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Omegle Conversation

Omegle Conversation

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Published by Abhishek Munjal

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Published by: Abhishek Munjal on Apr 30, 2011
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Stranger: hey You: hey Stranger: are you a guy? You: yes Stranger: oh nice Stranger: so what's up?

You: its been gr8 You: u tell You: ? Stranger: Ummm haha, well I'm just listening to music...kinda sad cause my boyfriend broke up with me last night Stranger: oh and I'm a girl You: ohooo You: its cery gud news 4 u You: nd m also You: nw u r single Stranger: But I'm really sad now You: dont worry You: dear Stranger: And he wont talk to me anymore You: dere r mny more 2 cm You: he left u Stranger: But he was the only guy I wanted You: may i knw d rsn You: if u dont ming Stranger: Why he left me? You: yup Stranger: Well I actually don't know. He just got mad, stopped talking to me, changed his fb relationship status, and started talking shit about me to his friends. I keep asking why he broke up with me and stuff but he won't answer You: hw old ur relationship was Stranger: 6 months You: k You: nd 4 hw long u knw him You: since 6 mnths or more dan dat Stranger: umm I've know him for longer Stranger: like ummm a year You: k You: may i tell u 1 thing You: personaly Stranger: Sure Stranger: yeahh

It was more of a "I love you so much" and we would tell eachother we love eachother all the time. He gets mad a lot . So is yours You: so sabrina can i tell u 1 think Stranger: sure You: i m telling u as a frnd You: pls dont mind You: it Stranger: I wont You: see sabrina wht i think his interest towards u decreses or may wht he wnts frm u You: may b he got it You: dis is why he made u his girl frnd You: u undrstd wht i m trying 2 say Stranger: Well.You: whts ur gud nm Stranger: wait. And he said he actually loved me. I didn't have sex with him. And he would tell me he loved me all the time and he said that he would always love me no matter what You: or he find sm1 else You: bettr dan u Stranger: I don't think he did You: so whts u think You: u tell m You: whts d rsrn Stranger: And our relationship wasn't a sexual one. what's "gud"? You: your name dear You: name Stranger: Haha alright it's Sabrina You: k You: so sabrina Stranger: you? You: its abhishek You: sabrina nice name Stranger: thanks. And the things he said were really cute and sweet. Stranger: I'm not sure if he got mad at me or something. what? You: ? Stranger: What's gud nm? You: wht hapnd Stranger: when? You: whts ur gud name You: i was asking Stranger: Yeahh.

But he usually answers after a couple hours. And I know he's ignoring me. He doesn't want anything to do with me anymore. Stranger: And umm we're still in high school You: u both Stranger: yep You: r in high scholol Stranger: yeah You: k Stranger: are you? You: so sabrina You: no nt at all You: i m mch senior dan u You: i m in colg You: graduation Stranger: Ohh okay You: i m like ur brother You: elder 1 Stranger: yepp You: so sabrina do 1 think You: dont talk to him You: few days You: dont call him Stranger: But I can't stop thinking about him You: do nthing You: listen 2 m You: fst You: dont show him You: dat u cant live withut him You: or u totally dpnd on him You: jst ignorinh him 4 few days Stranger: Yeah. you're right You: he himslf get in tough with u You: automatically You: when he fell yes sabrina hv smthing You: she is a stong girl . It's been over 12 hours and he hasn't answered. he stops talking to me.You: whts his professin You: in life You: wht he id doing You: currently Stranger: And when he gets really mad at me.

and that's all You: trust me You: do dis wht i m telling You: its defiantrly working You: definately Stranger: Okay. haha I don't really feel like adding you right now You: wht hapnd Stranger: when? Stranger: ? You: why You: what happend You: ? Stranger: Whenn?? Stranger: right now? Idk.so it's kinda creepy .. cause you're older and I don't like adding guys that i don't know You: sabrina i m nt older i m only 20 You: yr Stranger: Haha. and I'm 16 You: so Stranger: so you're kinda older.but I don't think it will. and you're not hot. I just didn't feel like adding you You: wch profile u see Stranger: A lot You: d persn with white shirt Stranger: but I don't wanna add you cause i don't really know you You: infact i also dont knw u You: nd its doent matter You: u knw m or nt Stranger: Yeahh.. He only gives people one chance..Stranger: But I know he won't talk to me if I dont talk to him. You don't understand how he acts when he breaks up with someone. And how he won't talk to me ever again You: u r on fb You: we get in touch in dat You: k You: u wil tell m wht happnd Stranger: what's your name? Stranger: full name You: search my name You: Abhishek Munjal You: mumabi You: mumbai Stranger: k Stranger: ummmm..

