy_ If you are dcdlrful about B d:!$lgn. 1ClCli; at It 'rom the ~e so thai you cee see all

!he ~, Eact1 ~ mUM be perailel 10 one of Itle two base Planes. .-

Th~rea~IWI:I'Pllral~! ne-e. bul ~l!iliR""11 111>1.....00;1

This mechenem FE L1Bu811~ in!ended 10 be seen when ihe ~ berceen the base ~nes lB. 00", gr ... lng ejrer e equere ccmer or etse ;II. hO!f~oo1a1 ~ "Jeftlcel If yW ere ha ... lng l101..1t)1e wllh ;;I Qe~, I ry ro'il'itif'lg II by OO~ and then llir* agblA The fOllw-lng lwo e;K~ IlIu~trab3-lhiS pO~ibility.

tH!'!l" me:r-:i D6iHi ~9n1ilS IIfi IXI'W~ 1(1 be Ho;rij 1Iiij: rVloJ" 1;lIr.~ p1R~~ IIrQ ~f~ II~ _UI!IiI

t'JotllQfl!RllilflQ 'riIllic;ll milling.:l tlnar IInd.:l I!<I~~ "''IlL fI"iI~~ II iQUII"iI ~lYIf

Mechanism 2 Floating layers

In this maehamsm 1"'1"" IIoat a.hQ.te aM are parallel to tM base whicl'l is opened OIJI n~l,


A working model to make Mechanism 2 Floating layers


.. ,

Mechanism 2 Floa.ting laye.l"s

Technical considerations

This mechanism Is ~r 1:0 mechenem I in mat mere can be- rnulupe I~ which EIre paralfal t:I she beee pIBn~. ~r II t dit1erenl .... lila' n Is l~len~ -.0 00 coened un.1I lhe beee is Rat Th;! WI;If1o;in9 mod'el EhI::rm hew the m~ &::i<Itl'lg layer is used Ii} SJ.W)r1 .a ~ncrary leyer wl'leQ can De aneeteo 10 oceeee ne epoerent "depih'.

!iiJJ G9> 1Z> >

N~ t"oN Ihe man Iklolmlll ~r nggmlhl'4lll'l1lrllcgls,.~DID~_tho ClJl9r~9na'lh~nl!..".rll~gl .. 1 IIlo31coHl!!llel'i:ikl.Alllhi"%l"I'iI.!S'Ib;I me seme t>tli:tll.

~!.t)!IvI'iJ~I~~~t'II~~"'" n'l;!iybtl~~~~g~ulJl,ltIi3 ~~ ~r'I i~lilfe:!.lJt.9 ><i:IilQ'IQn I;Q lommll t>.f I~Dnd IIlua ~ 11\

~~n (]~r~~'!~::n~~~ I~~

Th:!;'I1~~m.lhI!-~i1!I~1'o!PN 'ha ma~hn"i!li"l rn:o.= DuL 1il11~ b!t.-HI 'o'I3nl{:el Aeigtu; g~ II\iI. enroll ab;;ag, m~ moioJls II ~blellD int:;1.JdeI ,qulla'lailgflI~ID~a.

II l1'Ie base 'P1aoo is oerceseo to be ... ertlcal, net the ~r"S neat ., fret'lL of u. II 1na base plane is peor-CeWad to be hOrittlnlail, Ihen lh.;:.y lloal abt:rie tt, treee ~\@o examrses indicate how 1~ may be usee to c reate appropriate scenes.

Het"8 me- -ef~ ~81Ln (It No;w "IOIk drttrnilnd~ 9 ..-e<li~1l.1 IfE!.!llm~i'Il.

HiI'1jlhij!"<l~;;:t;!nlijl~!!9~I1).jjmpl}ll;3iS61liW1 lri=3ling!"), .


Mechanism 3 V-fold.

'ibis mechanism e one of the c.ommaneal .and most useful, Tl'H;I model shovp t'WtI vartaucne on 100 V-lcld pril.ciple and t'KrrN to Sf{-en>gIOOIl 8 ~ln by passing a Ilap 1hrooQh a slot, The mod~ also shOws how the sirengll'l of the V-klld «ecnentsm call be use(! 1.0 pull up further horlzClnwl and wl1JCsl


1 •.




4. 5.

A working model to make Mechanism 1 V-fold



Mechanism) V-fold.

