Punjab Kidney Racket 2003

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30 paid donors lost life Payments not made to atleast 2/3 donors Key players in a kidneys-for-cash trade that police officers believe generated over Rs.100 crores since the Transplantation of Human Organs Act began to be enforced in Punjab in 1997. Since 1997-2007, the four Authorisation Committees in the State cleared 2,384 kidney transplant procedures Of these, 1,922 were carried out at the Kakkar Hospital, the only one in Amritsar registered for the purpose 650 authorized transplants took place in rest of country during same period. 70% sales believed to be made to foreigners Cost of Operation Rs 5 lakhs out of which donor was paid only Rs 75000 Bagicha Singh, 17, was kidnapped and threatened with execution if he did not offer a kidney for transplant. Most of the victims were labourers lured by the prospect of quick money. Doctors and hospital staff put patients in touch with `wholesalers'

Ethical Issues ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ People seized against their will Organs harvested from children Sellers denied money and care Detained and executed for organs Babies sold for organs .

Recommendations ‡ Make Organ Sales Legal in India ‡ Establish quicker procedure of organ registration ‡ Establish nationwide organ exchanges where organs can be sold directly by donors to highest bidders ‡ Establish system of organ donations at death and apporpriate remedy to needy .

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