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Wall design

Luis E. Garcia

Displacement-based boundary element Displacement-based boundary element

procedure in ACI 318 (
procedure in ACI 318 (
The wall should have a single critical section
This procedure is based on the compressive under flexure and axial load at the base of the
strain demand at edges of wall when the wall is
deformed under the maximum expected lateral wall.
displacement caused by the design earthquake The zones of the wall in compression must be
ground motion. provided with specially reinforced boundary
Section is based on the assumption that elements when the depth of the neutral axis at
inelastic response of the wall is dominated by nominal strength, c, is greater than:
flexural action at a critical, yielding section.
The wall should be proportioned so that the Aw δu
critical section occurs at the base of the wall and c≥ and ≥ 0.007
is applicable only to walls continuous from base ⎛δ ⎞ hw
to top of the structure.
600 ⋅ ⎜ u ⎟
⎝ hw ⎠

Nonlinear response of a wall Nonlinear response of a wall

Using Moment-area theorems it is possible to show that the
P δ lateral deflection caused by curvature up to yield (green
zone) is: b

θp and the additional deflection caused by nonlinear
rotation (orange zone) is:

Ap Plastification Ap
length Total lateral deflection is then:
φ a
0 0
Wall Mu My Mcr φu φy φcr (φu− φy) φy
section Moment Curvature φu