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Insuillin PUllmlP

~Use:s a mla~or:iized IplLlmp to pus!h inlsullhill Ihlr,oug!h nl;e bag ~,Accoimlmoda~;es 4 Ir,ec'Im,ii1lrge,ab!le351 Sony :S,~ilivell' D',xide w'slchb,aHe;ries

~ Thi IiII ISO ~tils not 100, bullky Gll Y,CH.ilir bod:y

f--- .900 ------l


~--1 .. 213-

,Autolmatic Infusi,on S'et ~IPlressthe, burtltonf'or q'uiick: insen~o,1iI ~Can Ipr,eset I:h,e ilnfu9iiolnset 10 ilns,erlt the c;3JrillnlUll'a str8li:glht ,Cllr at a,M! :211nIg~,e

~Slmaner mediica'l; tape surface 3irea for Ile',s:s ofa ,chan,oe ,of iir'lrilatio'lIiI

II nsu Ii n IB,agl

~ Fllexi b~e bag to 1t1iit and CliIlnie SlrClU IIiIdl ,every body

~Mad',e ,of poliYIPlmpy~en,e meclical 'glr,ii1,dle bag

~A t~ch:e).s,to pumlp sind inse:l1sr

I Turin IKnob tor Air~tight: Seal

Inse·ri!: Cannuh3i. in~o Iinserter

~Insenmon Points on the lBody

Pn~s;stihe! buftonto j nsertthe CannlJl~a. be'llsath vou r skiln

Waist Belt 27mnx. 2.5]n

-IBelt Madle ~rolml IN eopre ne ~Self~AdihesivB: Vek::iro is, used to ho:~d it. cllloS!ellal

~3 d~ffelr'ent sized belts avai lable

~Curves around ear in a com~ortabl€' way to monltor you r ~gll u CO'S€! I€ve~~s

iii on-l liI:vasiveiy~

~Wilill velrbalUy alert you ~i~ you r leva!'s are gletNngtoo high or 'wOO l'Ow

~.A!lso a~~ows you to' Us-ten to music

~ID'oe's not ~oQ!k IU<€ a hea!ri liI,gaid or 8!lny o~h er m€'dlicalll devio®


to determ ina thel mOISt effective and most comfortable sha~)e

~To ac~iVa'~il:l\ seleetthe IDh:libetl~c IMonll~or leo rr, put on theealrphone and p,llug lil~ ~nto yom iPhone'

~ 'to U are U~ien gl~ve!f'~1 the option to : -see you r ,gli u eose re'1:H:"Jwng

~go strai'giht to you r Illog book ~check your basal ilIempenl!~Ure

-bolas (wlii~h sllIigg,ested bolus caleu~ati()ns.)1 ~check your l~nsu lin IlieV1als

~II!oo,ep '~rack o~ your canbohydlrates

~get dwab etes infoftmlQition such as s~a'~isNcs" even dli,eill sllIgg estiorls, or even pOissaibllle WOlrk~oui~S

~ Whe n ~n p~ac~!~, ~hle eauphoneg~!Uicose man i~or WI]!! meesu re the amount. of 9 I:tIJCO$I~ in y(')u r b ~oodl non-l n:vasive~'Y and send th e i trlfOrtij'lIa.- 1[01111 'to you r i Phone'

~ 'l(ou wm ~hlen receive your 9 ~lUoose Illev,el ,atl~end armVII, and the option to add a lil,()~e" send 1I:hle i Ilrormation to a pall3'rlli~! send it to a doeto r; view the I og book~ or 'go '~O y,our playll!i:s:~

- mh!~~lilfolrmalti(nll you reeelve w~~ I automaNca.ll~y record ltselt into youif log' Ib oak to allow you to Ik!eep'~rack . .of youlr n u m bers [0 hel p yOILl see pattermlS :~n you r I evels, and telills you when you ~ ast testB,dl

-.Addin,gla no:~e wilill alll!ow youto keep track of varying numbers, fOlr reasons suCih as a tOUgil'11 work~ou~!. a stressfu~lle$tcoming up. ~Ia:c;k of sieep.~ or fnrgeUi n.g to bol u s

- Tllh!~l option to send the irnforma,tion wi:U 9 iv,s: a oertairnfre·®Jdom mar di.abetics~ro:m those' win,o always won)' (Iil~e a pal'ien~), and wlU allow the worwiersto haV1®J ,pBtiOIe O'~ mli n:d

-lirH~! p.laylist op,t~:on takas you ~o a set Us~ Oof sOI1'gs ~o help you calm down ailnd .n;!ma)x whicl~, can he~p r'®'guia.te yourg~IUlcose level,

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