Dear Brothers and Sisters


Assalam alaikum It is highly regretful that the university administration has taken an utterly unfortunate decision to close the university Sine Die .For the acts of a select few the career of 28000 students is being jeopardized. Most of the faculties are conducting semester/annual examinations. Final year students who have been placed in different companies are at the risk of losing their jobs due to delay in examination and hence their final mark sheets. AMUSU was in process of organizing a Mega job fair tomorrow at GEC where more than 19 MNCs had consented to conduct job interviews. Also many students would lose their selection at various seats of higher studies due to the delay in their examination. Entrance tests of various courses are also under process and closing university at such a time would cause great inconvenience to the parents and prospective students. AMUSU condemns this unnecessary and autocratic decision taken against the interest and welfare of students AMU administration on advice of the district administration which should have rather taken punitive and timely action against those directly involved in this violent act. We request all our brothers and sisters not to vacate their Hall of Residences and accommodations before the initial deadline of 48 hours while we try to resolve this issue of the uncalled for closure ,the decision of which has been hastily taken without proper consultation of the deans ,chairmen and Students Union based on the whims and fancies of district administration.


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