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32 MODEL PAPER “MATHEMATICS” Intermediate Part-DExamination OBJECTIVE ‘Time: 30 Minutes Note: Write answers to the questions on the objective answer sheet provided. You have four choices for each objective type question as A, B, C, and D- ‘The chvice which you think is correct; fill the circle in front of that question number, Use marker or pen to fill the circles. Cutting or filling to or more circles will result in zero mark in that question, Attempt as many question as given in objective-type question paper and leave others blank. 10} Gi) Gi) @ W) (i) ) (viii) () (x) (xi) “The perimeter p of a square as a function of its arca A is (@)p= VA x The graph of = 1 graph of = @)pa2V4 (b) parabola (@) circle If f(c) = O.then f has relative maximum value at x= Gif 4 5 @ Moro )f (<0 2 the onder ot PLZ +4 Sy 00 is @1 (2 If f(x) = sinx, then (cos) = @x ox ee ax+b (s)alnfax+bl+e . @) Linx + +6 fa dx=.. @ate Jeotx dx =... {@) Inj cosecx| +¢ ax Tx? (b) Insin x} + ¢ x x @s OF Marks; 20 @p=3V4 @pa4va (¢) ellipse (@ hyperbola © @=0 (d) None of these (3 @4 (©) cow @sine ()— =» njax+ b|+¢ (@) None of these @ Z ()atlna +e (@ None of these (c) InJoos x| +e (d) None of these z x > 2 @) = IF f(t, ty) =" £0. y) then f(x,y) is a homogeneous function: of degree. (a) n-1 wt (no © (None of these ‘The distance of the point (2, 3) from Y-axis is M28 gio ten ms iota (ail) The point of concurrency of medians ofa triangle is called. (a) in centre, 9,.(b)cireumeentre::' @se-eentre| (xii) (1,2) is the solution of '* ‘ ga)! 3 (axty>0 + ()xty<0 @xty=0 * (@) centroid .. @xay= 1” (xiv) The equation ax? + by? + 2hny + 2gx + 2fy + ¢=0 represents a circle Uf (@anb hed @asbh=0, @athh=d, @azbaeo (sv) A point on the parabola which i closest to the focus is . (a) vertex () ‘directrix © foci (origin (vi) The point (a Cos 6, bSin 6) lies on are @yxt+ynat ‘wee @x-F1 (@) None of these (xvii) In hyperbola @e=1 Qe~ xy ~ 6y”="0 (iv) Find the distanee of the point (6, A) fom te lite Ge 4y+9=0 Ww) What is an objective function? : ‘ i (vi) What is an inequality? -3S- (i) What is a feasible region? yt “yi (iti) Find the the slope tangent tothe parabola? seat in rat) “a! (x) Find the ccatre and foc‘ tse elise ae Q.No.4. Write short answers. ~ @ ‘Check the position of the point (5, 6) wrt. tid circle 2x? + 2y? + 12x = -8y¥+1=0 (What are the characteristics of the general equation ofa circle? a8 tet (jii)Find the equation of hyperbola if foei are (45, 0) and vertex is (3, 0): (Gv) Transform the equation x? +- 6x. — ay 17= aS URS. eee wt ‘remaining parallel to the old axes. () Prove that the length of latus recturn at ellipsé a+ (“) Whats a position vector? Rik Gt asta, fF sett (vit) Wethe vectors 2/ + 4) ~7k and 21+ 64 + xk are perpendicular 1 each dite, find the value of x, (iti) Ifa+b+e=0, prove thata xb=bxe=cxg (ix) Find the value of 3°so that y= ~ai+iw=i+i+3kahdw=2i +i—K ate Gopliner (8) Find the direction cosines ofthe vector y= 2i—j + 2k" _SECTIO eee Note: Attempt any THREE questions. ee +. 10*3=30, QS (@) [f0 is measured in: radians, prove that die sin 8 + e506 ze Seay dead teal (b) Show that Se roth fo Q.6 (a) Evalate Nir eate Mb (b) Find the area bounded by the curve y/~ x? ~ 4x and the X-axis Q.7 (a) Find the equation of a straight line through the intersection of the lines x-Y-~4= 0 and 7x+y+20 = 0 and perpendicularto the line 6xty=14 = 0: (b) Find the maximum and minimum values of f(x, y) = 4x + Sy under the. constraints 2x —3y $6, 2x +y22and 2x +3y $12,x20,y20. Q8 (a) Define parabola and derive the equation of parabola in standard form. (b) Analyze the equ. 4x? + 9y = 36 Ss Q.9 (a) Show that the line-segment joining the mid, pale of the ‘hive fa quadrilateral taken in order form a.parallelogram. (b) Find the volume of the tetrahedron with vertices” ACO, 1, 2), BG, 2, 1), CCL, 2, 1) & DS, 5, 6) ees ie