Journal ± September 21, 2010 My school does MAP testing.

It is preparation or tests that gauge to see where students are and how they will do on the state tests. The computers/program hasn¶t been working for a few weeks so yesterday and today was the first time my students were able to participate. Math, reading, and English are the subjects tested. As I was observing the students I noticed a center table away from the others. The students who are lower performing were sitting at this table together where an aid was available to help them. The aide was helping them break down questions or help them understand a word or understand the questions. One of the girls is very smart but she doesn¶t apply herself or take the time to concentrate on school. When each student went into the lab they had a sticky note of their target score. It¶s based on last year¶s score and the change from the previous years, it shows the goal they should try to make. We had a wide range of scores but hers was one of the lowest ones. The score she had on her sticky note was 180, which is where she needed to be at or beat when the test was over. So when she was done she told the aide who checked her screen and wrote down the score. The score she got at the end of the test was a 191! She beat her benchmark score by 11 points which is HUGE for her. It was so exciting to see how happy and proud of herself she was. But it was also refreshing seeing the aides and how excited they were for her. They were congratulating her and providing so much support. It was a great experience to be a part of to watch this girl who is marked as struggling because she doesn¶t have the motivation beat her score by over 10 points. It was also a great learning tool for praising and showing a student how happy that makes you as their teacher. It was wonderful.