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No. 2l-8l2O10-6Ds Covernment India of MiniJtry CommunicationsIT & of Department Posts of (GD55ection) Marg.

Dak BhawarL, Sansad New Delhi-110i16 No. 21-812010-CD5 To All ChiefPostmasters General SUBJECT: THE DEPARTMENTOF POSTS,GRAMIN DAK SEVAKS(CONDUCT AND ENGACEMENT) RULES, 2OI1 REGARDIN6 5ir.
t T h e e x i s t i n g D e p a r t m e n t o f P o s t s .C r a m i n D a k S e v a k s( C o n d r . : ca n d E m p r o y n r e n t ) Rules, 2OOl as amended from time to time have been iuitablv amended/revised.n l supersession f the existing Department of Posts,Cramin Dak Sevaks (Conduct ancl o E m p l o y m e n t ) R u l e s , 2 0 0 1 . t h e r e v i s e d r u l e s c a l l e d t h e 6 r a m i n D a k S e v a k s( C o n d u c t a r r d Engagement) Rules,2O11are hereby circulated. 2. I n b r i e l , r e v i s i o n s , / a m e n d m e n t s / i n s e r tm a d e i n t h e e x i s t i n gr u l e sa r e a s f o l l o w s : ions (i)

Dated: l8 Apr2011

"6ramin DakSevaks (Conduct Rules. 2O1l" and EngaSement) The rules called set of rulescalledihe the existing containinS rulesare issued 31 replacing "Department Posts, Ruler. (Conduct and Enlploymernt) of CraminDak Sevaks as 2O0l containinS rules. 31 Rule3-A.5.A & 29-Ahavebeeninserted Irewrules 2O1l" Rules. (Conduct and Engagernent) in the "6ramin DakSevaks suchas CraminDak 5evak5ub Non-existent categories 6ramin Dak Sevaks of Mail Messenger & 6ramin Dak Sevak Mailman Poitmaster, CraminDak Sevak note below. havebeendeletedunderRule3(c)with a suitable 'Employment/Appointment' rulei in wherever appears the exiJting The word with hasbeenreplacerd word'Engagement'. by below Rule 3 has been replaced new Ruie 3-A Note ll earlierappearing in cnanges with of and with title "Term,s Conditions EnSaSement" appropriate to of para (vii) relating applicability the conditionof reriderrce the to sub 6ramin DakSevaks. of wilh entitlenlents Time in New Rule5-A hasbeenincorporated connection on for the 6ramin Dak Sevaks the basii of RelatedContrn.ritv Allowance by decided the Department workloadaspel standards assessment of





1. (vii)RuleThasbeenamendedbyincorporatingtheadmissibi|ityof20dayspai leavein a yearwithout accumulation. (ix) (x)ExistingRule20hasbeenmodifiedbyinclusionoftimelimitofpreferring review petition a5 hto yearsas also the authority competentto decidethe review petitionof 6D5 on behalfof the President' (xi) A new Rule 29-A has been incorporatedproviding for prohibition regarding of to detrimental the business the post office' in engaging any business to to referred in Rule4 relatinS Authority laid down in the Schedule Recruiting also' has CDSBPN.i now beenmodified.(vi) Rule 6 has been amended with regard to entitlement of 6DS to ex-Sratia gratuity. (viii) to A note below Rulet hasbeenincorporated clarifythat recoveryunderRule fully without any restriction 9(iv) can be enforced petition to Ruiel9 (l)(i) hasbeenmodified makeit clearthat revision Exi5ting would'nowlietoRe8iona|PMCifthe6D5isworkinginaRegionandinother to cdse( Ihc Headof the Circle.2Ollshallbeapp|icab|etoalltheexiJti as which have been declared of categories CD5 iniuiing those6DS cateSories in as cadres longasthey remain service' wasting of Rules called the You are requetted to eniure that the enclosedrevised set 3. . Director6eneral (6D5/PCC) Assistant . The receipt of this letter may kindly be acknowledgedto the undersigned H i n d i v e r s i o nw i l l f o l l o w . Rules'2O11is further (Conductand Engagemen-t) of Department Potts' Cramin Dak Sevaks Recruitlng Training Centers/Other 6eneral (Regiont/Postal to circulated all the postmasters AUthoritie5inyourCircleattheear|iestandsendconfirmationtothisofficewithinawee 'ime.which includeJA6 officers (xii) (xiii)TheConductandEngagementRu|es.