Technical considerations

Tl\i;lnIlIlifi:V-IoItJOOffl(ISflOll\ti'le&llQl)ti II!i!LIM n"~miliQ;OfllhebaMlll'l!)&IZ$O(ll'o3otlf'9llB~ 1I11hj;f~QilQtt!'l3lCJal'OrallneI8""'1~I"II,bo..!l l~rnl1.l1lbE1liQJi1l

Ir .rere """'lr~ >3! lilOW 1... I!"oefI II'II:!: m~lafliBm -tlQul(] JU~l,1l:90)0)lll:Iecall&ll.a"'~Il'.Mtaul!Hl'htlv~tl" bjj r.viFI~ T~fI V .£Iod ~ hA'II!I dll1tli'Ell'Ji PI~~~1l ... hichoCill'llrnRl<eGf'lellTt;:lreo~h.!biII!ollW'lIt!eOI~tlr l~f:!.~liI.If1.applr:2lllO/1.





The rnechanem Is adaplabla ~ many differenl ..... '8.:.'5-

'I'OIJ~n~IIi'JC10911!o~Ulllnu. II!!.Dn.II~IIIr:n'lOl'oIu ~bl\liRldDl1tlo:l:;lAl;lIO oennDn~lIlh"~rpllliilllllo!ll~ Itl~oponlld~

'1'00 ~BI1o c.eee ieeneue flihll!e di~rt::iiarllll~~iltle-:!l,,"lIlieupo eom ~IIII ~r~. In Illls ~~ II !lEtftiY'l!ibe1ll1rblMlltllnl!lo:IbiI

;::~~~I'XII ~ b 'Go II~

P>ipIII near lhA .canl1Q;o roRR ~03' rllmC'O'll"II)(lr.;,.;."",~, ~~"r~I'dQ1lOllnltliB ~~B.fffI irrsignalive ~


A working model to make. Mechanism 4 Magic box

. .

Mechanism 4 .Maglc box

Technical considerations

lhiS rnechenem is a g:od example 01 h~'I,I :31 amen o:;ti8nge In she ~ oOi iIookl~ at a. pnim:::fF;ile can produce someltJlngi wlooh appears ~ry dllf9fent. It is. a ~Ie adajl18lioo of rnecl'tanlSm. 2 .and could W811 be described 88 I lIoaling layera ..... ittJ s1de!3 '.

1hi:; Idif.iI rni!i(J3~ 01 roe birll~ eam rtol8""""'lii"H! ~ ba!il~ 01 thi5,oolliloQZ' I~ ItMj ~1;ru6uI;llI;iQK ~~

0iIii'Id1rt<;> peae 1;hr!l!J~'" SlO18 Ii) me rooll!!"l(j !~u~ ...el'iiili~ ~ ine s.l1taY.; ~,;;r.d" 1l)i)1' ~~d. But 00001

i,,4:I'lg~[. Th:I'!';:;&f!f>tlt be- ~~ Ibil"l!l ease*tis tOOl"lXlllha roo:! iiI:J Ito;, ~Ir~ ~Il,


@ ~t)

~rn~~t bt»; aet ilkI:! ..... ~ ~ eese I~ also possHe..lll~ ft..<, 'r:II(If" ItJiIl ~ 1J:I.tJ9 oITI~*(JuL ill' tv....~. 'Dla

Ih!Pi I!In ~lIIljDn.;]1 I~ 'l'-kJl:I mediIInM1. Tt-..9 IvIi:I I'OII!5I ~~~ ItJ(Iligh[ 03.r.Q~ ~ilrilel'5.

~dlao::ml ~~ whl~h -II~ ~ iii Iha tJD~ aJ'1I "'3Ch ut



Mechanism 5 Moving arm

ThiS ill 8' l!MJj . m i! met:nilnlsm which can h[!\IOjiI dfiillRiltic elfBQt wi'! • (lard 0{ roo!.;. Is opened II!El Ilf'Ib '" Ihe ruw rnechaniS'ru; wl'ltct. baa ill tatOb' m~8111 that 16 acUYaTed almpl:,o b)' ~Ing and dcsiliO ee card, Tbe Il'1DI1BI shcM'5 t'Ml pasoibIe \l8rl6tlt;ns.. The macnan~ WIlleh Pl'CIVh:les ~ KIteS! anti ~t klr the CBflLrai erm liS dJtalneQ fn:tn ne base ilsaU b)I i!I i!I!Jnplet. \4:hapad' cut 'rhls cut In lisetr c:en 00 IIeJY useful let mIiI~ ;!1lClIths' which QPen and c_