.. He meant everything to me Stranger: And he still does mean everything to me You: i think u r very much imotional You: control it You: otherwise it will cause u in future Stranger: I usually control my emotions really good.. He was the first guy I ever truly loved. But I'd rather go out with a really nice and sweet guy rather than a hot guy who's a jerk.. But I care about him so much. And I'd do anything for him. Jake was a really sweet guy. but I think looks matter too..I miss him and I love him soo much You: still You: u lv You: him Stranger: I love him still so much.that's why I don't get why he did what he did You: k You: it sur perception Stranger: Yepp Stranger: I wanna talk to him though. whenever there's anything to do with him. You: nw i think i undrstand ur problem You: very much clear You: u r a emotinal person You: u r very innocent .and he wasn't really hot.You: i think u saw d wrong profile You: see again You: dan u realise Stranger: haha what do you look like? Stranger: like just describe yourself to me and I'll see if you're hot or not You: a professional student You: ohho You: i think i m ur senior You: sabrina You: so i dont think i wnt 2 describe myself Stranger: Yes? Stranger: why not? You: nd personalty doesnt matter a lot You: d matter ur character your way of thinking You: respecting other You: well behave You: especially girls Stranger: personality matters. I can't control my emotions Stranger: I have to let it out and tell him how much i love him...and I need him. and how I need him.

and yeahh. because the things he said to me made my like that. I never cry. he was just special to me.but for some reason. He was the sweetest guy I've ever met. But it's like. I honestly love him so much and I can't move on without him. He was the first guy I actually loved and cared about Stranger: I miss him though You: u miss him You: does he miss u You: or nt You: ? Stranger: idk.he won't answer me so I don't really know . but he gets mad when I don't. he can always make me cry.. And now I miss it all You: see sabrina You: every boy do dis 4 evry girl You: i dont think he done smthing diffrent You: its just 2 grab ur attension towards him You: he done all dis things Stranger: Yeahh I know.You: 2 You: u r very whole hearted 2 Stranger: Actually. So I do. And we would tell eachother that we love eachother all the time. I'm usually not emotional.. And we would have play fights about who loves eachother more. It's like he's the only person that I get emotional about You: yes dis is d problem You: smtime u become so emotina nd carrying dat Stranger: Yeah... but I can't stop it. Like. You: he become frustratye You: frustrate You: i knw girls r very week frm her heart You: bt u hv 2 b strong You: u hv u become strong You: 2 face dis stituation Stranger: Well I usually don't tell him my emotions. but I can't be strong anymore Stranger: How am I supposed to be strong? You: k Stranger: Tell me how I'm supposed to be strong when I can't live without him? You: i think its very tough 4 u 2 bcm strong\ You: rson is u r very much emotinally attached with him You: love him so deeply You: dat u cant live without him Stranger: Yeah.

do you wanna add him on fb? You: if u allow You: dan Stranger: Sure.You: yes dis d matter You: nw u undersatnd You: dis is only 1 sided lv You: dats it nthing else You: believe m Stranger: Yeahh. even if he doesn't love me. but I can't stop thinking about him You: sabrina Stranger: Like. You: k Stranger: Yepp You: so talk 2 him Stranger: But he won't answer me! At all! You: so wht 2 do knw You: can i talk u him on ur behalf Stranger: wait. I still love him You: k You: wht u want frm him You: ? Stranger: :( Stranger: I want him to love me like I love him. what do you wanna do? You: nthing You: u tell ur frnd You: dat i m ur frnd You: on fb You: nd wnts 2 connect with him You: dats it Stranger: wait. I don't want him for sex. That's it. I love him for him. but don't talk about me too much cause he's gonna get pissed You: yup i kne dat You: sabrina Stranger: hhaha okay You: i trying my best You: 2 stop broke ur relationship Stranger: okayy his name's Jake White You: k You: u tell him 2 send m rqst Stranger: he's not going to Stranger: just send him one .

I'll just live without him. and everything makes me think about him You: if u always thing dat i cant live without him Stranger: I can't be. and I can't stop You: jst ignore everything You: nd live happilty You: as 4 ever Stranger: I can't You: b positive Stranger: I can't stop thinking about him..it's fine I guess.You: actually my frnd rqust is nyt working You: its been blocked Stranger: Are you kidding?? You: no You: dis is why i m asking u Stranger: :( Stranger: But he's not gonna send you a request You: dan You: wht do You: to do Stranger: Idk.. how about you ummm..thanks You: dont b thnxs Stranger: But I wanna thank you for helping me You: welcome anytime You: now u knw You: me well You: or not Stranger: Well thank you for helping me :) Stranger: I gotta go Stranger: I have lacrosse You: nw u send m rqust or not Stranger: I dont think so Stranger: sorry You: dis is nt gud You: sabrina Stranger: hmm.... He was the only thing I wanted You: u cant You: atlst try You: u will Stranger: Okay.email me? . Stranger: and be sad forever You: dont b said Stranger: I am though...

.hahaha i get it Stranger: okayy You: jst mail m ur problem You: whtever happend in ur future Stranger: Wait. thank you .com You: k Stranger: byee You: wit a min Stranger: yeah? You: dis is my eami.l id Stranger: no it's not You: abhishekmunjal8@gmail.You: u still dont trust m You: i think Stranger: i trust you.com Stranger: oh wait. Thank you :) You: so... Haha.. I'm not gonna remember your email adress soooo if you don't mail me then we can't talk You: ohkay You: so i mail u ryt nw Stranger: okayy Stranger: byeeee You: k You: its been nice talking 2 u You: sabrina Stranger: you too.but I barely know you Stranger: Partylikecrazy10@aol. can you email me first? Cause I gotta go Stranger: Just send me one saying "hey" or something You: ya show You: u remember m You: or nt You: if i mail u Stranger: yeahh You: k You: i mail u today or later Stranger: Alright. And thank you for helping me! You're like the first person that actually spent their time to help me and you barely know me.if u feel sending m rqust on FB dan send m dont think You: k Stranger: okayy You: u also d fst person whom i spending You: so much of time You: i always like 2 help other Stranger: Awww.

You: sabrina .

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