ramin Dak Sevaks ln supersessionthe Department Posts. of of Rules. (e) Chref Head of a Circlemeans the Head of a PostalCircleanrl includes Postmaster-Ceneral: (c) fd) . the Assistant 5uperintendent 5ub-Divisional in of Mail Servtce charge 5ub Division.o7. (iv) a Gramin Mail Packer: Dak5evak (v) a GraminDak Sevak Stamp Vendor. ShortTitle and Commencement (l) of 5ramin l)ak Sevaks Theserulesmay be calledthe DePartment Posts.$EIlAN_ll (CONDUCTAND ENGACEMENT) OF DEPARTMENT POSTs.ln these rules. The category of 6ramin Dak Sevak Mailman is declarecl a v/atting group vide letter No. of Communications /7. 2. 2011. Application Ministry oi of Theserulesshallapply to Cradn-QAk 5evak5 Department Posts' of &. a Gramin DakSevak Branch (ii) a 6ramin DakSevak Mail Deliverer: (iii) a GraminDak5evak Mail Carrier. of l. Engagement)Rules.10. 3.20/O. Theyshall comeinto forceon and from the dateof theircirculation. (Conduct &. GRAMIN DAK SEVAKS 2OII RULEs. Note: /. (2) 2. 6-23/2O|O-PEll dated 21.O1. The category of Oramin Dak Sevak 5ub Postmaster is no more in existence on implementation of orders issued under No.5-7/2009' PEtl dated 14. 3. 2001 exceptas respects thins5done or onrittedto be done before Employment) such supersessioni following rules are issuedunder the authority oi the the Government lndia. the basis 6D5 (Conduct of and Engagement) "AtsistantSuperintendent/lnspector" relation to a Postal/Railway Mail in or Service5ub Division.2oll.2O10.2005. "6overnment" means CentralCovernment. lnspector PostOffices Railway of or dsthe caremdy be. (a) (b) requites: otherwlse the Definitions:. (Conduct and C. Government lndia. the "6ramin Dak Sevak" means-(i) Postmaster. The category of Aramin Dak Sevak Mail Messenger wat ordered to be phased out vide order dated 10. unless context "Recruiting Authority" meanJan authorityempoweredto engageCDS on Rules.

un be transferred (iv) publicinterest. of with the provisions these in of hold the posts CraminDakSevaks accordance of 3-A Termsand Conditions Engagement iequired to perform duty beyond a maximum (ii A Sevakshall not b-e of Period 5 hoursin a daY: beyond65 yearsof age.a Deputy Presidency in in Poitmasterincludinga Gazetted5ub Postmaster chargeof a Crazetted 6rade (in his in Higher or Lower Selection Town Sub Office.r.(f). includea wife or husband upon or Sevak a childor stepchildwho is no longerin any way dependent hasbeendeprivedby any lawl or suchSevak of whosecuitody the Sevak (j).. the case as Division' Service (Region).thehusbandresidingwith on hgp5ni cloPendent her:and (ii) anv other personrelated'whether by blood or by marriageto such wife or husbandand wholly dependenton such Sevakor to suchSevaks' from such legallyseparated 5evak. shallnot be retained (ii) A Sevak of that he har other rources A Sevakshallhaveto Sive an undertaking iiiil paid or to be paid by the Government the income besides allowances of means livelihoodfor himselfand hisfamily: for adequate from one post/unitto another post/unitin A se. 0) (k) workingasa CraminDak Sevak: "Sevaka means person Postmaster' "Postmaster" relationto a PostOffice. Postmaster-6eneral Circlemeans "Head of a Region-in a Postal (g) --includes Sevak "Membersof the family" in relationto a GraminDak f[t (i)thewife.andinreIationtoaSevakwhoisawoman.the of or Senior Superintendent 5uperintendent a Postal or Railway Mail may De.HeadofaDivision-inre|ationtoaPosta|orRailwayMailService.Recordofficer''inrelationtoRai|wayMai|Service'theSubRecordOfficer or the Head RecordOfficer in chargeof a Sub Record Office or Head RecordOffice..:fcommencement these rules. of the be shall outside CivilService the Union: (u) i Sevak claim to be at par with the CentralCovernment A Sevakshallnot 0:i) employeesi .whetherresidinSwithhimor not.but doesnot.k'. Postmaster Town SubPostOffice' of in own office)excepta PoJtmaster charge a Agentiunderthe of holdingthe posts Extra-Departmental The persons NOTEl'Rules'1964 or Agents(Conduct& Service) Extra-Departmental PoJts and Telegraphs on regular basison the 6ranin Dak Sivaks (Conduct and Emptoyment) Rules' 2O01 to to rulesshallbe deemed havebeenengaged and of Cate.childorstepchildofsuchSevak.