A working model to make Mechanism 5 Moving arm

Mechanism 5 Moving arm

Technical considerations

Dln'arM! as Ittgy ma:,' SMm on rit.s-I impr'8S$iOn 1ni:!! 1w.;J 1iiS'(:~n~3 aeen tere ere really both dEM:!Jl'opm9nta 01 ~1'1e 'V-told', 'tratls!CJrm~ l!'Iito parts ~ 8. J:<IP-LiP J;1YIoi'Imid- The- square based pop-up p.lramld Is a IJS@'LJI IeIsa In ltsatt anc:l Lna rno1ive ~r rtJr the erma '1;01'T'I'eS from. InBI tact ~a11hB Jaees or a pyramid 10:li:l1 awa.'i In dl'lleffi_nl \'.iay,s. Onc.e yOu have made aM uncersrood nON a p:),j>LJp Plramld mOMS, you '!Nill be at:lle fnOU! ~ai!y 11) r'il<lkEI I'TlCIVirIg arms 10 meet tha reoclremeras of your CI~tgn:..

Dr.w.r It:lllnlOll:clltlo ~r.a;ml~ In51(1'@Blcilcte,t.f3rt;o"'~1 I~nglhr;, olOCl!! IhI! ,dr~LrI1rIIP ~,'fh:I:tICluBllI&l'(l1IT!sRrel1O'IiEnpor'll!n.I! oII~ Ibnijl ;!!I. II ~J;lIi~~lnglii!n"'I"9~!till1 li'M!b=~ili!; .. kl=f

Who!l:1l11!iIll1jlIh~~rmnii::I=noIjIllii ~Il 11:.iI1TJiO'1i1o'<l iIJOINEIf For l"I»'iftG' BI'IM. o!I'Il~ 11-.i!I111111J ;b~~ whkb .II~'IIJul;:d b I.hiIDasa-1IlB1"IIIIId£o:1 TheOIMi';!;o:;ilil~amtt1~

In!01l1i1.d.;ll rnlJo:I1g D. uplIr.IIl~ ~~~ P',J'r-!lmKIl'l (;~J'J be (;lJ:IlOOII cr ee ~ ,~ ... v,:;)1~~~ cut ThIS. ~lMlioI"I:IOiI",S~f'i"i,"eoarihl!' I: .. n~alif:..g~ •.

HIiI~I~I1i1l1l7J1'<!rnldil:;llfld9nled !I11D&J;oslj~~lbFIT1JIIIlI'1 lo,glla'rmn;;;;.rlli6JrtoIIg!;I01llle tese,


TIll!! ~hri9-n lJsed rere b Tl"8 i!J..!1~ri:.e '18~~ e;!IlI be

lnf1af1lK1'1'"!"1","l1!ttiII~ ~/ICl!I:!lIytll4lng!h~

(;L'II"Kiep1 ~J'jj de-s1gA. fTlE<:1'iii'ier ber.'lfldi iiI'Il9'IlZI pI~-.

Mechanism 6 Rotating disc

~TI~e 1:=1::~~'~~ ~I_

The iiilagina1ivB posblbiitJes coma IlOIiI ll'lfl -choloe (Illne cieSi!;lll on the disc and fhe ehepe of 11ie t.l:::Jlea thftll..lgh whlQn :t'(Iu see II.

The-·~ tee ~ p;;ldEi:!il and ecm

can .. """" '" ;<>IlIl ,eIIeO,

A working model to make Mechanism 6 Rotating disc


Mechanism 6 Rotating disc

Intn.'MII'~IIDI;IRI_I;rQI,*(lrIIltNI _~II:l!ht~PrwJUIIt"",*sIOelD~ eimJllI'~.NoI1lQl'1I~rorlhtl mllCh.nllm1CiWI!!~t.,..

Hn-vwlr, t,*"'II.Jf1i IIIDM:IIMI ~ poni:llillm. CII'IClItIl;IIIBQjItlclNIIMl'T! ~ .... 'Ibot~ IrOIll ..... bKt"" ......... II .. • ~,IOiI.I!f~ lhIllluull~Orilmrililhllf:J::Mn.l'Io!f,ollsllllPG ~,iWId~lIIIIIiIflJIM~I!!IXIII:1:J lIODIIHIoIII~mD!m.

UI*IUl ... !N6~IiI,tn-rtllll.llil::rllI:"'~~redlNilcanlllt'Wlllllilll:3r.1K111a1plu11cOJf!lI!:CJJ,tl ...... ~I!t~...,lorbDld~..,..IIIItIIjIIlclr;CIIP'I~ .. f.II:III~

Technical considerations

~ ~


Mecha.nism 7 Sliding motion

This b the .i~i (lr 1ha pull-f.2ib idaalL TYiS eRer.::, Is 110 _Q:JC'lOralft a s.tmJgh1 line rtI1Otlon In the;m of lhe pu".

