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4572493 Miracles in the Afghan War

4572493 Miracles in the Afghan War

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Published by: MUHAMMAD09 on Apr 30, 2011
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  • Extracts from the Foreword by Ustaad Sayyaaf
  • Other Miracles
  • More examples
  • The Angels descend upon the Mu’mineen
  • The Crying of the Date Palm
  • The Debt of Jaabir’s Father
  • A Bunch of Dates Responds to Rasululiah sallAllaahu alayhi wasallam
  • The Provision-bag of Abu Huraira (ra)
  • Addressing the People of the Well
  • The Light
  • Abu Kurfusah
  • The Janaazah of Ihn Abbaas (ra) and the Bird
  • Jinns Inform about Rasulullah sallAllaahu alayhi wa sallam
  • Umar (ra) Vanquishes a Jinn
  • A Cow Informs of Rasulullah sallaliahu alayhi wa saliam
  • Speaking after Death
  • The Martyrs of Uhud
  • The Blessed Bodies of the Ambiyaa alayhimusalaam remain Unspoiled
  • Graves like Musk
  • Wasps Protect the Body of Aasin
  • Safeenah -the Freed Slave of Rasulullah sallAllaahu alayhi wa sallam
  • The Water Subservient
  • Crossing the Tigris
  • Sustenance From an Inconceivable Source
  • The Army of Abu Ubaidah
  • Curing Sickness
  • Khalid bin Waleed (ra) Drinks Poison
  • Immunity from Heat and Cold
  • Effacing the Effects of Old Age
  • A Miracle of Khalid bin Waleed (ra)
  • A Miracle of Husain (ra)
  • Miracles a source of Blessing
  • Conclusion
  • Miracles in the Afghan Jihaad
  • The Martyrs of Afghanistan
  • A Shaheed Shakes Hands with his Father
  • The Shaheed Umar Yauoob and his Ammunition
  • A Cloak on Sayyed Shah
  • The Dua of the Mujaahideen
  • Birds with the Mujaahideen
  • Fire from All Sides
  • The Horses
  • Provisions that do not Deplete
  • A Tank Rides Over Him, but He Remains Alive
  • Scorpions with the Mujaahideen
  • Children on the Battlefield
  • The Adders do not Bite the Mujaahideen
  • Shells do not Explode
  • Bullets do not Pierce Their Bodies
  • Light Ascends from the Body of a Shaheed
  • All the Tents Were Hit Except the Armoury Tent
  • How many a Small Group Overcame a Large Group
  • The Battle of Northern Kabul
  • A Second Battle a Month after the First
  • Maya Jal and the Bunch of Flowers
  • Slumber
  • Slumber Overcomes Arsalaan
  • The Protection of Allaah over the Mujaahideen
  • A tank runs over Akhtar Muhammad
  • Two bullets hit Nasrullah and fall into his pocket
  • A bullet hits Shah in the eye but does not harm him
  • Fourteen Napalm bombs
  • Bullets do not pierce their bodies
  • A Tent Burns, but the Occupants are Unharmed:
  • My clothes were burnt:
  • A car passes over a mine:
  • Karaamaat of the Shuhadaa
  • The fragrance of the Shuhadaa
  • The Fragrance of Shaheed Ali jaan at a distance of two and a half kilometers
  • Khiyaal Muhammad locates a shaheed from the Fragrance
  • The Itr on the hands of a Shaheed’s mother endures for more than 3 months
  • The Shuhadaa refuse to hand over their weapons
  • Shaheed Meer Aagha refuses to hand over his revolver at Laukar
  • Shaheed Sultan Muhammad refuses to hand over his Kalashnikov at Lankar
  • Shuhadaa Smiling
  • Their supplies were exhausted and Allaah Ta’ala assisted them
  • Other Karaamaat of the Mujaahideen
  • Those Mujaahideen whose families were in the interior were not martyred
  • Birds with the Mujaahideen
  • A Cloud Protects the Mujaahideen
  • Tanks shattered without any anti-tank weapons
  • The Hukm (legal status) of JIHAAD
  • The Afghani affair in a few lines
  • The Opinion of the Ulama
  • An Important Point
  • Another commonly overlooked aspect

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