Authority Powers the Recruiting of Authority in the matter of awardingany oi lhe The powers of the Recruiting by in penalties specified Rule9 may be exercised an authoritywhich hasbeen shown in emPowered this any other authority to annexed theserulesor by in the 5chedule under Head of the ReSion order of the Head of the circle or the behalfby a special in to circumstances be recorded writing: . materiai fit' asit thinks order makesuch of opportunity beingheard. Notwith5tanding any'thingcontained in these rules.requiring removal/dkmissa/: to PostOffice shallbe locatedin the accommodation be provided by suitablefor use as Pott Ottice SevakBranchPostmatter Cramin Dak premises: shall pernrissiblel be of Combination dutietof a Sevak RecruitingAuthority 0) o t A T h e R e c r u i t i n g u t h o r i t y i n r e s p e c o f e a c hc a t e S o r y f S e v a kl h a l l b e d s a s h o w n i n t h e S c h e d u l e n n e x e dt o t h e s er u l e s A l f a n y d o u b t a r i r e sa s t o w h o i s t h e a p p r o P r i a t e u t h o r r t y l n a n y c 3 s e ' whose decision thereon the matter shall be referredto the 6overnment. s h a l lb e f i n a l . either on its own motion or otheruvisecall for the records relating to the engagement of Gramin Dak 5evaks nrade by tl're RecruitingAuthority. 5. atty authorlty .(vi| (viii) (ix) Residencein post village/delivery iurisdiction of the Post ()ftice within one month after telection but before engagement shall be' mandatory for a Sevak: Failure to reside in place of duty for 6DS 9PM & within delivery jurisdicttonofthePostofficeforothercategoriesof1raminDakJevaks after engagement shall be treated at violative of cttndrtrcns or engagement and tiable for disciplinary action Linder Rule lO of the Conduct Rules. and if such RecruitingAuthority aPpearr(a) a t o h a v e e x e r c i s e d j u r i s d i c t i o nn o t v e i t € d i n i t b y a n y l a w o r r u l e st i m e b e i n g i n f o r c e :o r (2) (3) (b) lcJ or so a to havefailedto exercisejuriidiction vested. A s u p e r i o rt o t h e R e c r u i t i n g u t h o r i t y a s s h o w n i n t h e S c h e d u i em a y ' a t any time. or illegally r'vith of to haveactedin the exercise it5jurisdiction an may' afterSiving authority superior such irregularity.

Allowance as amount of BasicTime Relat€dContinuity Allowance plus Dearness he was drawingthem for admissible the period of the noticeat the sameratesat which casemay be' for the immediatelybefoie the terminationof his service or' as the oeriod bv which suchnoticefallsshortof one month' . as may be prescribed by the Government Continuity Allowance and other allowances decided by the on the basis of worktoad as per the standards of attetsment Department from time to time. 8. of Termination EngaSement more than three who hasnot alreadyrendered of (1) The engagement a Sevak tiable to be y"urr' .ontinuiui seruicefrom the clate of his enga8ementshall be ther Sevakto the terminated at any trme oy a notice in writing Siven either by Authorityto the Sevak: Authoriiy or by the Recruiting RecruitinS (21 be shall one month: The periodot \uchnotice forthwith and of Providedthat the service any suchSevakmay be terminated to equivalent the the 5evakshallbe entitledto claim a sum on suchtermination.lower in rank P r o v i d e d t h a t i n n o c a s e 't h e a u t h o r i t y s o a p p o i n t e d s h a l l b e t i h a n t h e a u t h o r i t yw h o o r i g i n a l l yr e c r u i t e d h e G r a m i n D a k S e v a k ' Time Related The 1ramin Dak Sevaks shalt be entitled to payment of 5-A.ernment from time to time Leave year without may be granted paitl leave at the rate of 2O days in a The Sevaks jovernment' from time tct time: accnmulationor.1s may be determinedby the thatProvided (a) (b) duty on the expiry of the maximum failsto resume where a Sevak to and periodof leaveadmissible granted him' or gianted leave for a period lessthan the ivhere such a Sevakwho is abJent remains to maxlmumperlod admissible him undertheserules' granted leave from duty fo' any period which together with the he could havebeengrantedsuchleave' the exceeds limit up to which heshali'unlesstheCovernment. 6.inviewoftheexceptiona|circumstancesoftheca'e' otherwisedecides'beremovedfromserviceafterfollowingtheprocedurelaiddown 1 in Rule 0. However' maY be decided bY the entitled to ex-gratia gratuity or any other payment as jov. Pension they shall be The Sevaks shall not be entitled to any pension.