The creetee .p06~llll.lles for amI.JSQtn9nlat~.roo"I~trrl8 motlon to make ap.P~rfat~ Image:; and ma&sagae. a~af and OIsappear



A working model to make

III :..

Mechanism 7 Sliding motion

Technical considerations

The principle of this mechanism is a simple one, but it still needs care if it is to move smoothly and to be robust enough to stand up to repeated use. The pull-tab needs to be strongly made and not pull out too far. If the length of travel is too great, the pull tab will bend as it is pushed back. Avoid the slightest trace of surplus glue on the sliding parts or it will tend to jam.

For easy movement,. the parallel tracks should be slots about 1 mm wide, not slits. Each slot should be cui with a knife, not scissors. It looks best if the slots are hidden under the cover.

The pull-tab is best held by a simple slit. It prevents side to side motion and a single cut gives a tighter grip.

Cut out a semi-circular thumb hole in the base, so that the pull-tab may be gripped more easily

There are three basic design possibilities for this mechanism.




An object which was visible disappears behind a flap.

An object appears, passes across a 'window' and then disappears.

An object which was hidden comes into view.


This cheerful greetings card has its subject, desiqn and mechanism, all in harmony.

It is not essential that the moving part is totally hidden before the tab is pulled. Here the pair of boots is viSible, but it is not obvious what they are. Such an ambiguity helps to enhance the visual joke.

Mechanism 8 pun.up Planes

toe ertect dfpull&1g the p~-Ia.b ts .., cause sesre oeree to (I~ ~ ff(W'fl the base ., a raiber 8uflJriair1!) l8::tJioo. Th,.g wofPo;l~ mode!! demonstrates reno IIQ achtee 11"i!;i1 r€5ol1 and [Moo are aiee ~stlons heN the mechanlssn can be. further SlmpmieCl

A working model to make. Mechanism 8 Pull-up Planes

Mechan!ism 8 Pull-up Planes

Technical considerations

AI lii1i1::;ighl lha pull OIl she pull-lab appeara om be in lhB plane cd the baaa 8S II was iQr the pr,ev'Q1,I8 mechSJ)ism. H~r, a closer jn~Clion stoce tf!i5i1 lhls IS nrn [lie case. TM mecllafli::fil oses lE:V9rage '10 con-en a Sn1<111 mc-erem 01 1M pull-tab in'IIJ a much Ia.rger ~men1 In e .;;!i~ren! orecrco. A ~t-ch 'Of 1~ sl~ ... Iew .5fTfflo'3 tiow 11'!1s happens and r:KW 11 may ee moclllied ~ produce ClirrorElt11 enecte.

A !F'I'i~11 i)..ill!llid II!le f&~I8( eoo Eq:m~i1'3 ceen t) I9'!ilBI Q t~ thJ~~ an:I ~.~ E.iull~r·m~~

~kllIlI'g#iilFiOlllllklbgr.lln.p~;IJIzKi\lihlchl;llJl';I ~p rrem Ih~ 1;I~!Mii

tnn .... .p~ ~rl<l~ In 4lrrU;r fQ:;hlo.n ffmI ,hls. rngchQI'II~lkInRrr.;,.

H!OI!Q· ; pu"L!p pliI~~ Ii u~ ~ rhljt h~1;II;I D ; 13I1-11.,r1 ~I 1[].9t.1j:il.;llllm~ll:cij~.ILl9IUEl1{>1"1(ilj){ll;l:Sitllij~r.jiln 9I1"iJ81nDH~I~esfIt

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t:f111M1 w:Jlklng madgl, 1hg :rnlh'omcnL ~Io:IPI wnen Ihao pillljlll;ll ~~~ 11~ glll"ltlil'mil~IlIIi</iII::i:I-.!.nIm IIb;t tH;I:;IIj. WllhiJtJl eucn a ~ li'Ii m~~~1T1 0lil11 nip r'1Yl~1.1I'iI31'T18'11:ii:is:301i:3.l;t;::I!!I~,b!.!IIIlQIlji:;

91~ tne OO%billly Ih&1 II !'iilllijm In me ·1'Ei(~'~~on.


Mechanism 9.

