(Yes)JCL Jcl for creating ps..by IEFBR14..

(yes)jcl for copy two ps by IBEGENER..

(yes)jcl for copy two PDS by IBECOPY.. (yes)Comparing two ps by IEBCOMPR .

(yes)Jcl for Merging ps/pds by sort utility using merge command in command statement on SORT...(yes)Comparing two pds . .

.( big data to small size) .. (yes)This jcl is for compressing the ps.(yes)Jcl for sorting data from a file using SORT utility ..using IEBCOPY.

(yes)This is a catalog procedure ..jcl (catalog create a dataset) .named as cp1 & it’s library is oza159.Procedure : (yes)Jcl for instream procedure ….naveen1.

.sysut2 DD dsn=? “ where scp1 is step of procedure & sysut1 is the dd name of step where we want 2 override the parameter named dsn.named as cp2 & it’s library is oza159..This is a jcl for calling a catalog procedure …named as cp1 with override parameter.naveen1.. This is a catalog procedure . As “ scp1.jcl .

Catalog procedure with symbolic parameters (inpds.outpds&psb).This is a jcl for calling a catalog procedure …named as cp2 with override parameter . ..

Calling a procedure with passing values of symbolic parameters in exec statement .. Catalog procedure with nested procedure .. Jcl for calling nested procedure. ..

. .Use of ‘if else’ in jcl….

Jcl with COND parameter… .

step2 for modal. step3 for creating generation.step1 for gdg-name . Step1.step2 & step3 are mandatory for making a GDG. . Jcl for creating a GDG.step5 for loading data(by repro command) ..step4 for deleting a generation .Jcl with cluster for creating ksds file ….


….. .A jcl for deleting a PS / KSDS (VSAM FILE)/GDG with using idcams utility.

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