should be mentionedthat one month's Time RelatedContinuity Allowanceplus Dearness in Allowance admissible beinsremitted the Sevak lieu of noticeof one month is as to moneyorder.has it NOTE. part of a|ly pecuniary loss causedto the Covernment by neSliSence breach of orders. 10. a period not exceedinSthree (iii) Debarrirrg of a 5evak from being considereo for recruitmellt 10 Multi 'C' on the basis of selection cum seniorily for a Taskingttaff 6roup p e r i o d n o t e x c e e d i n gh r e e y e a r s . Authority: . provided./Sorting considered for recruitment as Postal Arsistant years.for good and sufficient The followingpenalties namely:Authority. imposed a Sevak the Recruiting on by be (i) (ii) Censure.e N o o r d e r i m p o s i n ga p e n a l t ys h a l lb e p a s s e d x c e p ta f t e r - (a) t h e S e v a ki s i n f o r m e d i n w r i t i n g o f t h e p r o p o s a lt o t a k e a c t i o r a g a i n s t h i m a n d o f t h e a l l e g a t i o no n w h i c h i t i s p r o p o s e d t o b e t a k e n a n d g i v e r ra t r l n o p p o r t u n i t y t o m a k e a n y r e p r e s e n t a t i oh e m a y w i s h t o r r r a k e a n d b (b) s u c hr e p r e s e n t a t i o n f a n y . iL R e m o v a l f r o m e n g a g e m e n tw h i c h J h a l l n o i b e a d i s q u a l i f i c ao r ' ' l u r future employmenti o D i s n r i s s a r o m e n g a g e m e nw h i c h s h a l lo r d i n a r i l y b e a d i s q u a l i f l c a t i I r fl t f o r f u t u r ee m p l o y m e n t . i J t a k e n i n t o c o n s i d e r a t i o n y t h e R e c r u i t i n g i. Debarrirrg of for the post from being for Assistants a Sevak from appearing in the recruitmeni exarrllnatlolr of Multi-Tasking Staff Croup C and/or Portmall and/or s. (1) Procedurefor imposing a penalty. atty (iv) (v) (vi) Note: Penalty of Recovery under Rule 9(iv) can be enforced fully with'tut retlrt'ction. through 9..Wherethe intended effect Juch of termination to be inrmediate. t R e c o v e r y f r o m T i m e R e l a t e dC o n t i n u i t y A l l o w a n c e o t l h e w h o l e o r ol. Nature of penalties reasotts ashereinafter and may.

apPointedin a cate the Recruiting is where a tbrmal enquirY necessary: on (v) if any. shallbe deemedto be_ proceedings (3) For the purposeof this rule. departmental or to of chargeis issued the Sevak if instituted the date on which statement on so put off' Sevak had beenput off duty' on the date on which he had been . (vii. duringsuch adduced (l) The record proceedings includeshall of (') a copy of the intimationto the Sevakof the proposalto take action him: against in along with a list of evidence (ii) of a copy of the statement allegations. the penaltyafterdischarge for l0-A.shallnot or Providedthat the penaltyof dismissal removal from engagement informed of the charSes be rmposedexcept after an enquiry in which he has been of opportunityof beingheard in respect him and hasbeengiven a reasonable against ihoie charges: Providedfurtherthat where it is proposedafter suchenquiry' to imPoseupon of on him an'/ suchpenalty. the representation. Procedure imposing was in while a Sevak proceedings underrule 1O'if innituted (1) The departnental of service shallafter the discharge the Sevakon attaininSthe age of sixtyfive and underthat rule and shallbe continued years deemed be proceedings to be in the were commenced by concluded the authorityby which the ProceedinSs the and in suchcaJe in had continued service as if the Sevak samemanner shallbe only to reacha findingon the authority functionof the disciplinary and its and charges io submita reportrecording findingsto the President the_ of as manner in the case be reportshall takenin the same on final-decision such and to addressed the Presiderrt no departmental review petitionsof the Sevaks such decision.if any. hisrepresentation. security from theseamountsin case by amount of a Sevak' orderingrecovery severance a5evakisfoundguiltyofgravemisconductorneg|igenceduringtheperiodof hisengagement. of the Sevak the lnquiry Officer'sreport. to communicated him. alongwith the enquiryreport of (iv) the records the enquiryproceedings of Authority or EnquiryOfficer. support thereof.suchpenaltymay be imposed the basis the evidence' enquiry. with of (vi) Authorityin respect the allegations' findings the Recruiting of and rea sons therefor.1 the orderimposing penalty. (iii) if any. iie shall against appeal to (2) The President reserves himselfthe riSht of withholdinggrouP insurance benefitslike ex-gratia Sratuityand amount' post-engagement amount.

who made the order o{ put off duty to for to shailbe competent vary the amountof comPensation any periodsubsequent of the r>eriod first90 daysasfollows: . the involvingfraud or embezzler|ent. underimmediate case (2)Anordermadebythe| the caJemay (l) to cease under5ub-rule shall may be. 5evakholdinSany that in ca5e5 Provided o1 to in DostsDecified the Schedule theserulesnray be put off duty by the Inspecior a5 of of Superintendent PostOffices the Sub-Division.". th€ bort dtti.l lrlake sucll Authority may consider the R. to be recorded by that authority in p t w r i t i n g . as thereon it deems orders 12.of Provisions RulelO shallnot aPply (i) on Where any penaltyis imposed a 5evakon the Sroundof conduci charge. Put off duty rs Authorrty the to (l) The Recruiting Authorityor any authority w. may put a Sevak dutt': or 6overnment. i t i s n o t r e a s o n a b l y r a c t i c a b l eo h o l d t u c h e n q u i l y : o r o t W h e r e t h e P r e s i d e nitJ i a t i s f i e d h a t i n t h e i n t € r e r to f t h e s e c u r i t y f t h e i p r o c e d u r ep r e s c r i b e dn t h a t r u l e : S t a t ei t i s n o t e x p e d i e n tt o f o l l o w t h e and (ii) (iii) ot the circurnstances the casean. or the Assistant Authority' to intimation the RecruitinS mavbe. of the 5ub-Division of Postofficesasthe caJe eorlter order unlesr on be effective the expiryof fifteendaysfrom the date cf ruch to Authority or the ar"rthority which the by confirmed or cancelled the RecruitinS Recr riting Authority is subordinate. (3) A Sevakshall be entitled per month for the period of put off duty to drr of paymentequalto 25a/o his/derTime Related as amount of compensation ex-gratia Allowance: Dearness with admissible together Allowance Continuity 90 [)rovidedthat where the period of put off duty exceeds days.hich Recruiting in that behalf b'v ther subordinate or any other authority empowered off order.eCrUiting general Jpecial or or him proceedings against is conternplated i5PendinSi (a) Wherea disciplinary is (b) Where a case againsthim in respectof any criminal oflerLce under or enquiry trial: investigation. or on whichhasled to hisconviction a criminal Where the Authority empowered to dismiss or remove a Sevak is satisfied that for some reason. the RecruilinS Authorityor any other authorlty Recruiting to Autfority or the authority which the empoweredin this behalf.