. motion


A workin.g model to make Mechanism 9 Pivoting motion

.. •

. .. .•

Mechanism 9 pivoting motion

Technical considerations

rnere ere two different rirethi::11::f5 rOr OOl<mlng. tnis bElc~r..;lS and] ii:;;IIrds: Il::Icling or swW"iginl.iil motiOn. Eae'l'Iret:Nl~ a pNoI anc!: a SUitaNe eortl'leClliOrl.. 11 Is me fflla.ti\l'e· !POS1lIi::t'I or If')e pk.Q:1 end tha pull-tab wf'IiCil'l OOlel'l'flfnes u-e preclae characlariatlca (]I the moIlon.

Ilb¢!iOllIlin!'JI8:tl~II',"",:II'!!I1"1111:1atoi11~li¥:rI, 1II1N~'.fil'i1iii1:11I~~l/IIiIlNll.Lill:Jb£ibt,ol~I)t~.

1IIIIn1l~~ 1M~~liDrIolI.J;'IYI'IPiIII-_, IhDnhlTllMiilnlb!l~II~.r'lllctimllill':lil~I!Id

aJ!d It irT~~~'~. oil .maIJ~ [blanc~

'- -'i!!JlJiu' I ~~~~:aiJ;:*" LI'_- -----'

'ftta.~...,a~~~_r;!. lII!!tIOJw' ... Ih!;Ip;;.5I:1ti~""_'_.""""IMICDon.bLhl!

r.1I];j'I~IIIuzIItlng1hoDl!IRIYel ThtJ~~rnoftI ~rt!II'!I:III!.III1I11!1lWIl)Q~!o11T1.

~n,lr.TIlRII; ~ ~ 5impIe f!H!!U"n:l ~ n~!{I1!: ~ and 1l!;~~lDm;lDItI:IIiI1b~IIlW~O'lIl'lElPlll~


1hIl~~.a~":[.W~"'iII1i;;~n;r.IJ'b API9IIofbelisbill~~'GlIi'dEl.:III~

~a'langfi'.ol .. rm,ISOU'!iI:!ILI~ Ll'Rltlghii 1!IIjIlb1~ br.e.ITIIICIiIri5in.,~lnftH'lllfl

1IJ,!II'i::I'tn~ .. rc.

Mechanism 10 Dissolving Scenes

.... CP.eITlen1 01 lha pull'1a'b causes one ,~ture t;) disappear' and ~ther XI ilaloBi!8place.Th.e~n'P00SS..tI1Ii· jiM in mta inrorct.iln~ 01' 'Pairs dI IrJwgelj: are 'Cl;II'1:;!li:;Iaral::;je Ii!Imj' clearly rif.!o:~ln Wtl.y 11"1lS rnecneresm haa bee!']. widely I.I3ed ever since 11::: i'rvEi1'IIuCm mOU!- 'lMn a Cilnlu.ry Li~,


A working model to make.

Mechanism 10 Dissolving Scenes

.- .. - ............... -'*-._."'~;,. ..... _ ..... t ......... _ ............. '*_ ....... _!f~ .


.. "

Mechanism 10 Dissolving Scenes

Technical considerations

The etrect of this mechanism Is very appealing. but il is probably the most diffiCUlt 008 in mte ~ 10 makB. To girl a successnn reSUitl II ~ accura~ drawin9-. cuttng and Qlu~, For your Imtia:I de:!ilgns it i!i wise til use ~he ~-e:s. given belew. They ere no. 1he Cflty ~ltJ18 o~1iom s, 001 n will crecuee 11 lunctll::rlbg meceentsn, Start with ooly fl\l8 parallel ruts on 1M base ;(IB!;I 'our on ~he' m::r.-Ing sadions.

[)'Iol"e~~II1~NI.1II1 Qflill'~fl9-'Ib1IMtHlllIllIII: £f-

elliS Shouid D4 .. 1 fiGhl IIlIQIn ID IIIIJIII m:ud 1M! III eo" m !hi

IN~IIOnCllp.n dIlaGlkmc4pu1l

llIf\lilllllloo1:lbl!:llltIlIIIlD" TMttlIl:VoouIII1HI1MIlt11Xi" bll"



AlIIH 1M()ttiIllelIIIcM Ir.. inllljl~iI'o'&Il.'1'It'I mll81bl~\l)1i1o IlIfiw!'oll:h.lI:Id!;o.w_ Thl!pa!IIJ'eIog!lI~ 1lII!\IeIlB'~'ICI milJozll1flrllilin 111&11111


1n1fl .... lll4Clujnl"".

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