shall paid that in the eventof a Sevak further Provided allowances 5uch for allowance the periodof put off duty' ln other ca5e5' full admissible affordinghim an opportunity after fcr the put off duty can nnly be deniedto a Sevak reason5. or .f the originalorder of dismissal in remain forceuntilfurtherorders. The rate of DearnetsAllowance will be basedon the increased (ii) above' (s u a a n r o u n to f c o m p e n s a t i o n d m i s s i b l e n d e r s u b .(i) by The amount of compensationas ex-Sratiapayment may lrc increased of a JUitableamount.. not exceeding5Oolo such compentation admissible first 90 days. . impoied upon. ret asideor declared rendered of of authority'on a contideration the circumstances Couri of Law and the disciplinary on the Sevakon the allegations to decides hold a furtherinquiryagainst the case. "emainJ absent Provided that a Sevak who has been abscondinSor put off duty shall not be entitled to any unauthorizedlyand is subsequently payment: as compenJation ex-gralia be he beingexonerated.vhich the penaltyof dismissal removalwai originallvimposed' Authority trom the date or put off his duty by the Recruiting deemedto have been put off hil duty until to or'ginuia'r*. if in the opinion of the said during the period of the authority the period of put off duty has been prolonged' for reasonsto be recorded in writinS' not directly attributable to the Sevak' The amount of compensationas ex-gratiapayment may be reduced.e case is remitted for further inquiry or action n to him off the duty shallbe deemed havecontinued the d!rectiorr. order of PuttinS removaland shall or force on and from the*l or removaland shallcontinue remainon furtherorders: it it intendedto Providedthat no suchfurther inquiry shallbe ordered unles5 grounds purelyon technical an where the Court has passed order meet a situation of without8oin8into the merits the case .c l a u s e i ) a n d Jhall not be for NOTE 2. and by givingcogent imposeduPon. 'f'" 5"t:! tl-"ll O^".a or (4) Where a penalty of dismissal removal from engagement or r)n reviewunder ievak puttinghim off the duty underthisruleis Jetaridein appeal with any other these rules ind ti.a or (:t) Where a penalty of dismissal removal from engagement of of void in consequence or by a decision a or is Sr:vak. of amount not exceeding5Oolo such compensation admissible a suritable ouring the first 90 days' if in the opinion of the said authority' the period of put off duty has been prolongecl due to reasonJ to De recorded in writing directly attributable1o the Sevak' (ii) or decreased NOTE 1.The paymentof compensation the put off dutY Perir:d in any other that the Sevak is not engagerl subjectto furnishingof a certificate or vocaflon: profession business.

in ilself. and 16. Periodof limitationfor appeal within a periodof three it unless is 5ubmitted No appealshallbe entertained a receives copy of the order appeal€d monthJfrom the date on which the appellant agarn5t: Authority may enterlaillthe appeal afler the Providedthat the APpellate lor cause not had that exp ry of the saidperiod.l No]'E. immediatelY on an (2) A Sevaknray appealagainst order imposing him any cf the Penaltiet the imposing penalty to whichthe authority in specified Rule9 to the authority subordinate. 15.-Theperiodofputtinga5evakoffhisdutyincludingtheperlorJofdeemed puttirrghim off his duty shallbe decidedby the competent Adthority afier de novo paymentlor lhe as and compensation ex-gratia proc.r"dingt this regardare finalized in (3) The break of provisions sub-rule to according snallbe regulated concerned-period causeldduetoputtinStheSevakoffhi5dutyshallberegulatedaspereXtantprovIs|or] for Government thispurpote' from time to time by the Central issue. shallcontainall material and or any disrespectful improperlanguage shallbe complete shallnot contaln relit:s. Appeal to an (1) A Sevak may appealagainst order puttinghim off duty to the authority regardingputting him off duty Lr the order which the authoritypassing subordinate. an submitting appeal (l) Every Sevak to to (2) The appealshallbe addressed the authority whonr the appeallier under on and statements arguments which the aPpellanl Ru|:13. Form and contenttof aPPeal own name and do shall so ieparately in hi:.if it is satisfied the aPpellant sutficient in the subrnitting apPeal time. Submission withholdingof appeal the order to (1) Every appeal shall be subrnitted the authoritywhich made ifThat authoritymay withhold the appeal upp"ituA againsiof (i) lt doesnot complywith any of the provisions Rule15:or ls and no cause 5nown in withinthe periodspecified Rule'14 (ii) lt is not submitted or for the delaY: .NOTE. is immediately 14.-Anypaymentmadeunderthisruletoa5evakonhisreinstatelnentshJIlbe alreadypaid as ex-gratia' to subi€ct adiuitmentof compensation 13.

the reason withheld by any of (3) At the commenceTnent eachquarter. penaltyshallbe passed an that no order imposing enhanced Provided wishto which he may any repreientation of iJ appellant givenan opportunity making penalty. o rde (i) (ii) the or confirnring enhancing penlrlty: reducinS.shall not be with the rrvithinone monrh thereof after compliance withl. aside.reld. of Consideration aPPeal considershall Authority The Appellate withi has rules beencomplie(l in specified these (a) whether procedure the and are.Vantrecords. if resubmitted to of with the provisions Rule15 shallbe returned the appellant said provisions.iustified: the {b) whether findings and or adequate inadequate. setting or the whichimposed penalty to any to the remitting case the authority may deem fit in the other autnority with such directiorr as it of circumstancei the ca5e: the unless.and no new factsor circumttances (iii) lt is repetitionof any appealalreadydecided areadduced: Providedthat an appealwithheld on the only Sroundthat it doesnot comply and. (2)Whereanappealiswithheld'theappellantshallbeinformedofthefactand therefor. of Transmission aPPeal (1) The authority which made the order appealedagainst shall' without any delay. transmitto the AppellateAuthority every appealwhich is not avoiclable wilhheldunderRulel6tosetherwithitscommentsthereonandtherel€. passing is imposed exceiJive' (c) whetherthe penalty rs. enhanced such against rnake . to (2) The authorityto which the appeallies may directtransmissicn it of any to rhallbe trarJmitted that appeal surch withheldunier Rule16 and thereupon appeai and the the withholding appeal of with the comments the authority together auihority records relevant 18.a list of the appeals for authorityduring the previousquarterlogetherwith the reasons withholdinSthem Authority' to by shall furnished that authority the APpellate be 17.

) where it is proposedto imposeany of the penalties in specified Clauses ancl(vi) of to to Rule9 or to enhance penalty the imposed the ordersought be revised any ()1 by atter the penalties except ipecified thoseclauses.'t9. Review revrew The President may. enquiryor disciplinary case and revise order nrade an rnay neces5ary. A n y o t h e r a u t h o r i t y i m m e d i a t e l ys u p e r i o rt o t h e a u t h o r i t y p a s s t n g the ordersi or Any other authority specifiedin this behalf by the 6overnntent i-. ( l l ) N o a p p l i c a t i o nt o r e v i J ea n o r d e r m a d e o n a n a p p l i c a t i o nf o r a r e v i s i o no r o r d e . a n d w i t h i n s u c ht i m e a s n a y b e s p e c i f i e dn l that Seneralor specialorder: (ii) (iii) call for records any ot may. modifi or setasjdethe orcler.hascome.y t g e n e r a lo r s p e c i a o r d e r .' orders it deems as Provided that no such undcrthisruleafterthe expiryoi case shall reopened be six monthsfrom the date of the order to be revised exceptby the Covernmentor by (Region) alsobeforethe expiryof the Headof Circle by the Poitmaster-6eneral or and the ti'ne limit of threenronths underRule14: an specified preferring appeal for Provided furtherthat no order imposing enhancing any penaltysh. at any time.eitheron hisovrn motion or otherwisc.rli be or made by any Revisior-rary Authority unlessthe Sevakconcernedhas been givert a reasonably opportunity of making a representation againstthe penalty proposeda:r (r.or hasbeenbrought the to hir notice. for those Oramin Dak Sevaks who work rn region headed by PMA: and in the resl of the catet by the Head of the Circle (Chief Postmatter Oenera/). . Revision (1) Notwith(anding anything rulescontained these in (i) Regiona/ PM6. rp a s s e d r m a d e o n a r e v i s i o ns h a l lb e e n t e r t a i n e d .at any time. case end after makingsuchenquiryas it considers (a) (b) conllrm. in case suchenquirlr beenheld. suchpenaltyshal!be imposed in no hasalready no the enquiryin the mannerlaid down in RulelO. or pa\\ 5uch fit. whichcouldnot or rules an orderpassed underthese when any new material evidence the be produced wai not available the time of passing order underreviewand or at which hasthe effectof changing natureof the cate. o 20. eitheron its own motion or otherwise reopenthe Lrnder theserules.

memberof the to (2) lt thall be the duty of everySevak endeavorto preventany a. and Takingpart in politics election. any rvhethera party is a polilicalparty or whether (3) lf any question arises falls activit-v withinthe or any movement or part rn politics whether takes organization be shall final' thereon Governmenl of (2).any 5uch*ouut"it ot activity'he shall the Covernment. wilh' any political associated of' (1) No 5evakshallbe a member or be otherwire part in' which take5part in politicsnor shall he take p3rty or any orSanizatron subscribeinaiclof.:1rtafter enquiry in the manner lald down in Rule l/: yeart Provided further that such review petition may be preferred w"thin two new evidence which was tub/ect to the condition that the review petition is based on case: no.ny in any other manner' in familyfrom takinSpart In.made byProviderl that no order imposing or enhanclng any penalty shall be <>pportunity of the President unless the Sevak concernid has been glven a reasonable proposed or where it i-i propoted to naking a representatrcn against the penalty minor penalty l-proi. subscribing aid of' or assisting tr: indirectly be. subversive politicalmovementor activrtywhichis. of scope sub-rule the decision the in with or use his influence interfere or (4) No 5evakshall canvass otherwise or localauthority: to with. 6eneral and devotionto duty' integrity absolute at shall all timesmaintain Everl'5evak 22.ent a5 by law established' where in in pa!-t or subscribing aid of' or assisting any in' memberof his familytrom taking make a report to that effectto other manner.:'available previously and has the effect of changing the nature of the rule shall be Provided further that the powers of the Pretident under thit (P) and Member (()) or extzrciserJby a plenary board comprising of Member to time' cc:mprisingof such authoritiet at may be delegated from time 21. or tendsdirectlyor is a Sevak unatle to preventa and Li th" Couurn. uny of the major penaltiet tpeci{ied in Rule 9 or to enhance the pena'ttiet and if any i-srosud iy the order sought to be reviewed to any of the major be imposedeniquiryunder Rule lO hai not been held in the case'no suchpenatty shall Rule'lO sublect to the provitions of u*c.anypoliticalmovementoractivity.orassistlnanyothermanner. or takepart in an election any legislative connection .

-ThedisplaybyaSevakonhisperson'vehicleorresi<lenceoiany with an electlon e l e c t o r a ls y m b o l s h a l l a m o u n t t o u s i n g h i s i n f l u e n c ei n c o n n e c t i o n w i t h i n t h e m e a n i n go f t h i s s u b . Criticism of Government p u b l i s h e di n h t ' N o S e v a ks h a l l ' i n a n y r a d i o b r o a d c a s to r i n a n y d o c u m e n t of any olher persor' the nanle o o w n n a m e o r a n o n y m o u s l y . Strikes l or physlcadufes! N o S e v a ks h a l lr e s o r tt o o r a b e t a n y f o r m o f J l r i k e ' c o e r c i o n otr t h e of en8a8€'rlren i n c o n n e c t i o n w i t h a n Y m a t t e r p e r t a i n i n gt o h i s c o n d i t i o n s e n g a g e m e no f a n Y o t h e r S e v a k . committee or autnorlly' . Evidencebefore committee or any other authority with the prevrou\ ( 1 ) 5 a v e a s p r o v i d e d i n s u b .o r p s e u d o n y m o u s l y r i n elrt o P r e s s r i n a n y p u b l i c u t t e r a n c e 'm a k e a n y s t d t e r r o r i r r a n y c o m m u n i c a t i o nt o t h e o f f ac t o r o p i n i o n : (i) or re(.r u l e ' 23.enl o w h i c h h a s t h e e f f e c t o f a n y a d v e r s ec r i t i c i s r n i a n y c u r r e n t t-'t p o l i c y o r a c t i o n o f t h e C e n t r a lC o v e r n m e n i o r a S t a t e6 o v e r n m e n t : t r r e C e ri r a l g w h i c h l 5 c a p a b l e o f e m b a r r a 5 5 i n t h e r e l a t i o n 5b e t w e e n or Covernment and the C'overnment of any State: the f errtrdi t w h i c h i s c a p a b l e o f e m b a r r a s s i n gh e r e l a i i o n s b e t w e e n State: Covernment and the Government of any foreign (ii) (iii) s t a t e m e n tm a d e o r v l e w t P r o v i d e d t h a t n o t h i n g i n t h i s r u l e s h a l la p p l y t o a n y t h e d u e p e r f o r m a n c €o J t h € d u t l e s b e x p ' e s s e d y a S e v a ki n h i s t f f i c i a l c a p a c i t yo r i n t a s s i l l n e do h i m . (ii) EXPLANATION. 25.P r o v i d e dt h a t (i) vote' h A S e v a kq u a l i f i e dt o v o t e a t s u c he l e c t i o nm a y e x e r c i s e i 5 r i S h t l o of the nrannerttr but where he doet so. t 24.r u l e( 3 ) ' n o S e v a k 5 h a l l ' e x c e p t with any lnqulry s a n c t i o no f t h e C o v e r n m e n t ' g i v e e v i d e n c e i n c o r l n e c t i o n conducted by any person. he shallgive no indication t w h i c h h e p r o p o s e s o v o t e o r h a sv o t e d l of thtr t A 5 e v a ks h a l ln o t b e d e e m e dt o h a v e c o n t r a v e n e d h e p r o v i s i o n s In the n r u l e D y r e a s o no n l y t h a t h e a s s i s t is t h e c o n d u c t o f a n e l e c t i o f r law t!)r d u e p e r f o r m a n c eo f a d u t y i m p o s e d o n h i m b y o r u n d e r a n y the time being in force.

Quotation by a Sevak(in his repreientation the Authority. shallamountto unauthorized cr custodv for personal of within the meaning thisrule Information 27. which he is not authorized keep of conLmunication purposes. act of any official which has for to re(ourse any Courtor to tne Press the vindication t:haracter' or matterof adveriecritici5m an attackof defamatory beenthe subject f2)NothinginthisruIesha||bedeemedtoprohibitanySevakfrorrvindicatingh and capacity whereany actlon or private character any acrdone by him in hisprivate fcrrindicatinghisprivatecharacteroranyactdonebyhiminprivatecapacityistaken' action' such regarding Authority a submit reportto the Recruiting 5hall tl-eSevak . in Sned to him' or Covernment in the performance good faith of the dutiesass any officialdocumentor informatiollto any sevak directlyor indirectly. or such to to or any otherperson whom he is not authorized communicate documents information. 5evakagainst ofanydeutduefromhimorforadjudginghimasaninsolventsha||forthwithreport to proceedings the Covernment' the firllfacts the legal of 28. and habitualindebtedness Insolvency ASevakshaIlSomanagehisprivateaffairsastoavoidhabituaIirdebtednes for is whom any legalproceeding instituted the recovery A insolvency.or office memorandumor from the notet in any file.HeadofOffice'orHeadofDepartment'orPresident)oforffomanyletter' which he is not circular. information Unauthorizedcommunicationof orderof the or with any generai specizrl in except accordance No 5evakshall. (b) 26. conrmunicate. of a State applyto(3) Nothingin thisruleshall (a) evidencegiven at an inquiry before an authority appointed by the or or Parliament a 5tateLegislative: Covernment. e v i d e n c eg i v e n i n a n y i u d i c i a li n q u i r y l o r evidence Siven at any departmental enquiry ordered by authorities t s u b o r d i n a t eo t h e C o r r e r n m e n t . of of Vindication actsand character s Sevak of sanction the 6ol'ernment'have exceptwith the previous (l) No 5evakshail. Recruiting to EXPLANATiCN. undersub-rule no Sevak has t'2)Whereanv Janction beenaccorded or 6')vernment policyor any actionof the Central the criticize shall evidence Governmenl.givingsuch (1). to in his personal to or to authorized have acce5s.

by sr-Lch . 30. by generalor special (except powerunderRule30 and tlliJrule)thall. any.29. lnterpretation of to relating the interpretation theserules. direct that any Power The may be specified the order. of ore Canvassing non-official other outsideinfluence No Sevakshail bring or attemPtto bring any politicalor other out5icl€ of in authorityto furtherhis interesti respect to influernce bear upon any superior pertaininS hisengaSement underthe Government to matt(]rs 29-A. in if tO subj€ct suchconditions. of Delegation powers order. be thereon whosedecision refer"ed the 6overnment to exercisable in officeror authorityas may be specified the order. Prohibition regarding engaging in any businessdetrimenta/ to the butinets of the Fbrt Office The ADS wi// not engage in any dctivity with any outttde agen.y vlhtch would be detrimenta/ to the businessor interest of the post shailbe arises lf any question shall f inal. the rules exer<:isableit underthese by aisc.

Poitmaster in Higher or Lower Selection Crade (in own office) excePl in a Postmaster chargeof a lnipectoro1 Town Sub-Offir:e.....: : ' l -r! i::-i.. 3. .. . (1) Nameof the Port Authority Recruiting (2) C r a m i n D a k S e v a kB r a n c hP o t t m a s t e r (3) DeputySuperin iendentof in PostOffices(in the divisions if charge JAC officers of Headof available othenvise including JAG the Division PreJiden cy Gazetted inclr..i.:.. S u p e r i n t e n d e no f P o s tO f f i c e s t all other office) rir-::.: i :"'.L.rding Cazetted Poitmaster in 5ub PoJtmaster charge of Town Poit Off ice. I 5 Mail Deliverer 6ramin Dak Sevak Mail Carrier 6ramin DakSevak Mail Packer Dak Sevak Cramin Vendor StamP CraminDak Sevak Deputy Postmaster. l. t.AUTHORITIE5 OF SCHEDULE RECRUITIN6 (SeeRule 4) PostOffices 5 lNo . Offices/Assistant Post L 2..'..ii. .i. . A!... : -::rr"l :it j) v i li.